Poll: Who Should Represent Ukraine?

ukraineUkraine – After a years absence in 2015 Ukraine are back and after two successful Semi Finals, six acts will be competing to fly the Ukrainian flag in Stockholm. Who would you like to represent them in their return to Eurovision?

The draw of the Final has not yet been done so the following does not mirror the run of the show. Jamala won the public and jury vote in SF1 and SunSay won both votes in SF2 so already you can think they have an advantage. However, both of them have an air of uncertainty about them as SunSay apparently released a version of their song in 2014 (against the EBU rules that songs cannot have been made public before Sept 1st 2015) and Jamala may ruffle a few feathers over in Russia (against EBU rules that songs cannot be political).

For now both songs are still in the race and the line up is as follows:

Jamala “1944”
(Semi Final 1 Winner)

The Hardkiss “Helpless”
(Semi Final 1 Runner-Up)

Brunettes Shoot Blondes “Every Monday”
(Semi Final 1 3rd Place)

SunSay “Love Manifest”
(Semi Final 1 Winner)

NuAngels “Higher”
(Semi Final 2 Runner-Up)

Pur:Pur “We Do Change”
(Semi Final 1 3rd Place)

SunSay has made a statement based on the accusation that his song is older than allowed on Facebook earlier in the week. You can read this below?

Do you think Ukraine have come back with a bang? Have you missed them? Let us know in the comments below and of course vote

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40 comments on “Poll: Who Should Represent Ukraine?

  1. Jamala Jamala Jamala – If they pick her she’s be my #1 and hard to top

    I do really like SunSay too though so would be happy if he won

    I really think NuAngels may steal it though

  2. The Hardkiss but Jamala would make a strong contestant too.I fear Ukrainians may go for SunSay.It ticks all the boxes of the Ukrainian esc taste. :(

  3. I voted for the Hardkiss, but I would be ok with anything but Nu Angels.
    Strong NF.
    Good luck!

  4. I love all of them but Pur:Pur is my number-one. My least favorite would probably be Jamala or Brunettes Shoot Blondes but there’s truly no act I dislike. Easily a Top 10 for Ukraine this year.

  5. Hardkiss of course. But Ukraine will go for politics…

  6. Hardkiss or Jamala would be fine

  7. “Cause Rebirth always hurts” This may be also be a politically charged song but it’s done in a more nuanced,clever way than 1944:

  8. 1.Jamala 10/10
    2.SunSay 9/10
    3.The Hardkiss 7.5/10
    4.NuAngels 7/10, even though they sound like Cher impersonators
    5.Brunettes Shoot Blondes 6.5/10
    6.Pur:Pur 5/10

    So probably one of the strongest NFs this year. And I really love how enthusiastic the audience is. I never understand how in some NFs, the audience is so static even when the clear favorite performs? Maybe it’s the ‘Ruslana effect’ ;).

  9. If pur pur wins does that funny hat count as a gimmick?

  10. As everyone has probably guessed Nu’Angels are my favourite!

    But in the inevitable battle between Jamala and Sunsay, I am backing Sunsay

    It’s much better than 1944!

    Admittedly I think it does need a remix like Tick Tock got, but there is definitely potential there to work with :)

    And it has the subtle, no more war, line, but overall the song is a positive one about love conquering hate, which to me is much more in the spirit of Eurovision than

    “you came to our land, killed us, denied it, robbed me of my childhood, you think you’re gods, but your not” etc

  11. Very strong NF ! And of course my vote goes to Jamala! Ukraine will be the hot favourite to win it! :)
    My ranking :
    1. Jamala – “1944” 9.5/10
    2..The Hardkiss “Helpless” 8+/10
    3. SunSay “Love Manifest” 7.5/10
    4.NuAngels “High er” 7-/10
    5. Pur Pur : “We do Change ” 6-/10
    6. Brunettes Shoot Blondes “Every Monday” 5+/10

  12. I kind of liked Ukraine finals and all the songs and fanfare, now listening to the songs in the light of day I’m not so sure who I prefer and even whether any of those songs will finally get Europe to pick up their phone and vote for it? I like Jamala but on second listening she sounds a bit screamy to my ears, apparently Barei (Spain) performed in 2nd Ukraine SF and according to Spanish press, (which is never 100% accurate!), Ukranian televoters were angry they couldn’t vote for her instead!!, updated Spanish song is much better anyway IMO at Ukraine SF too, she is getting a gospel choir too for ESC, and keeping her boots watch this space! anyway I voted for Sunsay in the end !

    • Spain has definitely improved, and if anyone appreciates a good revamp it’s Ukraine.

      I so missed Ukraine last year, it’s really saddened me to see there frontrunner is so miserable.

      • Only because of the song she’s portraying. Smile certainly wasn’t miserable

        • I meant the front running song, I dont know anything about her as a person.

        • To me

          ““you came to our land, killed us, denied it, robbed me of my childhood, you think you’re gods, but your not”

          Is not part of the Eurovision message. Eurovision is meant to be about uniting us, which is why I think Love Manifest is the better option if we have to have a political song.

          “love love love is the only way”

  13. Jamala Jamala Jamala Jamala. Only Jamala. To be fair this is a good final with above average songs but it will be such a missed opportunity if Jamala does not win this one.

    My ranking :

    1. Jamala – 9.5/10
    2. The Hardkiss – 7.5+/10
    3. Nyangels – 7+/10
    4. Brunettes shoot Blondes – 7/10
    5. Pur:Pur – 6.5/10
    6. Sunsay – 6/10

    • I’m worried she’ll win and Russia will complain and she’ll have to pull out

      • I said this last week, there is no way Russia would allow that song to go to Stockholm in it’s current form.

        Worst case scenario, EBU asks for a lyric change like Georgia in 2009, and again like Georgia they refuse and pull out.

      • If that happens add one more reason to the pile for hating this country.

        The lyrics are very general and have no particular references. Only the title may need to change.

      • She doesn’t have to pull out. They can always change the title…If Russia complains about smth it will be the title, not Ukraine’s participation per se.

        • I feel she wouldn’t change even the title. It means a lot to her so I think she’d be very reluctant

          • If she doesn’t, then she has herself only to blame. Stubborn? Why not play it cool by changing the title but still be able to sing your song. People will understand your message anyway.

  14. Both Jamala and Sunsay are excellent, so I’d be delighted with either of them winning, but any of the songs here would be at least 2nd place on my list. This is probably the best NF of the season for me, and I think Ukraine have a pretty decent chance for a top five result.

    1. Jamala 10/12
    2. Sunsay 10/12
    3. Pur:Pur 9/12
    4. NuAngels 7/12
    5. The Hardkiss 7/12
    6. Brunettes Shoot Blondes 7/12

    It remains to be seen how they’ll deal with the post NF drama which will inevitably occur. I could see Jamala withdrawing if they stipulate changes to her song, and Sunsay’s song is obviously ineligible.

    • both Jamala and Sunsay are there to be chosen “internally” as an artist, while both of their songs are probably going to be taken down and an “esc winner” will be handed to them… I see Ukraine within a BIG chance to win esc

  15. It will be very interesting if Jamala performs 1944 on ESC. It will demonstrate the double standards of EBU. One year ago they made restrictions and made our delegation to change the name of “Don’t deny”! Also some ESC fans were blaming Armenian in bringing politics into the contest … It will be very interesting to follow that “fete” of double standards ! #teamJamala

  16. It’s a two horse race for Ukraine this year. I can’t see the hype for SunSay tbh and I will be really pissed if they win…
    Between Helpless and 1944 I choose the first for two reasons :
    a)It’s something different for Ukraine in esc. A nice surprise after several years of hot chicks showcasing their physical assets and male toys…
    b)The lyrics in 1944 are clearly against esc rules…Besides we got another song with “message” from Ukraine in 2010. Lyrics were the weak part of that entry too btw.
    Both songs are 10/10 material for me though!
    Then I would say Pur:Pur : 6/10
    SunSay : 6/10
    BSB : 5/10
    NuAngels : 5/10
    Overall a very strong Ukrainian preselection this year with an average of all 18 songs at 6.28.
    Söngvakeppnin follows at 6.25 and Georgia at 6.20

  17. I just found out that 1/4 “Helpless” is sung in Ukrainian, lol.

  18. A lyric video for Helpless:

  19. Fantastc final line up! I miss Svetlana Tarabarova, she should be there instead of Brunnetes shoot blondes..

    My fave is Hardkiss, they are simply MAGICAL with “Helpless”!!

  20. It should be Jamala and I think it will be her. I’m not getting the hype for “Helpless”.

  21. I’ve only heard Jamala’s song and I like it very much. Will it ruffle some feathers somewhere? Have a vodka, it’ll pass.

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