Sweden: SVT to Equalise the Playing Field after Molly Sanden ‘Leak’

swedenSweden – After last nights accidental release of a snippet of Molly Sanden‘s Melodifestivalen entry ‘Youniverse‘ onto Amazon, national broadcaster SVT has agree to allow all the other songs in her heat the same coverage rather than disqualify Molly. 

Christer Bjorkman conformed that it was not the fault of Molly or her record label and they should not be penalised. For 24 hours all of the artists songs for heat 4 will be available online so everyone has the same playing field.

You can listen to all the clips from heat 4, including Molly’s ‘Youniversehere for the next 24 hours.


28 comments on “Sweden: SVT to Equalise the Playing Field after Molly Sanden ‘Leak’

  1. Molly will win this semi by a landslide. The only act that comes close to her in quality would be Panetoz who I expect to qualify direct with her. Frans isn’t horrible either.

  2. Universe sounds promising and Panetoz the dark horse !

  3. Have I got some great news. Guess who is coming to perform 2 shows in NYC, in very intimate venues so we can be up close, next month? The greatest Hungarian ESC entry ever! Boggie is coming and I’m excited!!

    • I am so happy for you :)

    • great news for you but would disagree with greatest Hungarian ESC entry part, can teach you a few phrases in Hungarian if you like (I lived in Budapest for 7 years) if you get to meet her!

      • They are not curse words are they?

        I will 100% meet her, these venues are small, one is a Hungarian bookstore. Plus I’m not shy, I’m going to introduce myself. We are going to have a nice chat.

        • of course not, although one question you ask dear Boggie is if it’s true that Hungarian language has most curse (swear) words in the world, apparently it’s true, I’ll give you one here but don’t repeat it to that dear sweet girl “a lófasz a seggedbe”! even I couldn’t translate that one! (Blush!) btw my favourite Magyardal is not from Eurovision, but from ESC is A kedvesem just before “Kinek mondjam a vétkeimet” (that girl lost points from me after becoming leader of religious sect in Hungary!) viszlát!!

      • For sure. I bet these performances are going to be awesome.

        • my favourite Hungarian song is not from ESC but a song I will always remember from Hungary, it is a classic for Hungarians and a kind of protest song in a way within Hungarian regime in 1970s, and obviously has been repeated many times in Hungarian contests including (my Hungarian friend told me in latest Hungary got talent stuff with that young boy) ask Boggie about that song to get you closer, sure it will work!!

  4. The only song I may like seems to be Martin’s…

  5. It just might be that deltävling 4 will reveal us the Mello winner and it’s about time.
    Gå Molly!
    Record company must be behind this big time, so expecting to see big and this time as well polished stageing.
    Also what a great PR stunt. Intentional or unintentional. It worked magic.

  6. Only Panetoz and Frans stood out for me (after already hearing Molly’s snippet). Linda was underwhelming, and the rest I have already forgotten.

  7. Another really average semi!MF 16 seems to be a big disappointment!If there isn’t a great song in heat #3,i guess it’s Molly for Sweden.In this semi i like Martin and Frans too.

  8. I can’t listen to anything.

  9. Judging on the snippets, it sounds that we will get another mediocre bunch of songs. I might like Martin’s song and I might enjoy Linda’s generic schlager because all of her songs sound more or less the same. If you like one, you like them all … and I enjoy listening to the ever same sound she keeps bringing to the table. Frans might have a decent song too but I don’t like his singing voice. The rest goes to the bin for now.
    I wonder, will Sweden send a pompous ballad to a home-ground contest for the 2nd time in a row?

  10. Molly sounds really strong, like top 5 in May kind of strong, if the whole song is as good and the staging tasteful.

  11. The song is fine enough, and probably one of the better ones in MF, but I personally hate the lyrics and her singing style. Not a winner in ESC like Björkman thinks, but would probably do top ten in May depending on the performance.


    I’m only sad for PANETOZ :(, I expected 10/10, but it’s not, it’s much worse than their previous entry, based on snippet, maybe I will change my opinion after performance, full version and choreography! They have AWESOME charisma..

    I rank like this, based on snippets;

    1. Dolly Style 10/10
    2. Frans 10/10
    3. Eclipse 10/10
    4. PANETOZ 8,5/10 (TBH I put them as my number 4 only cause they are PANETOZ, i even slightly prefer Linda Bengtzing this time, but we will see)
    5. Linda Bengtzing 8/10 (for the first time in HISTORY I give her more than 3/10 actually :D )
    6. Martin Stenmarck 7/10
    7. Molly Sanden 5/10 (maybe 4/10, hmmmmmm…. we will see..)

  13. There is a lot of rubbish in MF still. Panetoz have some fun at least.

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