Croatia: Still Waiting for News

croatiaCroatia – With the deadline passed in Croatia, we still have had no news about when the representative will be chosen and revealed. Rumours in the country point to a deal between HRT, the national broadcaster, and Universal Music… with The Voice winner, Nina Kraljić as favourite to be internally selected.  She has not denied rumours and has her new album out soon.

Meanwhile some Croatian fans were happy at the news that Goran Radman, the director of HRT, is to be fired as he was not supportive of Croatia entering Eurovision.

Would Nina Kraljić be a good choice for Croatia?


29 comments on “Croatia: Still Waiting for News

  1. Thank you for the articles on Bulgaria and Croatia, Hulluna ;)

  2. Indeed, thank you, Hulluna. :) Nina would be a very good choice with a good song. I like her singing voice. Good luck, Croatia!

    P.S. – I’ve been away due to unexpected health problems that sent me to the hospital for almost two weeks. I lost so much stuff. :( The season is in full swing and I hope I can catch the the remaining shows.

  3. I am very happy to see Croatia back. They are one of the countries that haven’t scored a 12/12 on my list yet. I hope that this will change in May. :)

    • I love them in 1996 and 1998 :)

      • Those are my top 2 too:+
        1998 10/12
        1996 9/12

      • I also like 94, 99, 00, 05, 08 and 12, which all have a 8/12 on my list. All in all, HRV isn’t doing badly in my lists: with an average score of 6.19 Croatia is in 24th place on my list of ESC countries. :)

    • Croatia almost scored perfectly on my list in ETSC 2 with Niclas’s entry if that counts :)

      • Do you know/remember that Franko Krajcar participated in DORA 2010?

        • Nope, I wasn’t an avid follower of national finals back then :)
          This is nowhere as good as “Terra Istria” though imo :(

          • I think that it is great in studio version, very authentoc Istrian folk. :)
            Unfortunately, the live performance was underwhelming … especially because the vocal harmonies weren’t spot on which they need to be in such a folksy song relying mostly on accoustic instrumentation and vocal harmonies. I love listening to it when driving the car in Croatia. :)

    • I dont think I’ve ever loved a Croatian entry, I’ve liked a few here and there but nothing great for me :/

  4. some sources say the nina announcement will be in march and that they are deciding between two songs now.

  5. The official video for “Helpless” by HardKiss:

  6. I wish she could’ve competed with this song, I love it so much.

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