Italy: Waiting Game as San Remo Winners Turn Down Eurovision

italy flag 150Italy – Last night saw Stadio win Italy’s San Remo music festival and be offered the chance to represent the country at the Eurovision Song Contest. They declined, leaving national broadcaster RAI with the tricky job of now choosing an act. Will RAI choose one of the other popular San Remo finalists or another act entirely? Will they persuade Stadio to change their mind? There are rumours that RAI will make an announcement today at lunchtime.

Here’s Stadio’s entry ‘Un giorno mi dirai that at the moment will not be in Stockholm. Are you glad it will not be the Italian entry this year or do you hope that they have changed their mind?

Other options for RAI from last night’s contest include the next highest voted songs…

  1. Francesca Michielin – ‘Nessun grado di separazione
  2. Giovanni Caccamo & Deborah Iurato – ‘Via da qui
  3. Enrico Ruggeri – ‘Il primo amore non si scorda mai
  4. Lorenzo Fragola – ‘Infinite volte

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170 comments on “Italy: Waiting Game as San Remo Winners Turn Down Eurovision

  1. Not from this world: A messy melody and an irritating voice. 3/12

  2. Not from this world : I liked it ! Despite the naive lyrics. Either this or heartbeat to Stockholm.

  3. Marta Ritova – “Not From This World” : Probably the best one so far. Restrained and well performed – 7+/10

  4. Miks Dukurs – “Paradise” : I was bored to death tbh till the last minute where it got a bit more uptempo. Nice build up there but overall meh – 4/10

  5. 9) Miks Dukurs – “Paradise” – 2/10 – Oh god this was bad, I couldn’t understand a thing he was saying. I have no other words to say, just horrible, and why so many surprise tempo changes.

  6. 09. – Miks Dukurs – Paradise : well that was really awful.. Where was the chorus ? 1/10

  7. Miks Dukurs-Beautiful: Mehh…It’s rather annoying with all those ohs… 5/12

  8. Miks Dukurs – Paradise : A quite interesting entry at least memorable enough…

  9. 10) Iluta Alsberga – “On Hold” – 6/10 – I like the chorus but the rest of the song not-so-much. Her diction is horrible in the verses, and the song has a very annoyingly early-2000s retro sound. Obnoxious repetitive lyrics too.

  10. So my qualifiers would be (in order):
    Marta Ritova
    Markus Riva

    I’m sure Samanta is gonna end up sneaking in though because of the jury.

  11. On Hold: It sounds like so many other Supernova entries.At this point,i can’t handle any more Latvian songs.It’s good this is over. 4/12

  12. 10. – Iluta Alsberga – On hold : Not bad but not good either… Tbh , i liked the beat but in some parts the song was annoying… 5/10

  13. I need a recap asap.
    So many 4s and 5s

  14. I missed the last song but it seems I missed more of the same. Thank god this is over..

  15. My prediction:
    Markus Riva
    Crow Mother
    Iluta Alsberga

  16. Much more balanced results this week.Of course,Markus is on the lead but Samanta 3rd?I suppose it’s a “thank you for the good laugh” vote.

  17. Markus in the lead (expected) followed by MyRadiantU. I am ok-ish with that. It doesnt really matter though, Justs will win the final by a landslide.

  18. Wow, judging from the recap this semi-final turned out better than I expected. I liked the sound of DVINES, Marta Ritova and Iluta Alsberga in particular.

  19. Honestly, seeing Samanta not winning the televote makes me so happy. She went into Supernova way too overconfident for someone with two poorly-made songs. Markus Riva on top is no surprise, but I can’t wait to see when Justs destroys everyone again in the semi-final next week.

  20. Results are on :
    Marta Ritova :)
    and S.Tina

  21. Well honestly i must say that i am really tired from italian music , sound for me Always the same , boring boring, ,i was loving italian music in the 70 and 80 but now i find is really out, good luck

  22. I really like ‘Nessun grado di separazione‘.

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