Denmark: Lighthouse X to Stockholm!

logoDenmark – DR, the national broadcaster of Denmark, hosted its national final tonight, Melodi Grand Prix 2016. There were ten finalists and Lighthouse X won with Soldiers Of Love

The show was hosted in Hortens by Jacob Riising and Annette Heick with Hilda Heick in the greenroom.

This was tonight’s line-up:

  1. David Jay – Rays of Sunlight
  2. Simone – Heart Shaped Hole
  3. Bracelet – Breakaway
  4. Sophia Nohr – Blue Horizon
  5. Veronica’s Illusion – The Wrong Kind
  6. Lighthouse X – Soldiers Of Love
  7. Kristel Lisberg – Who Needs A Heart
  8. Jessica – Break It Good
  9. Muri & Mario – To Stjerner
  10. Anja Nissen – Never Alone

You can watch performances from tonight here.

After all was said and done, a top 3 chosen by 50% jury and 50% televote was announced, with Simone, Lighthouse X and Anja Nissen as the top 3! They reprised their song for the superfinal. A new interval act about Denmark’s first winner Dansevise  and with Loreen performing Euphoria happened before the full results.

  1. Lighthouse X (42%)
  2. Anja Nissen (36%)
  3. Simone (22%)

So the winners are Lighthouse X with Soldiers Of Love.

What do you think of Denmark 2016? What are its chances to qualify to the final in Stockholm? Tell us below!

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37 comments on “Denmark: Lighthouse X to Stockholm!

  1. Anja Nissen:
    I can see why this got 2nd place. It reminds me of a female version of their 2014 entry, and it comes off well love. However, it’s not for me. But I get it.

  2. In Horsens, not Hortens :-)

  3. I had really decided to do DMGP tonight, but after having listened to the songs, I realised that it would take microscopes to separate them from each other in terms of quality. Never has a NF been so filled with 5/12 / 6/12 songs.

    New try tomorrow.

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