Lithuania: Show Six Results… Past Half Way

lithuaniaLithuania – Tonight was show six of the Lithuanian Eurovizija selection marathon and can you believe we have only just passed the half way mark? With still four more shows until the nation decides, tonight saw another cull of the acts who brought with them their own song to the contest. 

At the start of the contest we had Sixteen acts who entered the process with their own song to sing. These were split into two groups and five qualified from each. Those ten qualifiers then performed in one show and were reduced to the following eight…

Valdas Lacko “Stay Tonight”
Catrinah “Be Free”
Ištvan Kvik & Ellada “Please Don’t Cry”
Donny Montell “I’ve Been Waiting for This Night”
Eglė Jakštytė “Let Me Show You”
Erica Jennings “Leading Me Home”
Petunija “Tomorrow”
Rūta Ščiogolevaitė “United”

Eight became five after a Lithuanian Jury, International Jury and the Public at home voted. The qualifiers will make it to the next round which is likely to be Show 7 after the Singers that did not bring a song compete to make the next stage which again might be show 7… or show 8. Who knows:

Valdas Lacko 
Donny Montell
Erica Jennings
Rūta Ščiogolevaitė

The full results (all points combined) are as follows but interesting to note is that Donny Montell was the favourite with the juries coming top with the international jury and joint top (with Rūta) with the Lithuanian Jury. However, he only came 7th with the public who  preferred Rūta Ščiogolevaitė and Erica Jennings

Petunija 9pts
Eglė Jakštytė 10pts
Ištvan Kvik & Ellada 12pts
Valdas Lacko 15pts
Catrinah 15pts
Donny Montell 19pts
Erica Jennings 20pts
Rūta Ščiogolevaitė 22pts

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2 comments on “Lithuania: Show Six Results… Past Half Way

  1. Oh dear Lord ! We can’t get rid of Ruta ! It seems to be the hot favourite!

  2. I really hope Aiste can stop Ruta next weeks…

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