Poland: 10 Finalists to be Revealed?

polandPoland –  After 88 songs were submitted in the Polish contest, TVP1’s expert jury is expected to reveal up to 10 finalists any time now that they have chosen to compete in the national final which will take place on 5th March 2016 at 21.25 (CET). The acts have until 1st March 2016 to provide a promotion video for the song.

Rumoured names for the finalists include Edyta Gorniak with the song ‘Grateful‘, and Margaret with ‘Cool Me Down‘. Other rumours include:

– Agnieszka Twardowska – ‘Slow Down
– Michael Starling – ‘Colors of Your Life
– Catherine ‘Stashka’ Stasiak
– Kasia Nova ‘Love Is Music
– Bartosz Jagielski

5 comments on “Poland: 10 Finalists to be Revealed?

  1. Kasia Nova participated in the polish preselection in 2008 with the brilliant “The Devil” :P :P :P

  2. Well, I like Edyta’s song more than I thought I would but I still have high expectations for Margaret’s song.

  3. I’m half Polish/Lithuanian so they both have a special place in my heart, and I think we can truly do very well if Margaret gets picked. Just based on the lines she sang in that interview I can tell it’ll be a good pop song (like all of her others) and can get us a Top 10 placing. Edyta isn’t bad but I’m not a fan of all these returning artists combing back.

  4. The 9 finalists
    Natalia Szroeder – “Lustra”
    Edyta Górniak – “Grateful”
    Taraka – “In the Rain”
    Aleksandra Gintrowska – “Missing“
    Michal Szpak – “Colour of Your Life”
    Margaret – “Cool Me Down”
    Kasia Mos – “Addiction“
    Dorota Osinska – “Universal“
    Napoli – “My Universe“

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