Armenia: “LoveWave” for Iveta Mukuchyan

Iveta MukuchyanArmenia – Last year AMPTV announced that they had internally selected Iveta Mukuchyan to represent the nation in Stockholm. Today they have revealed the song will be called “LoveWave” and the song will be premiered March 2nd

They have also released a short trailer for the music video that will accompany the song. Not much of the song can be heard but it shows the song will be uptempo. You can view this below…

Iveta had this to say about her song which was written by herself and Stephanie Crutchfield:

“Love changes people and their inner world, just like a “love wave” – the first wave of the earthquake – changes the structure of the earth”

The song was composed by Lilith Navasardyan and Levon Navasardyan.

Are you excited about Armenia and Iveta Mukuchyan?

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9 comments on “Armenia: “LoveWave” for Iveta Mukuchyan

  1. I do! I’m excited! I like the singer! I like what the duo of Vavasardyans do and I like the teaser :))
    Lilith Navasardian worked on Not Alone (Armenia 2014) and on Iveta Mukuchyan’s ETSC entery! I also like her compositions “Yerevan Jan”:

    Goodluck to Iveta !!!

  2. How does that vid show the song will be uptempo? It’s just some dramatic build up background music.

    Obviously really hope for some Armenian uptempo, not had it since 2011.
    Whatever they send though,it’s very unlikely to knock Sirusho off her throne.

  3. “Love changes people and their inner world, just like a “love wave” – the first wave of the earthquake – changes the structure of the earth”

    Is she a hippie?

    Joking aside, I’ll keep an open mind. The little teaser looked promising at least. Good luck!

  4. I think it will be a ballad but teasers can be tricky

  5. Waiting for the song. Good luck, Armenia!

  6. That is really promising, and as Avat Armenia already said, the team behind the entry is also promising!!!

  7. Finally! An actual date. I am glad it didn’t end up being a Swedish song. Hope the song is good!!

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