Eurovision 2016: Stage Design Revealed

eurovision sweden 2016Eurovision 2016 – Eurovision fans got their first look at the proposed staging for the contest in May as pictures of the stage were revealed for the first time. The set has been designed by Frida Arvidsson and Viktor Brattström. The pair also produced the stage for the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö.

Viktor Brattström said that plans also include an innovative LED wall which allows the artists to move inside it.

“Normally an LED wall is a flat background wall at the very end of the stage. We have broken up the wall and made it possible for people to move inside it” he added.

stage 2016

What do you think to the design?

8 comments on “Eurovision 2016: Stage Design Revealed

  1. But it’s cold cold cold cold … ♫♪♫

    Let’s hope that the music will survive the stage. ;)

  2. I really like this! I’ve been hoping for something all-enveloping like this to come back since the 2009 stage. The only thing I fear is that the scale might be hard to judge and it could just be pathetically small. But I’ll wait for April/May to come for that judgement.

  3. Looks very futuristic…me like 😎

  4. I care mre about the quality of enteries!

  5. It’s ok I guess.

  6. Looks like a space shuttle is ready to launch :)

  7. I genuinely like it, and find it more original than the square/circles/trapezes we had almost every year the last decade. And it does look futuristic and most importantly like it could adapt a lot to each entry!

  8. I like it too!

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