Ukraine: Second Semi-final Results!

ukraine logoUkraine – NTU resumed tonight its national final tonight with the second Semi-final out of two: 9 songs competed and only 3 made it through based on 50% televote an 5% jury. Check out the full results!

The show was hosted by Dmytro Tankovich and Oleksandr Pedan. This was tonight’s line-up:

  1. Arkadiy Voytyuk – Vse v tobi
  2. AlloiseCrown
  3. JapandaAnime
  4. NuAngelsHigher
  5. Pur:PurWe Do Change
  6. Peaks of KingsLast Hope
  7. Viktoria PetrykOverload
  8. PringlezEasy To Love
  9. Sunsay – Love Manifest

If you missed tonight’s show, you can check all performances here.

Both jury and televote gave points to all entries from 1 to 9 (9 being the favorite) and the top three entries make it through to the final. The jury was Konstantin Meladze, Ruslana and Andriy Danylko (Verka Serduchka). This was the full result:

So Sunsay, Nuangels and Pur:Pur made it through, with Sunsay joining Jamala from last week as winner in both televote and jury! Also unlike last year, both votes agreed on the top 3!

24 comments on “Ukraine: Second Semi-final Results!

  1. So , we have the 6 finalists but only one will win ! Go Jamala !

  2. This is shaping up to be the best NF of the year. And it looks promising that Ukraine will be able to reach a top five result at the end of it.

  3. The Hardkiss to Stockholm please!

  4. Detailed results in Ukraine.Sunsay won by a landslide! :o

  5. Out of the finalists, I love all five, so I really don’t care who goes to Stockholm. Ukraine is definitely looking like it could be the winner, I hope they’re up to hosting in 2017.

  6. Loved SunSay. He was really good

    Surely it’s between him and Jamala seeing both won the jury and televote

    I don’t want Hardkiss to win. That would be a kick to the stomach to me


  7. I was really surprised by SunSay, it wasn’t on my radar at all and that performance was so fun and I can easily see it representing Ukraine but 1 problem… Apparently it was published in 2014? There’s videos of the song all over youtube already.

    Anyways JAMALA or SUNSAY and if both end up getting disqualified somehow then… the Hardkiss!!!

    • Yes,SunSay’s song was performed live as a early as October 2014 so in case it wins it will be up to EBU to decide if it’s eligible to take part in esc.But there’s already a precedence since “Never Alone” by Anja Nissen was allowed to competed in DMGP.

  8. Ukrainian National Preselection was quite strong this year (6.22). Same as the Icelandic one (6.25). Georgia and Dansk MGP follow with 6.20 and 6.10 respectively.
    I will definitely miss Lavika, Svetlana Tarabarova, ALLOISE, Arkadij Vojtjuk and The Pringlez from the Final. They all deserve it more than Brunettes Shoot Blondes, SunSay, NuAngels and Pur:Pur imo…So happy that pompous dated euro number by Victoria Petryk is out !
    Here’s my full ranking and scores of the 18 hopefuls.
    1.The Hardkiss : 10/10
    1.Jamala : 10/10
    3.Lavika : 8/10
    4.Svetlana Tarabarova : 8/10
    5.ALLOISE : 8/10
    6.Arkadij Vojtjuk : 8/10
    7.The Pringlez : 7/10
    8.Pur:Pur : 6/10
    9.SunSay : 6/10
    10.Brunettes Shoot Blondes : 5.5/10
    11.Aida Nikolaychuk : 5+/10
    12.Tonya Matvienko : 5/10
    13.Japanda : 5/10
    14.NuAngels : 5/10
    15.Victoria Petryk : 4.5/10
    16.Vlad Kurasov : 4-/10
    17.Peaks of Kings : 3/10
    18.Anastasia Pryhodko : 3/10

  9. Surprised Alloise is out after all the praise. And kind of worried that Sunsay seem to be such a huge favourite..Maybe I missed something here but I don’t want to believe they can compete with Jamala. It will be such a loss if “1944” loses to “Love Manifest” honestly. But if the results are to be trusted it seems a 2 horse race with hardkiss an distant 3rd. Fingers crossed for Jamala !

    P.S. Also pur-pur made it ? Really ? Ok..

  10. Ukraine is one of my favourite countries. They are going to have fantastic national final. Looking forward to that. Semi 2 was easily SunSay’s. So good to see him go head to head with Jamala!

  11. Arkadiy Voytyuk:
    The song looks and sounds like it would win a Maltese national final, and that’s necessarily a bad thing in this case. Arkadiy is very charismatic, and the stage presentation feels like a general expression of joy in a country that has been plagued with strife and a national final that has been notably serious-sounding. This was really refreshing.

  12. Alloise:
    The backing dancer was incredibly distracting and slightly off-putting, and that could also be said about the general performance, which I felt took away from the song more than it added (and there were definitely parts of the performance that added to it). Overall, this feels like an opening act for a Jamala concert or Hardkiss concert.

  13. Japanda:
    Hmm. How do I describe how I feel while watching this? It’s like Japanda took common anime symbols and aesthetics and put them onto a performance without understanding how those come together to make a cohesive aesthetic style. So it feels like they used this to make a crazy look without any of the love or appreciation of the genre. It reminds me of the sisters from EMA 2012, except those two had an appreciation for that aesthetic and made it work for them. This is more like Dolly Style.
    All that being said, if the vocals were decent, I would love the song. Because I love the music.

  14. NuAngels:
    I see that NuAngels are trying to compete with The Hungry Hearts for that “big lesbian anthem that Eurovision has been missing recently” spot. This is much better than their last attempt at Eurovision, but I still don’t really like it all that much. I feel I’d like them much better if they sang in Ukrainian.

  15. Pur:Pur:
    I see that this year is the year of awkward outfits. That being said, I love the song and the overall stage aesthetic. I get the idea of her outfit, but I think it just could have been done better. The birdcage-like headpiece is both beautiful and awkward, but it goes well with her makeup and earrings. The song is very easy to listen to without being uninteresting, and it’s most success than failure, but yeah.

  16. Peaks of Kings:
    Glam rock was not what I expected to find in the nf, but it makes sense with the band name. lol Don’t know why I was so surprised. There’s not much else to say about this entry though.

  17. Viktoria Petryk:
    Boo! I much prefer her sister. Also, what’s with that hair? And outfit?

  18. Pringlez:
    I am in love with her jacket cowl thing. And the song is so me. I’m not surprised it was 5th by being 5th for everybody because it’s not amazing in any way, but I really like it.

  19. SunSay:
    This won the semi? I mean, it’s not a bad song/performance, but it wasn’t a good one either. With the repetitive chorus and anthemic sound, it’s like a better version of the Lighthouse X song. And that’s the last thing we need this year.

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