Hungary: First Finalists Known

ADal 2016Hungary – Today we have found out who the first A Dal Finalists are known. This semi final saw nine acts including Heat 2 favourite Kállay Saunders Band and Heat 3 favourite Petruska, compete. Who have made the final? You can find out…

The Semi Final worked the same as the heats did except four have qualified from the Semi rather than six that qualified from Heats. The first three qualifiers were determined by a combined vote of the four jurors and the Public. The fourth qualifier was determined by public vote from the six acts that did not qualify from the first round of voting.

The semi final performances can be seen watched again by clicking the song links below with scores indicated as (J-J-J-J-P (Total)):

Reni Tolvai “Fire” (5-9-7-7-5 (33))
Petruska “Trouble in My Mind” (9-9-9-9-7 (43))
Szilvia Agárdi “It Is Love” (8-8-8-8-7 (39))
B The First “You Told Me You Loved Me” (6-8-7-8-6 (35))
Gergő Oláh “Győz a jó” (7-10-9-9-7 (42))
Benji “Kötéltánc” (6-7-7-7-6 (33))
Kállay Saunders Band “Who We Are” (8-9-9-7-8 (41))
Karmapolis & Böbe Szécsi “Hold On To” (8-9-9-7-8 (35))
Mushu “Uncle Tom” (7-8-8-9-7 (39))

The three acts that qualified from the first round of voting were:

Gergő Oláh
Kállay Saunders Band

Out of the remaining six acts the public got to vote again and they decided to give Mushu  a second chance so they are also headed to the Grand Final in two weeks.

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14 comments on “Hungary: First Finalists Known

  1. I love Mushu but I know they’re not going to win with Kallay Saunders, Petruska in there… and Freddie if he qualifies next week and he will

  2. Good choices. I really like 3 of the finalists and will certainly watch the A dal final. Alas, KSB doesn’t do it for me.

  3. My hope is that the jury destroys KSB in the final so the public doesn’t have the chance to send them through. Freddie needs to win D:

  4. Yeah!Great qualifiers.At least someone is getting it right.

  5. I’m so glad for Mushu, who are my #1 in A Dal 2016. Freddie is my runner-up and imo he’s the huge favorite! He’ll be a good entry and probably top 15 in esc… but glad for Mushu!

  6. Great results ! Congrats Hungary ! :)

  7. Personally, I would have traded out Mushu for Karmapolis & Bobe, but the results were pretty good.

    • Same here. I can’t get the hype for Mushu…
      I do hope either Gergő or Freddie wins, the latter could secure a better result in May.

  8. Hooray for Gergő and Mushu!

  9. Great results. I like all four. Keep the good job Hungary :)

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