Switzerland: Rykka to Stockholm!

logoSwitzerland – SRF, the German-speaking national broadcaster of Switzerland,  hosted its national final tonight, Die Entscheidungsshow 2016 with other national broadcasters SRG SSR. Check out the results!

There were 6 finalists and 50% televote an 5% jury decided the winner. The show was hosted in Kreuzlingen by Sven Epinay.

This was tonight’s line-up:

  1. Vincent Gross Half A Smile
  2. Bella C – Another World
  3. Kaceo – Disque D’Or
  4. Theo – Because Of You
  5. Rykka – The Last Of Our Kind
  6. Stanley Miller – Feel The Love

If you’vev missed tonight’s show, you can recap all performances here.

The six artists also sang international hits during the show. Conchita Wurst and the last Switzerland talent show winner Flavio Rizzello were part of the interval act. Last year artist Mélanie René shared some of her experience and was part of the jury…

So the winner is Rykka with The Last Of Our Kind:

What do you think of Switzerland 2016? What are its chances to qualify to the final in Stockholm? Tell us below!

36 comments on “Switzerland: Rykka to Stockholm!

  1. The song’s boring and a pale Sia copy but not awful per se. On the other hand, Rykka is an AWFUL singer and an AWFUL performer. Considering other Canadians Switzerland has sent to the contest (like 1988 or 1993), this might be the worst one yet.

  2. She’s a really bad singer and has zero stage charisma!This one occupies the last place in my 2016 list atm and i thought it wouldn’t get worse after the Danish selection.

  3. So far:

    Judging from the stuff available so far, Georgia and Ukraine stand high chances to be my fav for 2016. Let’s hope that there will be a pleasant surpise from the countries that have not revealed anything yet.

  4. She’s… consistent, at least. Consistently flat, but consistent. Could still be fixed, at least.

  5. The jury system of ranking all songs is slowly bearing fruit. Actually thorns.

    It’s become a race to the middle. Safe songs with safe sounds and safe personalities. We can’t offend the sacred judges.

    Scrap the system and let’s get the stewardesses back! Bring some fun back to the show.

    Song isn’t bad but it’s just there. You listen to it and move on.

  6. After an initial burst of enthusiasm after Austria’s above-average superfinal yesterday, we’ve been let down big time by Switzerland. It’s not like they had any amazing options in the NF, but this really wasn’t the best, not by a long shot. It joins Ireland and the completely forgettable Danish song in the basement of my 2016 rank so far.

  7. Ieva and Greata need to come and save Eurovision!

  8. Awful and amateurish. Unless we see a miracle happening, Switzerland will find it’s entry at the bottom of the SF scoreboard once again.
    Btw, why don’t we ask the countries that have already made bad choices (= all except perhaps Albania) to put their songs into the bin and choose from the many great songs on offer in Hungary, Ukraine and Estonia?

  9. well… I’m happy with the winner :)

  10. Well , i really like the song – definitely has something- but i have to admit that Rykka is a terrible performer despite her efforts !

  11. swiss song is neither better nor worse of songs chosen so far,ie it is in the realms of dying a death in ESC , maybe apart from Spanish one which seems to be becoming a fan /euro radio fave

  12. Boring song, boring Singer…really boring swiss¡¡¡¡

  13. Easily the weakest National Preselection so far (together with Objetivo Eurovisión both scoring an average of 4.33)
    My full ranking and scores of the Swiss hopefuls :
    1.Bela C : It was the best song out of a weak bunch. Kinda bondesque orchestration and nice melody. My main issue here is the overdramatic (almost comical) way Bela performs it. 6/10.
    2.Kaceo : This dropped live for obvious staging reasons. I liked the energy though. 5/10
    3.Vincent Gross : Harmless. 5/10
    4.Theo : Forgettable : 4/10
    5.Rykka : I don’t mind the song, it has some interesting moments. My main issue here is Rykka. She is a terrible singer. 3.5/10
    6.Stanley Miller : Dated weak song, good performance. 3/10
    Switzerland should already say goodbye to the Grand Final in May !

  14. Honestly, to me this song sounds like a revamp of Polina’s “A million voices”, but with a more urban arrangement. I’m not at all fond of how it’s presented. Everything about this is dull, been done before, and with an anonymous singer. And given that this is Switzerland too, this is an absolute non-qualifier in May.


  15. I am honestly stunned by everything written here. Is everyone watching and listening to something else ?! I mean ok disagreement is understandable but IMO this is Switzerland’s best chance to a top 10 in years ! I honestly believe people watch and listen to something else…
    The song has huge potential and Rykka delivered a great performance tonight, she was uncatchable imo. This is the first real gem of 2016 and with a 9.0/10 occupies the first place on my list and is a member of the (quite exclusive) club of 9+ songs on my list.

    Good luck Switzerland and thank you for delivering quality consistently :) !

    • sometimes when we disagree, then there are two sides, it’s very rare (but it does happen) that someone is alone on a subjet! seems like you are on this one, it’s pure garbage and will be bottom 3 in semi I reckon

      • I am honestly stunned but I don’t really care. IMO everyone will be really wrong here on this one. It’s the first true gem of the season and can get at least top 15 (and that’s a modest prediction because it is Switzerland we are talking about – if it was another country this could be even higher). I will defend this song to the end if I have to.

        • I agree :P I’m not crazy about the song but I think this will qualify or at least come very close to qualifying. Also, I think she sounds great live, don’t know what everyone else is talking about.

          • Totally agree about the live. I cound like a difference between “impressed” and “not impressed”, it happens all the time, or disagreeing slightly on one or two parts of the live but this case really bothers me. I see and listen to a very impressive performance and everyone else calls it awful. It’s not that I criticize anyone in anyway but I am lost at how can this happen and try to find an explanation.

  16. I have just watched Rykka’s performance again and unless sth terrible has happened to my ears, this was very poor vocally.

  17. I think it is the best song chosen so far but I have to agree with the fact that she can’t sing to save her life….
    Pity!this song would go very far with a good singer

  18. I honestly give up. We obviously listen to different things with everyone here. I am watvhibg yesterday’s performance again and I find it excellent. Maybe one or two flat moments at the chorus and that is if I pay way too much attention to detail. I ll just settle with the explanation that we watch different videos cause nothing else makes sense.

  19. Nice song, awful live vocals.

  20. Is Rykka REALLY a bad singer?

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