San Marino: Song NOT by Siegel Shock!

SanMarinoSan Marino – More change for Eurovision today as San Marino announced the composer of their song… and there were sharp intakes of breath as it was not Ralph Siegel!  Siegel has composed the microstate’s entries for the last 4 years.The song, to be sung by Serhat, has been composed by Turkish Olcayto Ahmet Tugsuz, with lyrics from Greek Nektarios Tyrakis.

San Marino has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest six times, debuting in the 2008 contest, followed by participation in 2011, 2012 and 2013. Having failed to qualify in their first four attempts, San Marino qualified for the Eurovision final for the first time in 2014 with Valentina Monetta’s third attempt. She finished in 24th place.

60 comments on “San Marino: Song NOT by Siegel Shock!

  1. He decided to plague the German NF instead … ;)

  2. A breath of fresh air, one hopes. Good luck! :)

  3. Sorry hulluna, I usually love your stuff but I would prefer an article a little less biased against Siegel to deliver the news about the sammarinese entry. Ralph Siegel is a historic figure for esc regardless of one’s opinion on his music.

    Good luck to Serhat !

  4. Thanks God!!!

    His entry in German NF is horrific!

  5. Third heat in MF based on snippets is really good, the 4th one seems slightly better, but we will see after full versions and performances..

    I rank the third heat like this:

    1. SaraHa 10/10 – FABULOUS <3
    2. Lisa Ajax 10/10
    3. Swingfly feat. Helena Guttara 9,5/10
    4. Boris Rene 8/10
    5. SMILO 6/10
    6. Oscar Zia 5,5/10 the highest mark he EVER received from me :D
    7. After Dark 1/10 – seems AWFUL, I hope it stays in semis

  6. Has been Poli Genova announced for Bulgaria?

    • Oh my, that actually sounds as if Poli is a… has been! :D
      In proper english it would have been:
      Has Poli Genova been announced for Bulgaria? :P

  7. Bring it on BiH !!! :P

  8. Off topic : slovenian hopefuls in full

  9. The lyrics of the chorus of the Cypriot entry:

  10. The Armenian entry “LoveWave” will be revealed on March 2.Song writers are Lilith Navasardyan and Levon Navasardyan.The lyrics were penned by Iveta herself and Stephanie Crutchfield.

    • YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s not Gson, Ovi etc….. Next song of local composers!!! Lilith Navasardyan and Levon Navasardyan aka “Not Alone” team!!!! And most likely it is not a ballad!! Actually the above mentioned is the most important for me!!

      • I agree, at least this year so far, we haven’t had the same (Scandi) composers , year after year, looking for a way into flogging (like that English word about “selling”!) their songs to highest bidder without any notion of the country whatsover , Edurne Spain last year admitted she never even met the composers of her song, was just sent to her via TVE,
        re above , so Nusa is back!, not keen on her return song, Cypriot lyrics; maybe delete the howling part of it!, look forward to Armenian entry!

  11. Anyone else watching Bosnian presentation right now?

  12. Oh that moment war-torn Sarajevo giving its votes in esc 1993 and the audience feedback just gives me goosebumps.

  13. All those lovely Bosnian entries through years <3
    2006, 2007, 2012, 2009, 2011, 1999 !!!

  14. Did Maya wear the same dress?This was a bad choice for eurovision to begin with.

  15. Mixed feelings!It has its moments but i don’t really like the singing duo and then there’s the rap part.We’ll see!

  16. Just listened to the Bosnian entry… Disappointed :(

  17. They are giving a trophy to the act they chose internally ? lol

  18. Did I hear someone say Bosnian rap? Sounds interesting, might have to give it a look.

    Would be ironic if after I missed Ukraine so much, and you guys missed Bosnia so much, that I end up enjoying Bosnia more and you guys end up enjoying Ukraine :)

    Only Ukrainian song I like is higher and they didn’t win their Semi so… :/

  19. I really like the cello and the cellist – classy and grandiose. I dont have a real opinion about everything else. Sounds disjointed and this has to be the most out of place rap moment in a song. It’s not bad per se but its messy.

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