Sweden: Second Semi-final Results

Melodifestivalen 2016Sweden – SVT resumed Melodifestivalen 2016 tonight with the second semifinal in Malmö. 100% televote decided 2 songs to go through to the final and 2 songs to the Andra Chansen second chance round. Check out now which acts made it through…

The show was hosted by Gina Dirawi with a big participation from Charlotte Perrelli. Tonight’s draw was as follows:

  • David Lindgren – We Are Your Tomorrow
  • Victor & Natten100%
  • Molly Pettersson Hammar – Hunger
  • IsaI Will Wait
  • Krista Siegfrids – Faller
  • Patrik Isaksson, Tommy Nilsson & Uno Svenningsson – Håll Mitt Hjärta Hårt
  • WiktoriaSave Me


The show was supposed to be co-hosted with Charlotte Perrelli (MF winner in 1999 and 2008 and Eurovision winner in 1999), but since Charlotte Perrelli did advertisements for a mobile phone compagny and that it’s not allowed by SVT, she will only be a guest performer. The night’s theme will be “female schlager diva”. 100% televote will decide 2 songs to go through to the final and 2 songs to second chance.

The two acts that went through to the final were:


  • WiktoriaSave Me
  • David Lindgren – We Are Your Tomorrow

The two songs through to the Andra Chansen were:


  • Molly Pettersson Hammar – Hunger
  • IsaI Will Wait

The acts that were eliminated:

  • 5th Krista Siegfrids – Faller
  • 6th Victor & Natten100%
  • 7th Patrik Isaksson, Tommy Nilsson & Uno Svenningsson – Håll Mitt Hjärta Hårt



38 comments on “Sweden: Second Semi-final Results

  1. I’m a bit confused with Wictoria. I freakin LOVED the song, she’s an awesomeme vocalist, and a very charming 16 year old. But the performance was way overloaded and it felt like the cheap Mans’ copy in “let’s do the same but more!” Anyway, she’s young and great, she’ll return better. So far it’s my fave in MF 2016 and I think she’ll beat Ace in the final. But not a MF winner.

    Isa returned with a better song than last year, but still a tacky performer. Overrated and glad she wasnt the finalist I expected her to be.

    David won by having NO competition in “hot guy” this semi, and we know how Swedish televote goes insane for those (see last week 3/4).

    Molly was worse than last year but was in my top 4 by default. Awful live though.

    So left is Krista, whom I hated in 2013 but she was fine tonight, fun simple schlagerish song in Swedish, with an ok performance and a good strong vocal performance. She was my 2nd, too bad she came only 5th but redeemed herself from esc!

    • Wiktoria is actually 19 years old and I actually knew about her before, like there is this girl where I live who had a duo with Wiktoria back in 2013-2014, but I guess they split up and here she is in melodifestivalen and she kinda rocked the stage with her strong vocals lol :P

  2. Oh well. Nobody can take 2013 away.
    It would have made it much better had Haza, Emily, Kiira, Katrin and Reetta been involved again. I miss them, the greatest collection of backing vocalists and dancers in esc history.

    On the bright side, this is her first non English language release. That’s the big news coming out of MF. Hopefully there is more to come.

    Now the UMK hosting resumes.

  3. Wiktoria and I are the same age omg

  4. Congratulations and good luck!

  5. A slightly better heat.
    I agree with Morgan about Wictoria’s song which is the best one in the Swedish preselection so far. I’m not a fan of the loaded presentation either.
    On the other hand I did enjoy Isa’s stage show a lot!
    The veterans’ song was charming too! Krista was ok and nice to watch her performing something decent for a change.
    I think Molly made a weaker come back. Her song titled Hunger sounds almost comical in a sarcastic way but is “lighter” than her 2015 entry.
    David Lindgren and Victor och Natten were easily my worst tonight.
    1.Wictoria : 7/10
    2.Isa : 6/10
    3.Veterans : 6/10
    4.Krista : 6/10
    5.Molly : 5/10
    6.David : 4/10
    7.Victor och Natten : 3/10

  6. I expected Isa directly to the final instead of David but I am happy. The top 5 were indeed probably the best songs and I kinda feel sorry for Krista but someone had to be left out. Wiktoria’s song gets better and better every time I listen to it.

    Good luck !

  7. So just watched the show.I loved ISA, people say “Max dont like ballads” are you kidding me, this is how you do a ballad right, had energy, had power, had emotion. WHen I say energy it doesnt have to be uptempo, but just look like some effort is going in.

    Started off well with the worst 2 songs being eliminated. (What on earth was number 6, looked like the pub had closed early and 3 punters had found their way onto the Melfest stage by harrasing the backstage crew.

    Was surprised David Lindgreen got Direkt til Final, I had him 3rd in my personal rankings, but thought he would come 5th, to see him Top 2 was a nice surprise, although I kinda knew it meant ISA and Krista would now be sent to Andra.

    ANd that worked out fine at first ISA went through to Andra, but then the awfully dull Molly scraped in somehow, and then it was down to Wiktoria and Krista. I much preferred Krista, (really Wiktoria, we saw the light dress act in 2013, IN SWEDEN, IN MALMO!!! What was she thinking???

    But as she was Bjorkmans pick of course she got to go through. Feel so sad for Krista.

    Always why did they get rid of Petra Mede, was it beause she was so superb last week she made Gina look like the work experience girl she is? And why does Charlotte Perelli look more Alien every time I see her?

    • One of the pub punters sends you hälsningar från 1989.

      En Dag is corner stones of Sweden’s first golden era and not only because of Tommy’s hair and shoulder pads. En Dag ended 4th. It really should have won.
      Don’t be put off by the reasonably ugly looking choir. They are famous swedish rockers and you can hear it and feel it in the sound.
      Yesterday Tommy and Mates sucked big time, that I have to admit.

    • As they are celebrating 15th anniversary of MF in this format, Gina will have selection of best past presenters as co hosts. I just love her, she’d witty and fun, but still I think I love Petra even more, then again who doesn’t.
      Miss Perelli was supposed to co host but was disqualified because she’s appearing in some tv ads at the moment. Let’s see who get’s disqualified next week! Seem to be the biggest Mello trend this year along messy stageing.
      Isa was drowned by that horror set and like it wasn’t enough they decided to cover her in some tacky henna tattoos.
      Wictoria’s stageing must be one of the biggest and most expensive disasters ever. Poor girl got electrocuted twice. First time it was just bad. Second time the projections were totally out of control. That’ what I call torture.
      We haven’t seen the winner yet.
      I hope :-)

      • Should have the other way around, Petra does all the shows, and gets a guest each week.

        And before you say “but she’s doing esc as well” I say you can never have enough Petra Mede, Danny Saucedo, or Lynda Woodruff! :D

        • It’s very annoying that Danny is not doing all the opening and interval acts in every show to celebrate the anniversary :-)

          • Exactly, im shocked Bjorkman missed this excellent opportunity.

            That fireman outfit was easily the best Melfest costume in the 15 years of the format

            • He can always fix it with confirming this rumour: Danny will do Firemen of Europe postcards in the final.

            • I imagine it slightly different, SVT choose the running order and make sure a hot holiday type country goes first. The first post card, is Dani at the beach in his speedos in that country, then he’s told he’s got to do all the postcards in the respective countries, trying part of their local culture, but he has to get to each one in 3 minutes, so no time to change into proper clothes etc :D

            • Somehow I got a feeling that you have imagined this quite many times :-)

            • Oh that’s not even half of it :)

              First off from having to run to every country within 3 minutes he’d be incredibly hot and sweaty in each one.

              In Sweden, he’d be enjoying a typical Swedish massage, and as they love filthy jokes like in Melfest with Mans, they’d make a happy ending joke.

              Then in Finland he’d meet Santa, remembering Danny’s still in his speeods, Santa would make a joke about Danny’s impressive sack, and he’s been on the naughty list this year.

              Then in Russia, he’d go to one of those Saunas where you are naked and jump into cold water and then hit with branches.

              In Armenia he’d take part in some wrestling, (remember still in Speedos)

              In Azerbaijan he’d take part in some traditional Turkish oil wrestling.

              Then in Ukraine, he’d do ordinary wrestling.

              In Poland they’d make a pun where he was doing pole dancing, and someone explains actually that’s not what Poland is about… or is it?

              Then in Hungary he’d be bathing in the famous baths of Budapest.

              Then in Czech Republic he’d arrive on a movie set, only to realise it’s an adult movie they are filming, and they’d be trying to get him to take part.

              Then in Germany, he’d turn up at some nudist beach, the joke up til now is how he’s so under dressed, but they’d be saying how he is over dressed.

              In both Switzerland and Belgium they’d be arguing over which country makes the best chocolate, in the end they both agree it tastes best when licking it off Danny.

              In Amsterdam… well you can imagine lol,

              In France, he’d be exploring the city of love with a Eurovision fan who won a competition to be in the postcards (me!) and then make fresh baked baguettes together and eat them.

              In Ireland, all these fans would find lucky 4 leaf clovers and then he’d appear, he’d bump into a leprechaun who’s so glad to have found Danny instead of the other way around.

              In Spain he’d go to one of those sexy tapas bars where they don’t have tables or plates but eat off the models, they would confuse him as one of the models.

              In Portugal, a now teenage Madeline McCann would be drawn out of hiding when she meets her idol and asks him to sign an autograph.

              In Italy, he’d be trying Cannoli which is like a crepe but rolled up and filled with cream, and the cream would be getting every where.

              In Macedonia (FYROM), he’d resolve the name dispute, as the people of the country would agree on Republic of Saucedo instead.

              In Albania one of the most secular countries in the world, he’d make the few remaining religious people abandon their religion, when they see how sexy he is.

              In Greece he’d run the marathon (remember he still in speedos) and then be confused for Hercules.

              In Cyprus, birth place of Aphrodite, he’d fall in love with the Eurovision fan winner of the competition (me!)

              Then in Israel, the jews and arabs would finally agree on something, that he is the sexiest person alive, and build a future based on common understanding from there.

              In England, he’d meet the Queen, who’d then abdicate the thrown recognising Danny as the true ruler, under King Danny the first, any republicans disappear and magna carta is reversed restoring full authority to the monarchy.

              Then in Australia he’s so hot and sweaty from running all the way from Europe to Australia in 3 minutes, he takes a shower, but the producers forgot to edit it, and it’s the full shower from start to finish and they dont have time for Australia to perform so there’s a debate whether they really were back in the contest after 2015 or not :)

              Obviously I don’t expect all of these to come true, but you know, if we get a few, that’d be the best ESC ever.

            • The first ESC 2016 Stockholm scandal is that you are not head of postcards in production team. That bloody Björkman again.

  8. Gina for hosting eurovision!! And this is my top 7 this week:

    Isa – I will wait 8/10 ( even with the kinda lacking vocals, the song is my favorite by far, it went straight to my spotify list)
    Wiktoria – Save me 8/10
    Molly – Hunger 6/10 (amazing vocals, but damn that song, just no. Like with the right song she has the potential of winning melodifestivalen so easy and even Eurovision imo.)
    David Lindgren – We are your tomorrow 6/10
    Krisa Siegfrids – Faller 6/10 (Good performance, but that song was so meh)
    Victor och natten – 100 % 4/10
    Uno, Patrick och Tommy – Håll mitt hjärta hårt – 2/10 (I really hope they were prepared to come last lol)

  9. I just watched the MF 2nd semi and it was better than the first one but still MF 2016 looks rather underwhelming and nothing like the exciting 2015 edition.
    My top-4 is slightly different than the 4 songs that actually qualified.
    1.Wiktoria-Save me: It has a distinctive sound and it’s performed really well. 9/12
    2.Isa-I will wait: It’s a solid mainstream ballad nicely performed.It sould have qualified directly to the final instead of David!8.5/12
    3.Krista Siegfrids-Faller: It’s the best Swedish schlager in years!It’s pitty it’s left behind.8/12
    4.Uno, Patrick och Tommy – Håll mitt hjärta hårt: I liked this gloomy ballad.It really moved me.They didn’t deserve last place. 8/12
    5.David Lingren-We are your tomorrow.It’s an average pop song with generic lyrics but it’s nicely performed by David. 7/12
    6.Molly Pettersson Hammar – Hunger:She surely can sing but the song is rather underwhelming.It shouldn’t have qualified,imo! 5.5/12
    7.Victor och natten – 100 % : An annoying song poorely performed. 4/12

    • I agree on that Molly note there, people just voted for the song, cause she did not qualify with ”I’ll be fine” (such a good song btw!) last melodifestivalen thanks to the app fiasco… Its a shame really, cause she’s such a good vocalist :(

  10. David Lindgren:
    People sure have become addicted to interacting with lights lately. Schlager with lights. *yawn*

  11. Viktor och Natten:
    Bubblegum hip hop in Swedish? This was doomed in MF before it even started. If it was any good, I’d be sad.

  12. Molly Pettersson Hammar:
    It’s no “I’ll Be Fine,” but I absolutely love Molly’s voice. The performance was too much, unfortunately. I could have done without the smoke machine. The pyros could have been turned down.The dress didn’t fit her either, which was a disappointment.

  13. Isa:
    Those were Henna tattoos, right? Why Henna for this performance? I don’t get the symbolism of the art. I actually kind of like what they did with shadows, but the lights, when facing towards the cameras and audience, became cliche and tacky. Definitely much better than last year though.

  14. Krista Siegfrieds:
    I wonder what the Swedes have against their own language. Literally, all three of the eliminated songs were in Swedish. And all four of the advancing songs were in English. That isn’t chance. Anyway, it was a vocally strong schlager song and performance. Nothing to write home about (but apparently enough for me to remember to write something here).

  15. Patrik, Tommy, and Uno:
    I probably would care more for this if I actually knew and cared for these artists.

  16. Wiktoria:
    She was fucking off-center. Everything was ruined, whether or not I cared about the presentation. The song was actually pretty good. Not great, but I’d listen to it again. But that presentation. Ugh.

  17. David Lindgren – “We are your tomorrow”: Funny, I actually think this is David’s best song in Melodifestivalen. Decent try to create Eurovision house music. David is a good performer, but I have some big problems with him as an artist. I just can’t get what he’s trying to be; a mid-30’s preppy version of Eric Saade? Which makes everything look a bit awkward on stage. (5/12)

    Victor och Natten – “100%”: This was of course doomed in the same moment as we heard it. Trying to be easy going Swedish pop with some rap elements. But it’s flat, the chorus is uninteresting and tacky, he’s not much of a performer on stage, and everything screams bad inspiration and laziness. (3/12)

    Molly Pettersson Hammar – “Hunger”: And speaking about flat, that’s the least you can say about this melody. It goes absolutely nowhere. So instead they have loaded the stage with smoke, fire and lights to compensate the non-existing melody. Molly does her job, and after her unfair exit last year, it was obvious she would qualify no matter how the song sounded. (4/12)

    Isa – “I will wait”: Isa flips from Taylor Swift teenage pop to a haunting Eurovision ballad. I must say I like this song; it’s in the same field as “Undo” but better. Isa is good enough as a singer, but maybe not for a song like this, because her vocals were not perfect. Plus I have a feeling that they tried a bit too much with the complicated background props, even if it looked cool on television. (8/12)

    Krista Siegfrids – “Faller”: This one stands out a lot after the two previous songs. While they were pushing themselves to the limit to be bigger than big, this is on the other hand a simple, carefree and harmless pop/schlager. Swedish journalists have called it a mix of Linda Bengtzing and Veronica Maggio, and I agree there. Plus it was great to see how Krista could deliver without going annoyingly over-the-top with “Team Ding Dong”. (6/12)

    Patrik Isaksson, Uno Svenningsson & Tommy Nilsson – “Håll mitt hjärta hårt”: The P4 ballad of the week, and it went the same road as Pernilla Andersson’s P4 ballad from last week. It’s understandable why, because not much happens in this song. It needed a lot more to work. But it’s sad at the same time, because I found it to be a pretty nice song. Gloomy but comforting, almost like a Swedish Balkan ballad, but without flutes and fiddles. (7/12)

    Wiktoria – “Save me”: Apparently, Anton Ewald was the coreographer here. Not much to boast yourself with though, since she was standing on the same spot throughout almost the whole performance. The song is groovy, some modern country pop, probably one of the better songs in this so far terribly average MF edition. Plus that Wiktoria is a real star! But they really need to do something with the Aliona Moon effects because they don’t serve the song well at all, and it looks both messy and ugly on stage. (7/12)

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