Bulgaria: It’s Official… Poli Genova to Stockholm

Poli GenovaBulgaria – It has been speculated ever since Bulgaria chose her to host the Junior Contest this year that Poli Genova would represent the nation for their return in 2016. Today BNT have confirmed the speculation is true and Poli will be returning

Her song is still to be revealed with the BNT Eurovision Twitter Account saying we should have it before the 14th of March. Poli is no stranger to the contest as she represented Bulgaria in 2011 with her song “Na Inat” which finished 12th in the second Semi Final failing to qualify

Is it second time a charm for Poli and are you pleased she will be representing Bulgaria for their return?

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17 comments on “Bulgaria: It’s Official… Poli Genova to Stockholm

  1. Welcome back, both Poli and Bulgaria! :)

    Poli is a very good singer and I think that “Na inat” is a nice enough song that I personally would have liked in the final.

    Unfortunately, if we look at the Bulgarian history, they have not offered many songs that I like. “Voda” is of course in a league of its own, my runner-up of ESC 2007. Freaking astonishing! So now I’m really hoping for something great to come up, because I would really like Bulgaria to score well this time.

  2. Welcome back Bulgaria and welcome back Poli.

    You did a great job hosting Junior Eurovision in November, and proved you are ready to host, now do a great job in Eurovision in May and prove you are ready to win! :)

  3. I still love Samo Shampioni

  4. So underrated in 2011. “Na Inat” was a good song performed really well by Poli. I hope that she will be better appreciated this time if the song is good.

    Good luck Poli and Bulgaria !

  5. I fear the worst, let’s see..!

  6. I wasnt crazy of her 2011 entry but I didnt dislike it either and is one of the only “decent” Bulgarian esc entries… good luck, waiting for the song now :)

  7. As for Bosnia, my all time favourite bosnian entry now on stage :) Maya Sar is amazing :)

  8. Disco Deen looks so different. He actually looks Male.

  9. So we’ve heard the Bosnian entry now? “Ljubav je…”

    It sounded as Balkan as you might think. These typical violins in the beginning made it sound like a real dramatic Balkan ballad, but then it developed into a more rockish Balkan ballad (strings and electric guitars, FiK alert!) and it was finally topped with some rap! So this combination didn’t make the best out of it, but the song still has something for a Balkan lover like me. A weak (7/12) for now and I’ll see what I think when I’ve heard it a few more times.

    And wow, Deen is like a completely different person now. De-twinked.

  10. Lovely Poli is back!”Na inat” was one of my favorite entries of esc 2011 and it was robbed.I read that they’re working with an international team.Good luck!

  11. Maltese broadcaster and Ira Losco have shortlisted a number of songs including a revamped version of “Chameleon” and tomorrow an international jury of experts from 10 countries and local jury members will select the best possible esc entry for her… http://www.eurovision.tv/page/news?id=malta_considers_which_song_ira_losco_will_perform_in_stockholm

  12. I hope she gets a better song…I remember not liking “na inat”

  13. She needs a good song. Good luck, Bulgaria!

  14. Can be promising, I liked her previous attemp at ESC, and also her Bulgarian NF entry earlier “One lifetime was enough” composed by Philip Khirkorov from Russia, Im currious to see who is she working now with, “Na inat” was composed by herself If I remember correctly..I have a feeling she will work with Swedes this time…G:Sson maybe?

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