Ireland: [Update] Nicky Byrne Performs “Sunlight” Live

Nicky Byrne small IrelandIreland – Earlier this year Ireland and RTE announced that they internally selected Westlife Star Nicky Byrne who will be flying the Irish Flag in Stockholm in May with his song. Tonight Nicky has performed the song live for the first time on the Ray D’Arcy Show

Nicky and his team have been rehearsing all week in the hopes to present the feel and look they wish to achieve at the Contest and he had this to say about it

“We’ve been working really hard in rehearsals over the past few weeks and I can’t wait to perform in front of Ray’s live studio audience and everyone watching at home. I’m so thrilled to be representing Ireland at Eurovision in Stockholm this year. I’m looking forward to seeing how people react to the song – the feedback so far has been overwhelmingly positive and the good luck wishes have been flooding in.” (Source eurovision.tv)

Nicky has been working with former Syco Creative Director Tim Byrne who has worked on the British reality shows The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent to put the performance together.

Update: You can watch the performance in the video below

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57 comments on “Ireland: [Update] Nicky Byrne Performs “Sunlight” Live

  1. I think there’s a problem with the video…

  2. Not bad !
    Ireland is still in the lead on my list. :)

  3. Defintely the best song selected so far, not even close

    Though the line “just touch who you wanna” might need to be changed ;)

    • Yes. Except he can’t sing and the song is so dated, moths will soon be coming out of his mouth.

      Another year, another performance stuck in the semis for Ireland.

      • Im pretty sure a former member of one of the biggest bands out there can at the very least sing…And from watching the video its quite clear he can sing but is nervous. Anyway he is going to a few national finals from what I’ve heard and probably EIC so there is time to get his confidence built.

      • I very much doubt it will be stuck in the Semis, this is 1/5 of Westlife and so far its the best song

  4. Sorry, I don’t like this. And I’m afraid there’s not much that can be done to improve it.

  5. Better than I expected. Together with Albania and Spain among the 3 entries I don’t think utter waste.

  6. I know she has her haters here but just wanted to mention that, whether u like her and her song or not, Barei sure rocked Ukraine semi final with her performance, and Ukray,yay.yay, (apparently Ukraine got hold of her song!!)

  7. On San Remo some good news (at least for me)
    2 of my favorites made it in top 3 and there’s still televoting on !

    • I think Francesco Grabbani’s Amen is better than all the ones we listened tonight :)

      • I love him as a performer but I think both Nessun grado di separazione and probably Via da qui are better songs.
        I wouldn’t mind Amen to Stockholm though, it would even top my current list :)

  8. The PB site has crashed. :(
    I hope that thy’ll recover soon. After all, I am in a voting game with ITA92 there atm. :)

  9. 3rd place: Giovanni and Deborah! :o

  10. Stadio wins SR! :cry:

  11. Stadio won San Remo :o but I do hope the ticket for Stockholm is given to the runner up (Francesca) who had my favourite 2016 San Remo song!

  12. Dimitris is right ! RAI wrote on twitter that Stadio won’t represent Italy in the upcoming contest! Hurray!

  13. Good night to everyone who is still around. :)

  14. I checked out Amen and it’s amazing! I’d love for Italy to pick this as their entry instead, but it’s highly unlikely.

  15. Saturday was the anniversary of the Dresden bombing in 1945. This is my most favourite Greek anti-war song

    Goodnight! :)

    • what a lovely song, as you know. greek language sounds so close to me when I listen to it, in Spanish or to be honest closer to even Catalan language, not sure why maybe for the roots of the language

  16. irish song as expected, he sounds kind of lame singing and the song is lame too

  17. He was good but not good enough to overtake Barei on my rankings. Weirdly enough the 3 songs chosen yesterday and today are my new top 3 as well :

    1. Switzerland – 9.0/10
    2. Austria – 8.2/10
    3. Denmark – 8.0/10
    4. Spain – 7.5/10
    5. Ireland – 7.3/10
    6. Malta – 7.2/10
    7. Albania – 7.0/10
    8. Belgium – 6.0/10
    9. Belarus – 4.1/10

    As for San Remo, this is a weird winner indeed but I guess there is some backstory in it. It’s not a bad song but it’s probably for the best that they won’t be going to esc.

  18. Vocal and staging are decent. And I like the song. But something about it just isn’t connecting. Nicky seems rather… stiff in this performance. And the camera work is too frenetic, so there’s no opportunity to connect with him at all. At least “Heroes” had long lingering close-ups of Mans so he could sing directly to the audience (and televoters). It’s like the director couldn’t handle stillness for even one second.

  19. The problem here is that they pretend it’s rock when it’s pop emulating Ronan Keating’s first solo efforts and not doing it too well. Styling is irritatingly last season, vocals so so and song not so. Nicky must feel this all down deep inside and it shows. Would love to love this, but down deep inside I know why this is Nicky’s first solo effort.

  20. What I like in this edition that the enteries so far are not dull ballads only :)) Well we have songs that I don’t consider as super-puper but atleast so far we have diversity….

    About Nicky Byrne : Along with Switzerland his song sounds the most likeable for my ears! Something I catch easly and sing along with the perfrmer when I’m in my car!! 7-8/12 stuff! Live prformence is OK vocally and may be improved but Nicky looks very nervous and should remember that this is ESC is TV show and he should improve his artistic game on the stage as well!

  21. Hello folks.
    Hmmm. Well that wasn’t good imo. Quite weak tbh. It’s going to need a bigger sound if it’s to make any impact. Been keeping a low profile this during this year’s selection season as I want to really only see what is selected and not get caught up in what could or should have made it. I see Italy has chosen Francesca. Hope she has a better song. Catch ya’s later sweet people :)

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