Georgia: Song to be Revealed Tonight

Nika Kocharov & Young Georgian LolitasGeorgia – Tonight the Georgian Broadcaster GPB will announce the song that has been chosen for Nika Kocharov & Young Georgian Lolitaz to sing in May. You can watch the results online…

The winner will be revealed on the show “Communicator” where they were joined by singer Nika who was on hand to talk about each song. As well as the public votes over the last two weeks, an international expert jury will also have input into the song that is chosen.

The songs can be seen by clicking on the links below:

“Midnight Gold”

“Pain in my Heart”

“Right of Wrong”

“Sugar or Milk”


ET readers voted for the following winner:
‘Weagree’  41.46% 

 ‘Pain in my Heart’  24.39%   
 ‘Midnight Gold’  19.51%   
 ‘Sugar or Milk’  12.2%   
 ‘Right of Wrong’  2.44% 

 Watch the result on Eurovision TV at 21.00(CET)


16 comments on “Georgia: Song to be Revealed Tonight

  1. I think that they will pick “Midnight Gold” ..

  2. Me too I think Midnight Gold will be chosen but for me the best option is ‘Pain in my Heart’ !!!!

  3. Midnight Gold won the online poll so hopefully that reflects the call and SMS voting.

    God I hope so… It’s my fave of the bunch and it can join Ireland and Belgium in the small group of songs I like this year

  4. Pain in my Heart is still my favorite but I’d be happy with Midnight Gold too.

  5. Last time they basically put it all in the end of the show but with ESCTV showing it and advertising it as a National Final is this all based on Eurovision? Not sure if i want to bother watching if it is the former

  6. Its so nice the girl is speaking in English for those of us who can’t speak Russian / Georgian

  7. So,Midnight Gold got the first 12 pts from this guy who is member of the internation jury i guess.

  8. Christer Bjorkman is everywhere.lol!Sweden gave “Sugar&Milk 12 pts…

  9. So a random Swedish girl gives her own pts too?

  10. LoL!Midnight Gold won the sms vote by a landslide.

  11. So,it’s Midnight Gold for Georgia(?)!

  12. I was for “We Agree”, by far one of the top 5 best songs of the season. Each time a NF is based on a sole artist and then a battle between 3-5 songs, they NEVER pick THE good one, wherever in Europe the NF is taking place :/

  13. Good luck with Midnight Gold.That was quick!

  14. Uhhh…I can’t say i’m loving this. :/

  15. Well I for one am happy. First decent entry for me.

  16. Weagree, Midnight Gold, Pain in my heart along with Helpless from the Ukranian national final and Seis from Eesti Laul are the best songs I got to listen to this esc season so far.

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