Slovenia: Song Snippets Now Online

sloveniaSlovenia – RTVSLO, the Slovenian broadcaster, has now published 30-second clips of the 10 songs in the EMA final. The final will take place on 27th February in Ljubljana. 

This is the full line-up revealed, with song titles and composers:

  1. Anja Baš – What if (Anja Baš, Franci Zabukovec)
  2. Anja Kotar – Too cool (Anja Kotar, Pascal Guyon)
  3. D Base – Spet živ (Alex Volasko, David Domanič, Nejc Žehelj, Benjamin Dolić)
  4. ManuElla – Blue and red (Manuella Brechko, Marjan Hvala, Leon Oblak)
  5. Nuša Derenda – Tip top (Žiga Pirnat, Andraž Gliha)
  6. Raiven – Črno bel (Tadej Košir, Jernej Kržič, Sara Briški Cirman)
  7. Regina – Alive in every way (Aleksander Kogoj, Jon Dobrun)
  8. San Di EGO – Brez tebe (Nino Ošlak, Igor Pirkovič, Sergej Škofljanec, Matija Ajdič, Martin Rozman, Jore Doles)
  9. Sebastian Lukovnjak – Tales of tomorrow (Martin Bezjak, Tadej Jambrovič)
  10. Žan Serčič – Summer story (Žan Serčič)

Listen to them now in this video:

The Slovenia jury will consist of:

Alenka Godec – Singer
Gaber Radojevic – Music producer
Jernej Vene – Editor of radio station Val 202
Aleksander Radic – Slovenian Head of Delegation

The format will be the same as last year, with two rounds. In the first round each act performs and then the jury selects the two songs that will advance to the superfinal. The superfinalists will perform their songs again and the televoters will choose their winner. It will be hosed by Klemen Slakonja.

23 comments on “Slovenia: Song Snippets Now Online

  1. Anja sounds very Ann-Marie :) Nusa is a bad quality bond theme…and Raiven sounds promising :)

    It is a good and diverse line-up which I am looking forward to.

  2. It is always difficult to judge on snippets but Slovenia seems to continue being on the right track. For now, I’d say that I liked Anja Kotar, Raiven and Žan Serčič best. Good luck!
    Both Regina and Nuša Derenda have terribly lame and dated songs. I hope that Slovenia will choose someone else.

  3. Elísabet is gonna be the only act to perform in Icelandic at the Icelandic final :(

  4. It’s an okish bunch of songs.Judging from the snippets,i like Anja Kotar,Sebastian Lukovnjak,Žan Serčič and maybe Raiven.I can’t really tell from her snippet.

  5. I couldn’t find Žan Serčič’s official picture by Jani Ugrin! whereas Eurovision.tv has all other 9 pictures from the same official RTS’s photograph… :/

  6. Not a bad bunch of songs, and two or three I’d like to hear full… and none except two that I really disliked (Regina and Nusa, the two returnees, because we all know when you return, especially the 90s early 00s returnees…)

  7. Polish entrants have been announced- interestingly, NAPOLI are in it with “My Universe”. http://www.esctoday.com/109281/poland-national-final-competitors-revealed/

  8. Raiven sounds very promising.

  9. Based on snippets, seems as a strong EMA!! :D

    I rank snippets like this:

    1. D Base 10/10
    2. Raiven 10/10
    3. ManuElla 8/10
    4. Nusa Derenda 8/10
    5. Regina 7,5/10
    6. Anja Kotar 7,5/10
    7. Zan Sercic 7/10
    8. San Di Ego 6/10
    9. Anja Bas 6/10
    10. Sebastijan Lukovnjak 5,5/10

    Live performances in EMA will be pivotal, good luck!

  10. The snippets sound promising for at least an average entry. I will have hopes for Slovenia.

  11. I agree with Marko.
    D Base or Raiven, please.

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