Finland: Second Semi-final Results!

UMK 2015 smallFinland – Finnish broadcaster, YLE, resumed tonight Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu 2016, its national final for Eurovision. 6 songs took part tonight and 3 made it through with 100% televote decision. Check out the results here!

Tonight’s show was hosted by Roope Salminen since Krista Siegfrids was participating live in MF’s Malmö semi-final.

This was tonight’s line-up:

  • Attention 2Ready For The Show
  • Cristal SnowLove Is Blind
  • Annica Milán & Kimmo BlomGood Enough
  • Rafaela TrudaRise Up
  • Ylona – Blazing Fire
  • Mikael SaariOn It Goes

For those who missed it, all songs and lives can be found here. The money gathered with televote will be donated to charity Nenäpäivä-säätiö, which fund projects in developing countries.

The thee qualifiers were:

  • Cristal SnowLove Is Blind
  • Annica Milán & Kimmo BlomGood Enough
  • Mikael SaariOn It Goes


23 comments on “Finland: Second Semi-final Results!

  1. Listening to the acts right now.

    Attention 2:
    I almost feel that the worst thing about this is that one twin is clearly more talented than the other. It’s like the pretty, talented, charismatic star brought her disabled sister out for one feel-good song, knowing that it wouldn’t sound good but would bring some good feelings in the room.

  2. To be fair, I didnt follow this one live and need to catch up!

  3. Cristal Snow:
    Omg. The vocals sound like a 12-year-old singing along with the studio version of the song, while the studio version plays along in the background. If that was actually happening, this would go viral with people making fun of the person who made that video, singing along with the studio version. Then the men dressed as demon jackalopes in the background, and I don’t know what I saw, but it was hilarious.

  4. Annica Milán & Kimmo Blom:
    I was all for this song until Kimmo Blom started to sing. Annica’s voice is lovely easy to listen to, and coming after Cristal Snow, it sounded beautiful, but then Kimmo came in “like a wrecking ball” (excuse the outdated joke) and knocked all the beauty out of the song, and then the song’s chorus came and destroyed it more. I did like the cheesy staging that embraced the cheese though.

  5. Rafaela Truda:
    Those pants. That unitard. It’s like they went to the trashiest night clubs in Helsinki to get their dancers.

  6. Ylona:
    What? Why is she in a cage? Why is she wearing only lace? What does this have to do with the song? Is this some weird kind of phoenix/freedom imagery I’m missing?

  7. Mikael Saari:
    I’ve never hated a performance more in ten seconds. The close up of the woman’s mouth just turned me off so much, and I immediately decided that I hate this song and performance with a burning passion. This became so musical theatre that I decided that I would have loved to watch it in a play, but as a standalone song without the context of story and characterization to make me care about the people on stage, I just can’t.

  8. Cristal Snow :o I’ll check their performance now … but I better fetch some alcohol first. ;)

  9. Cristal Snow: Well, I still like the melody a lot. Everything else is bad. We’ve discussed the lyrics (“You look like Jesus but you taste like sin.” LOL), he isn’t a very strong vocalist and personally, I find him a tad creepy too. Well, the staging was … different. *cough* At least it would stand out in the sea of blandness chosen so far.

  10. I think with all these camp performances in UMK it must be the production team’s fault.

  11. Mikael Saari is undoubtedly a fine singer and I really love “We Should Be Through”. The problem with his song this year is that it sounds a tad disjointed and isn’t easily accessible. That is probably the reason why they came up with this performance, which is supposed to introduce a narrative that makes the song sound more coherent. In a way, it works too because I payed only little attention to the actual song while watching his performance. Therefore I’d call it a fraud but I’d still prefer it to Cristal Snow and think that it will win. The good thing is that I like Mikael’s haircut better this time.
    Stella Christine FTW!

  12. Annica Milán & Kimmo Blom are fine singers too but they have one of those shouty duet ballads that don’t do much for me. And what we see in Finland this year is probably the Elina & Stig effect. Narratives rule. LOL Still, this is my favourite out of the 3 songs that qualified tonight.
    Don’t forget that you need a good song first!

  13. Attention 2 – Ready For The Show is one of the most embarrassing esc acts i have ever watched.

  14. I can’t stand Cristal Snow.This is bad beyond words.

  15. Good Enough sounds like something straight out of Baku which is just great in my books. Vocals need some polishing, staging needs to be redesigned. Maybe some heavy gold rain to bakufy it properly :-)
    Mikael is probably thinking he is delivering a new Kuula. Well, he isn’t. Hot boy factor is of course high, but it won’t help.
    All the staging were way too YLE for Stockholm. Get the grip!

  16. This is an almost embarassing NF to follow this year. Uninspired songs, tasteless presentations, shaky vocals.
    Mikael Saari was the only exception yesterday. He delivered his song with great taste imo thus he is my clear favourite and only hope for Finland this year.
    Ranking and scores of 12 songs/performances already :
    1.Mikael Saari : 8/10
    2.Stella Christine : 7.5/10
    3.ClemSO : 5/10
    4.Eini : 5/10
    5.Annica Milán & Kimmo Blom : 4/10
    6.Rafaela Truda : 4/10
    7.Ylona : 4/10
    8.Saara Aalto : 3/10
    9.Cristal Snow : 3/10
    10.Mikko Herranen : 3/10
    11.Pää-Äijät : 2/10
    12.Attention 2 : 2/10
    Average of songs so far : 4.25…

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