Poll: Who Should Represent Switzerland?

SwitzerlandSwitzerland – This weekend three countries (possibly four if you include Italy) will be deciding their Eurovision Entries. Austria on Friday and Denmark and Switzerland on Saturday. In this article we will focus on the Swiss National Final and who you think should win

Switzerland were one of the first countries to decide their shortlist so maybe you have forgotten them by now. You can remind yourselves by watching the videos below:

Bella C “Another World”

Vincent Gross “Half A Smile”

Stanley Miller “Feel The Love”

Kaceo “Disque d’or”

Rykka “The Last Of Our Kind”

Theo “Because Of You”

Last year Switzerland failed to qualify for the Grand Final when they were represented by Mélanie René who came 17th in the 2nd Semi Final with her song “Time to Shine”. Can Switzerland see the Grand Final again with any of the above?

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14 comments on “Poll: Who Should Represent Switzerland?

  1. I don’t really care. :(
    Kaceo FTW!

  2. Rykka of course!

  3. Full analytical results in Spain.It’s interesting that the Swedish jury gave Xuso Jones his lowest score.Great taste!On the other hand,France…

  4. Anyone but Rykka!I can’t stand it.

  5. Rykka!! Hope her performance is less awkward than the auditions though.

  6. Just relistened to the Swiss hopefuls
    Bella C : 5/10 . Typical bondesque ballad, overdramatic performance
    Vincent Gross : Harmless I guess. Another 5/10
    Stanley Miller : Annoyingly weak. Dated as hell. 2/10
    Kaceo : Charming but in an amateur way. My personal favourite but still nothing to write home about. 5.5/10
    Rykka : Terrible singing. A very embarassing LIVE of an ok song. 3.5/10
    Theo : Boring and another weak live…2.5/10
    Needless to say that Switzerland will be staying behind in semis one more year. And it will have nothing to do with geopolitical voting obviously…

  7. Rykka of course ! She can get Switzerland their best result in years.

  8. Rykka, obviously. I still don’t think her song is that good but it looks like a masterpiece compared to the others in this nf.

  9. Poll: Who Should Represent Switzerland?
    No one (Slovenia 2011) :P

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