Austria: Zoe Selected in Austria

Zoe Austria 2016Austria – Last night saw Austria choose Zoë to represent the country in Stockholm, singing ‘Loin d’ici‘ in French. She beat Elly V in the super-final and will perform somewhere in the second half of the first semi-final.

What do you think to Austria’s choice?

15 comments on “Austria: Zoe Selected in Austria

  1. Good singer, generic europop song, saccharine presentation.
    For now it is in 1st place on my list of possible FFFs.
    Viel Glück!

  2. It’ll fail. I hate it. It’s a fight between Spain and Austria for worst of the year. Both have really let me down

  3. Dear ZOË, I do like the nostalgic franco pop feel of your song and I do love your voice. Just please fire your “stylist” and “set designer”. Now.

  4. I followed the show but i wasn’t able to comment… Zoe was my favourite but i do think that Elly V was a better choice for Austria ! As for “Loin D ‘íci ” , it’s sweet , nostalgic , a bit old fashioned pop though … Viel Glück !

  5. Good singer and good song in its own genre, which however, I dislike. The staging is awful and offensive for ESC.

  6. “Loin d’ici” is breezy, fresh and with a nice urban french music feel to it. And that is only enhanced by Zoe’s classy vocal performance and elegant presence. The staging is unfortunate though and needs to change to something totally different, more contemporary and minimalistic. Austria will most likely get a better result compared to last year and there is a good chance they will make it to the final, even if the semi is tough.

    Good luck Zoe !

  7. The Black Widow performed in white. Go figure.

    This is so old school Eurovision: non English, everything (including the performer) gimmicked to the max (there are no more places on her body to add gimmicks), a light catchy tune, and flashing lights In the background that cause epileptic seizures. All the boxes are ticked.

    Exctky what we need more of nowadays. Good job Austria.

  8. 7/10. Nothing to go wow about, a wrong stage approach though!
    So far 2016 seems underwhelming with two weak songs (Belarus and Malta) and 5 ok ones.

  9. Before the show I really liked her but by the results announcement I started rooting against her. Kinda disappointed Elly V didn’t win. I still like it nonetheless, and Zoë seems like a sweetheart.


  10. This is my undoubtable #1 so far!Of course competition till now is really weak but i really like this unpretentious,breezy pop tune.Now get rid of that awful backdrop.Zoe has lots of charisma and she shines on stage unlike her main rival Elly who reminded me a lot of Natalia kelly.
    PS:I’m so happy Austrian televoters couldn’t care less about what the jury had to say. ;)

  11. An artist who does BoNF and then does esc is rare (right now I think the last one who did was Loreen (bonf 2011, esc 2012)), so I should be glad an artist I’ve supported one year returns triumphally the next… and yet…

    She’s a great vocalist, and she’s got loads of charm and charisma, no? And the song’s cute, and the live 3mn version ends with a good oomph.

    But that live performance feels like so many “princess/fairy” styles and they tend to always do well in NF to stand out and fail in esc looking rather amateurish and ridiculous (just last year, Switzerland, Iceland…) All in all, a very awful live that I hope will be gonein Stockholm.

    And as a Frenchman, a rather nice touch to see Austria joining Sweden, Cyprus or Bosnia as very odd countries to sing in French in esc :D

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