Georgia: “Midnight Gold” for Nika Kocharov & Young Georgian Lolitaz

Nika Kocharov & Young Georgian LolitasGeorgia – Tonight on the GBP show Communicator it has been revealed that “Midnight Gold” will be the song that will be performed by the internally selected Nika Kocharov & Young Georgian Lolitaz. They will be performing in Semi Final 2 on May 12th

The results came pretty fast and as I don’t speak Georgian very well (well, I can’t at all) I have gone to Wikipedia to make sure I have all facts right… Here is how the voting went.

The international jury consisted of a Russian Representative, two jurors from Sweden and a juror from Austria… they voted as follows

Andy Mikheev (Russia) – “Midnight Gold”
Christer Björkman (Sweden) – “Sugar and Milk”
Sasha Jean Baptiste (Sweden) – “Sugar and Milk”
Marvin Dietmann (Austria) – “Right or Wrong”

You can see the results in the picture below… The first column is for the combined Jury votes. The second column shows he SMS votes and the last column the televotes

The majority of the SMS votes were for “Midnight Gold”
The Televoting also preferred “Midnight Gold”
The Online Poll was won by “Midnight Gold”

The boys are in Berlin ready to re-record the song so it fits within the three minute time frame and also, possible changes may be made.

So there you have the Georgian Song for Eurovision 2016. What do you think? Do you think they could qualify for a 2nd year in a row?

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75 comments on “Georgia: “Midnight Gold” for Nika Kocharov & Young Georgian Lolitaz

  1. Hello Toggie mou :-* How are you ? At this time i like the Austrian song but in the future maybe i don’t ( when I listen it 100 times :P ), like many other songs . Don’t forget that we are going to listen 23 songs more :) Belarus song is not so bad and I don’t know why almost everybody hate it. Most probably because of Lukashenko but this is unfair for the singer. Anyhow ….I saw another one use with nick Lina <]

  2. user with nick Lina :P

  3. Dolly Style – “Rollercoaster” is EXTRAORDINARY!

    I want it in Stockhom!! :D

  4. On Georgia 2016:

    I’m quite sad “WeAgree’ didn’t win it, TBH…but I can’t give anything else but 12 to this entry, this is a fresh air in ESC…this is such a quality rock..this is really good for ESC standards, I really hope it does well in Stockholm, but I’m afraid a bit of ESC audience..they trashed Georgia in 2014 which was my fave that year, but on the other hand that was too strange, this one is more ordinary rock, with some other elements, but we will see, I think we can expect everything, from total flop in the semi to really a good result in the final..

  5. If I’m honest, most of the songs so far are a 6/12 at best. Maybe Switzerland could into the 8/12 but I’m not very impressed by the majority. Georgia 5/12.

  6. My favourite is in the bottom :( Anyways well-done Georgia

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