Estonia: First Semi-final Results!

logoEstonia – ERT, the Estonian broadcaster, started tonight Eesti Laul 2016, the national final for Eurovision 2016. There were 10 oentries participating tonight and only 5 made it to the fina. Check out the results!

The show was hosted by Henry Kõrvits and Maris Kõrvits. There are two different sets during the semifinals: a live portion of the show takes place in a  Tallinn studio with artists discussing with hosts and the performances are already recorded and presented for the first time throughout the evening.

Tonight’s line -up was as follows:

  1. The Jingles  Love a Little Bit
  2. Würffel I’m Facing North
  3. Mick Pedaja Seis
  4. Indrek Ventmann  Hispaania Tüdruk
  5. Cartoon feat. Kristel Aaslaid – Immortality
  6. KéaLonely Boy
  7. Kati Laev & NoorkuuKaugel Sinust
  8. Zebra Island How Many Times
  9. Laura PõldvereSupersonic
  10. Windy BeachSalty Wounds

If you missed tonight’s show, you can catch up with the performances here.

Then the jury announced its top 5: Würffel, Mick Pedaja, Cartoon feat. Kristel Aaslaid, Kati Laev & Noorkuu and Laura Põldvere. However, once the televote was added on, we got these 5 qualifiers instead:

  • Mick Pedaja Seis
  • Laura PõldvereSupersonic
  • KéaLonely Boy
  • Cartoon feat. Kristel Aaslaid – Immortality
  • Kati Laev & NoorkuuKaugel Sinust

Next week, ten more songs will be presented and five will join the first qualifiers to the final!

50 comments on “Estonia: First Semi-final Results!

  1. I need to catch up with these but from what I saw Laura looked once more ridiculous and Mick did us proud! Good for him! Can’t wait for Jüri and Pur Mudd! Disappointed for Würffel, which the jury rightfully had through!

    • Seriously now, hats off for your work tonight ;) <3

      • Ahah thanks, and I managed to follow 5 shows from tonight or so (considering sometimes I tried and forgot I had it open and so I cant really count it: I genuinely only avoided Italy, as we cant be sure the winner does Eurovision, Lithuania’s mess and Hungary since we’ve already seen them all)

  2. Ok, believe it or not I got to listen to the Estonian hopefuls for the first time just tonight. My thoughts:
    I’m sad for Würffel and Zebra Island in particular.
    Out of those who made it, I really like Kaugel Sinust and Supersonic…
    but, omg, Seis <3

  3. Nicky Byrne about to perform on RTE.

  4. From the second semi I like: Patience, Meet Halfway, Stories Untold and Strong.

    But Seis is a more than serious contender for #1 on my 2016 list.

  5. Mick Pedaja – Seis: It is almost too minimalistic even for me. But only almost … 12/12 of course. :)

  6. Laura Põldvere – Supersonic: First of all, I want to say that it is fantastic to watch Eest laul performances after all the gloss and glitter, tacky cheapness and colourful surfaces other NFs seem to be so fond of. Less is more. Once again, EL seems to be the classiest NF by quite a margin. :)
    The song is nothing special but nice to listen to while it is on. 7/12

  7. Kéa – Lonely Boy: It’s a bit flat, isn’t it? 5/12

  8. In the meantime,what’s happening in San Remo?lol

  9. Cartoon feat. Kristel Aaslaid – Immortality: Now, this one is awful. 3/12

  10. Kati Laev & Noorkuu – Kaugel Sinust: Lovely nostalgic song with a very Finnish sound. It made me think of Vuokko Hovatta, whom I love. 10/12

  11. All 16 finalists from established artists category have been presented know in Sanremo. There are a couple of good songs, but I’m not really enthusiastic over any of them :(

  12. Catching up with the performances…

    1. The Jingles – “Love A Little Bit”

    I’m not sure what to write about this. It was there, I guess? I’m almost a little annoyed that this didn’t have the temerity to be the fully-fledged disaster it threatened to be in the studio version.

    2. Würffel – “I’m Facing North”

    I found the performance a little stiff and pretentious (her movements and the bad ‘edgy’ styling) but the song is great and deserved a place in the final. Having two other female-led alt-electro songs must have harmed their chances in the end.

    3. Mick Pedaja – “Seis”

    Very nearly perfect. I love the song and his vocals were stunning, but the camerawork felt a little rough. Either way this looks like a probable jury favourite and a potential superfinal contender. And deservedly so.

    4. Indrek Ventmann – “Hispaania tüdruk”

    Big contrast in tone with the previous performance. I enjoyed the live version of this song considerably more than the studio version, but I still find it lame and repetitive. Not a bad entry, but it didn’t deserve the final by any means.

    5. Cartoon feat. Kristel Aaslaid – “Immortality”

    It feels weird reviewing a performance that was at least 2/3 pre-recorded. Apparently this was to make up for the fact they couldn’t afford a hologram for two performances (LOL) but it’s impossible to judge how good an entry it could be without seeing an 100% live version. The 20 seconds of live footage we saw was bizarrely messy though (a 10 second close-up of her horrible dress, and then another 10 second shot of her facing the wrong way?) which doesn’t give me great hope though. I enjoy the song though, and if they do manage to nail the staging concept it could be a contender for the win (even in ESC, given how the year is turning out).

  13. Stadio,Francesca Michielin,Caccamo&Iurato top-3 in SAN REMO!

  14. btw for those who care, Mick Pedaja was a backing singer for Malcolm Lincoln

  15. 6. Kea – “Lonely Boy”

    I’m a bit surprised at this making both the jury and televote top five. It’s a pleasant-enough song, if a little plodding and disjointed, and the performance was simple and unpretentious, but it didn’t exactly stand out in any way. Not bad, but I don’t expect to see it ranking much higher than last in the final.

    7. Kati Laev ja Noorkuu – “Kaugel Sinust”

    I didn’t rate this one at all in the studio version, but I was impressed by the live. There really was nothing else like this on offer, and while I still find the song a little too melodramatic and old-fashioned, there’s no denying it was very well performed, and rightfully earned its spot in the final.

    8. Zebra Island – “How Many Times”

    Another one I’m sad to see miss out. I adore the song and its funky, euphoric 80s vibe, and the backings really brought it to life. Unfortunately the singer was pretty far off-key (and off-time) throughout most of the performance which probably explains the flop. This song will live on in my iTunes library however.

    9. Laura – “Supersonic”

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate how awful that dress was? It’s like a bastardised version of Electro Velvet’s staging from last year, with built in arm-rests. Anyway, the live was mostly fine apart from that, although the holograms were LOL-worthy. The song is decent, definitely one of Lȍhmus’ better recent efforts (and much better than Grete’s song).

    10. Windy Beach – “Salty Wounds”

    The song has grown on me quite a bit lately, and I enjoyed parts of the live – the soft focus effect on her dress in particular looked great, but there was no escaping how awkward a performer Tuuli was. I kept getting flashbacks to Sofi Marinova.

  16. Having watched tonight’s performances,it now makes perfect sense why Kati Laev ja Noorkuu qualified.It stands out among many irrelevant and annoying tunes,the vocals are strong and the stage performance effective.
    Mick Pedaja was the best.The song is ethereal,a dream-like orchestration and a very fitting,strong presentation.
    I sort of like Cartoon too although it wasn’t perfect vocally.But will they be able to bring the same performance on the esc stage?
    Laura was good vocally but she doesn’t have stage charisma!Plus,we know she’s supersonic but that outfit was terrible.
    The Jingles is the one act i don’t get how it qualified.It represents the kind of songs i dislike!

  17. Scrap the SF and NF and send Mick to Stockholm, please!

  18. THE JINGLES – “Love a Little Bit” : Has a certain groove going on but it would only work as background music imo. It’s not bad and he delivers vocally but the chorus gets tiring and repetitive after a while. – 5.5/10

    WÜRFFEL – “I´m Facing North” : Seriously this didn’t make it ? Very contemporary and edgy, stylish presentation, interesting vocals. It had everything needed. A pity – 8/10

    MICK PEDAJA – “Seis” : I will once again be the minority here but, while I see the qualities here and why everyone loves it, this does little to nothing to me. Yes it has a mysticism and some interesting elements in the orchestration and presentation but it’s incredibly dull imo. I do hope Juri does not lose to this – 6+/10

    INDREK VENTMANN – “Hispaania tüdruk” : It’s pleasant and with a nice light mood. Again a kind of repetitive chorus but it has charm. – 7/10

    CARTOON – “Immortality” : I am confused tbh. I don’t what I just watched. Was that a live performance and we were seeing a video screen for almost the whole song ? I was so invested trying to find out what’s going on that the song really passed under my radar. It’s not bad but the vocals do not really help, she sounded pretty strained. Overall confused and not that impressed – 5/10

  19. KÉA – “Lonely Boy” : Can I just comment on a non musical thing on that first ? Her make up is awful and that’s not something I usually notice or comment on but gosh !
    Anyway, repetitiveness seems to be a trend in this year’s EL. Kind of surprised this one made it. It’s not bad but it’s flat and builds up to nowhere really (what an abrupt ending) – 4.5/10

    KATI LAEV JA NOORKUU – “Kaugel Sinust” : This is beautiful in every way. Classy, different, ethereal and grandiose at the same time. So glad it qualified – 8.5+/10

    ZEBRA ISLAND – “How Many Times” : I don’t have much to say about this. Very Eesti Laul in an eccentric way, nice chill sound but overall nothing to write home about – 5.5/10

    LAURA – “Supersonic” : Yeah that dress is a monstrosity. I also found the whole thing uncomfortably static. Vocally solid and the song strong of course. Needs some twitching here and there stage-wise to unleash its full potential though – 7.5+/10

    WINDY BEACH – “Salty Wounds” : The presentation combined with her hair etc reminded a lot of Wiktoria from MF tbh. This stood no chance. She lacks charisma on stage imo and vocally she left a lot to be desired at many parts – 4/10

    Overall I am good with the results but it should definately be Wurffel over Kea – that was a big injustice imo. Not the best EL semi. Kati Laev Ja Noorkuu definately saved the day. Waiting for Juri next week !

    Congratulations to the qualifiers and good luck !

  20. Big super super hugs to Tallin! You really made my weekend. Kaugel sinust with it’s fennonostalgic yet contemporary charm and Seis with it’s highly progressive minimalistic approach on this vanity fair worked totally for me. Easily the best of the season so far. Shame, they can’t send two!

  21. Eest Laul is most probably heading to a very high National Preselections’ Average this year. Just ranked and gave scores to semi 1 hopefuls and the average is already 6.90!!! (Söngvakeppnin follows at 6.25).
    1. Seis : I am not THAT a fan song-wise (I prefer Play) but the way this one was staged was highly artistic. Perfect vocals too. Undoubtly a 10/10
    2. Supersonic : I like the song more than Stories Untold. Vocally she was improved. I didn’t particularly mind the outfit or presentation which fitted the mood of the song. 8.5/10
    3.Love a little bit : Harmless and very well performed. 7/10
    4.I’m facing North : I like the song. Her presentation was a bit stiff though. 7/10
    5.Hispaania tüdruk : Harmless and very well performed as well. Another 7/10
    6.Salty wounds : I like the song for being indie and totally “fresh” compared to what other national preselections tend to opt for. She didn’t exactly shine live but still…6/10
    7.How many times : Same as above but with a better performer. I sprefer Salty Wounds song-wise, though.
    8.Immortality : This one is very impressive to watch and I believe the song is slightly boosted because of this cause practically the “real” performance is messy both stage and vocals-wise. 6/10
    9.Kaugel sinust : Despite the good perfomance, I find the song extremely pompous in an almost comical way. 6/10
    10. Lonely boy : Meh. Repetitive and irritating chorus. Some nice elements (fe during the bridge) save it from below average. 5/10
    It seems that I don’t agree with yesterday’s results as my bottom 3 qualified…

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