Latvia: 2nd Supernova Heat

LatviaLatvia – The 2nd heat of Latvia’s selection process, Supernova is currently taking place. 10 acts are fighting it out and you can watch online here. Four songs will go through to next week. 

The contestants are:

  1. Madara Grēgere – ‘You and I
  2. Crow Mother – ‘Demons
  3. Samanta Tīna  – ‘The love is forever
  4. Markus Riva – ‘I can
  5. MyRadiantU – ‘We will be stars
  6. Mārtiņš Ruskis – ‘Still holding stars
  7. Dvines – ‘Set it on fire
  8. Marta Ritova – ‘Not from this world
  9. Miks Dukurs – ‘Paradise
  10. Iluta Alsberga – ‘On hold

Watch out for star of the show, Riga Beaver…


The qualifiers were:

  1. Markus Riva – ‘I can
  2. MyRadiantU – ‘We will be stars
  3. Marta Ritova – ‘Not from this world
  4. Samanta Tīna  – ‘The love is forever’

69 comments on “Latvia: 2nd Supernova Heat

  1. Markus is going to win this easily, isn’t he?

  2. Oh,the African diva made it because of the juries…lol

  3. Ugh, I knew the juries would put Samanta through just because it’s Samanta. I can’t wait to see her get destroyed in the televote next week.

  4. The results make sense imo. I would put Mārtiņš Ruskis in instead of Markus but Markus is popular so its understandable – although it doesn’t really matter. Justs will crash them all – not even the semi is needed tbh.

  5. I am back home from a beer with a buddy (man, this sounds so butch and hairy …) ;)
    Samanta Tīna???? ROOOOOOFL
    I think that I am fine with the other three. I did not see Marta Ritova but read that guitar called it “restrained”. I love restrained on most occasions.
    @ everyone who knows me: Will I like Marta’s song?

  6. Now,that i listen to it again,maybe i was too harsh on Marta Ritova.The song is better than her though.I find her voice irritating and her accent bad.

  7. Ok, I missed most songs tonight, but I can at least say that I truly disliked both Samanta and MyRadiantU. And both are through. Sigh.

    If these disappointments are supposed to pop up more often in the future, just replace them with some Beaver Workout instead.

  8. Donnie is right. The lyrics are pretty underwhelming. On the other hand, I like everything else here: the melody, the orchestration, the slightly anthemic touch (that never becomes too much), the no gimmick in sight (aka restrained … :) …) performance and Marta’s voice. I think that I know her by the way. Has she participated before? 8/12

  9. If you are here on St.Valentines day,then you are true lovers of Eurovision LOL

    Don’t worry,I am in your bandwagon too😜

  10. Why did you post a picture of me???? :o

  11. Off topic: This is the acoustic version of my favorite Norsk MGP entry “Afterglow”: <3

  12. The stage design for Stockholm 2016 has been revealed:

  13. And the photo:

  14. Much preferred the stage in Malmo. Favourite stage for me was the one in Helsinki

  15. The stages seem to just be getting worse. Please add back the runways :/

  16. So it’s going to be between Justs and Markus lol. So he’ll technically be losing to Aminata 2 years in a row :).

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