UK: 100% Public Voting

united kingdom UKUK – The BBC has announced that the public will decide the UK’s representative this year as the decision will be by 100% televote / online voting. The 6 acts in the national final Eurovision: You Decide will be revealed next week on 22nd February 2016.  The national final takes place at the O2 forum on 26th February 2016.

To vote online it is likely that you will need a BBC account meaning people outside of the UK cannot vote (Unless you use a VPN *cough*)

100% public vote. What could possibly go wrong?

Seriously though, this is great news for UK fans who will get a say in their representative this year.

18 comments on “UK: 100% Public Voting

  1. Sorry Jade, couldn’t resist! Sorry Scooch.

  2. The only thing preventing their victorious come back yet again is block voting. And Christer Björkman scheming behind the scene with EBU execs.

  3. Y’know, other European publics can pick respectable acts, I’ll give the UK the benefit of the doubt and will only whine about this decision if they pick something ridiculous. Good luck!

    • the problem is that other countries send acts to a contest they tend to like/love and try to do well there… the brits tend to vote for what they THINK the contest is without watching it really (last year, the comments on the Guardian article once the act was revealed was saying a lot on that regard) and dont think they can even win so they send whatever rolls their boat

  4. “100% public vote. What could possibly go wrong?” LOL

    Please choose wisely, UK. :)

  5. This is a recipe for disaster :O…Good luck neighbours :D

  6. Best of luck!

  7. God I’m proud to be British…. I hate the jury as you know so I’m stoked we’re not using one

  8. Good luck, I’m setting my hopes high but expectations low

  9. Hope the UK have some decent acts/performances within this line-up to actually vote for and if so, please choose wisely. Good luck dear neighbours.

  10. Send Goldfrapp :p

  11. Well it’s up to BBC really. If they chose 6 pretty good songs then nothing can go wrong…

  12. Nothing will go wrong if the voters chose something similar to the example shown. That would mean the voters chose an all time top 3 entry to represent them in 2016.

    Flying the flag is the best or second best UK entry ever! What’s not to love? Scantily clad stewardesses, fun song, fun staging, double entendres left and right. Awesome.

    • Thanks to the article I watched the performance a few more times. I’m tearing up at all the humor and antics. As great today as it was back then.

      Now I’m tearing up because the jury system currently in play makes countries think twice about sending masterpieces, all time greats, like this. Can’t be allowed to have some unabashed fun at the ESC anymore. Perish the thought.

      How can anyone hate this? I dare someone to come up with even one good reason advocating it being awful. It’s impossible. Can’t be done.

    • I love Scooch…. It’s my second favourite UK entry behind Love City Groove. This represents exactly what the UK think Eurovision is and what is wrong with that?

  13. This is not good as far as the UK is concerned, imo. Good luck!

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