Bosnia & Herzegovina: “Ljubav je” for Dalal & Deen

Dalal & DeenBosnia & Herzegovina – Another country returning to the contest have a long absence, Bosnia & Herzegovina will be  represented by Dalal & Deen. BHRT have today premiered their entry “Ljubav je” which will be sung completely in Bosnian

The song was written by Almir Ajanović and Jasmin Fazlić Jala the song will feature Croatian Cellist Ana Rucner and Bosnian rapper Jala and you can now hear the song below:

Bosnia & Herzegovina have a 100% success rate in qualifying for the Grand Final so will Dalal and Deen keep that record? They will perform in the first Semi Final on May 10th.

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136 comments on “Bosnia & Herzegovina: “Ljubav je” for Dalal & Deen

  1. When I think of Ukraine, I think of great uptempo songs, all with a strong and powerful message performed by strong and powerful independent women. Zlata Ognevich, Maria Yaremchuk, Ani Lorak, even Verka, and of course the unstoppably amazing, never ageing RUSLANA

    I don’t think of Debbie Downer or Serial killer Sun Say.

    THat’s what I want Nuangles to win!

    • You shouldn’t have watched that live performance three times in a row. That’s how those wicked witches of east get innocent minds under their spell. I know because it happened to me. WTF turned into f*** yeah. Borderline tackiness is very seductive in the performance.
      Now, remixes, please!
      I totally agree on your views of Ukraine.

  2. The clip was filmed in the Sarajevo Town Hall, the most beuatiful town hall in the world. :)
    Alas, I don’t like the song as much as the town hall. :(
    Rather underwhelming …

    • Late comment, just like me. Have you been out too?

      • exactly. went for a drink and movie.

        • I met friends for dinner and a chat. :)

        • Btw, we plan to visit Sicily for 2 weeks in April and fought over the best possible itinerary. :)

          • is it a good idea to go to central europe in late april?

            • April April, der macht was er will. :)
              Which means that the weather is totally unpredictable in Central Europe in April. You can get almost everything, from a few snow flakes to 30 degrees.

            • I see. I am torn between Krakow, Bratislava/Kosice, Lviv and Ljubljana. I could add Berlin on the list but I know it is a lot better to be there in Summer.

            • I love Kraków (and nearby Wieliczka Salt Mine …) and the Kosice Cathedral. :) In general, I prefer the smaller towns in Slovakia though: Bardejov, Levoca etc. <3

          • What are you planning to visit in Sicily?

            • Mainly the world heritage sites: Catania, Caltagirone, Militello in Val di Catania, Etna, Palazzolo Acreide, Siracusa, Modica, Ragusa, Scicli, the Valley of Temples, Monreale, Palermo and Cefalù. And then the Mafia Museum in Corleone, Taormina, the Madonie and Nebrodi Mountains (with their beautiful small towns and villages), Pietratagliata, Sperlinga, Piana degli Albanesi and the Black Madonna of Tindari. :)

  3. I actually like it a lot


    Still waiting for someone to top Albania, it might become easier after the English version is released, we’ll see :/

  4. OMG this is a GEM!! <3

    I cant believe so many dislikes here!! :(

    This is the ART, and perfoemance in Sarajevo city hall is FABULOUS!

    Dalal has such a GREAT vocal, the type I ADORE..and Jala is a legend..the words in a rap part are really good, but ppl outside ex Yu dont understand them, maybe that can be the problem like with WhoSee from Montenegro back then :(, but I believe they will manage to qualify, jury should at least appreciate brilliant vocal skills, and televoting should vote it (Bosnian diaspora)..

  5. General is good song ( exept. the Rap part ) but in ESC we hear many times this type of Balkan songs from Ex Yugo countries. :/

  6. On another note can I just say how shocking I find the fact that the guy singing here is the same ultra camp and flamboyant Deen that represented Bosnia in 2004 ? Gosh..

  7. I’ve fallen in love with Nu’angels, and love their song Higher too. If they select it will be my favourite of the season, it’s better than anything Swedenhas even

    Please ukraine, i love you

  8. My expectations were really low but I actually kinda like this!!

  9. My god whaqt a horrible song , just balcanic and rap , two styles what never i was like , no for the final please

  10. Probably the best so far, which says a lot for the quality of songs so far too.

  11. This is a pretty chill weekend actually compared to the previous one. I will finally get a glimpse of what’s going on in Hungary, some MF and EL and Iceland for me !

  12. I’ll watch Eesti laul and the Icelandic final tonight. :)

  13. A typical ex Yugoslavian type sounding song, not too bad but spoilt by a sort of rapper at the end. At the moment it’s between Spain and Italy and after seeing the Spanish singer at the Ukraine show I think as long as Spain keep the presentation similar and not go over the top with dancers Spain have it. A good modern song by a singer with a great voice- BBC UK look and learn.

  14. I’ve been through the Swedish hopefuls for this evening and I would have fallen asleep half way through, had I not been doing something else. Good luck to all of them.

    Iceland and Estonia will have my attention later today.

  15. I don’t think Georgia will be bothered re: the top of my list by anything Iceland picks tonight. They are in danger only if Ukraine picks “Helpless” tomorrow.

  16. Could really like it if I liked their voices , if there was a harmony between the performers and if there wasn’t that djihadist looking rapper! Still fine entery and one of the better ones so far!

  17. Not bad if somewhat predictable. Undecided on the rap part (usually can’t stand it). If they work on this and do a better presentation, this could see BH in the final. Good luck and welcome back.

  18. Btw, as I said above, the clip was shot in the Sarajevo Town Hall, which was destroyed in the Bosnian War. Sarajevo cellist Vedran Smailovic played Albinoni’s Adaggio in the destroyed Town Hall for 22 days in order to commemorate 22 people who had died during the shelling.

    The older fans might remember this:

  19. And here is a commemorative performance in the rebuilt town hall: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HgZnd5KZCY

  20. Any thread/threads for tonight’s schedule ?

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