Poll: Who Should Represent Austria?

austriaAustria – This Friday, Austria will be the next country to select it’s representative. In 2015 after an epic win, Austria finished last in the grand final with Nil Points after The Makemakes competed with their song “I Am Yours”. This year is another National Selection so can they choose another winner?

Ten songs will be competing to represent Austria in Stockholm this May and all of them will be wanting points that The Makemakes failed to makemake. Nine of the following were chosen by a scouting team led by Eberhard Forcher and Stefan Zechner but the tenth, AzRaH, was selected by the public following an online Wildcard vote. You can listen to the songs below:

AzRaH “The One”

Bella Wagner “Weapons Down”

Céline Roscheck & Farina Miss “Sky is the Limit”

Elly V “I’ll Be Around (Bounce)”

Lia Weller “Runaway”

LiZZA “Psycho”

Orry Jackson “Pieces in a Puzzle”

Sankil Jones “One More Sound”

Vincent Bueno “All We Need is That Love”

ZOË “Loin d’ici”

Austria will be competing in Semi Final One on May 10th. Do you think there is another winner for Austria here? Or do you think they’re heading the same way as The Makemakes?

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237 comments on “Poll: Who Should Represent Austria?

  1. Off: How I would arrange running orders in semi 1, averaging past places
    1) Greece
    2) Hungary
    3) Russia
    4) Moldova
    5) Armenia
    6) Netherlands
    7) San Marino
    8) Finland
    9) Croatia
    10) Bosnia & Herzegovina
    11) Azerbaijan
    12) Cyprus
    13) Estonia
    14) Montenegro
    15) Iceland
    16) Malta
    17) Austria
    18) Czech Republic

    • Semi 2:
      1) Belarus
      2) Switzerland
      3) Serbia
      4) Australia
      5) Lithuania
      6) Poland
      7) Ireland
      8) Latvia
      9) Israel
      10) Macedonia
      11) Romania
      12) Georgia
      13) Ukraine
      14) Denmark
      15) Slovenia
      16) Norway
      17) Belgium
      18) Albania
      19) Bulgaria

    • I’d like to see Greece opening the show for once too :)

  2. So, the gay anthem won…too pink…lol…a song you listen to in a gay pub…

  3. sorry guys I’m too tired from all the moving, and I need to work tomorrow til 3:30PM so I’ll be able to be around to finnish the Super Saturday article tomorrow afternoon before the big events start ;)

  4. Most charming song of the night won, she sings it well but it’s just a sweet song with a girly presentation. I can’t get the hype for sure…It reminds me of Switzerland 2010 tbh but with a stronger singer.
    My full ranking and scores :
    1.Zoe : 7/10
    2.Sankil Jones : 7/10
    3.Elly : 6/10
    4.Orry Jackson : 6/10
    5.Bella Wagner : 5,5/10
    6.Farina Miss & Céline Roscheck : 5,5/10
    7.LiZZA : 5,5/10
    8.Lia Weller : 5/10
    9.Vincent Bueno : 3,5/10
    10.AzRaH : 3/10
    Average = 5,4

  5. 2016 so far :
    Ireland : 8/10
    Belgium : 7/10
    Spain : 7/10
    Austria : 7/10
    Albania : 6/10
    Malta : 4.5/10
    Belarus : 4/10

    • None of the already selected songs will trouble the top 10 in May imo…
      The first contender is coming from Denmark with Simone!

  6. Good Vincent:

    Him coming out on a Hoverboard was really the height of ridiculousness. Otherwise, this song was exactly what we expected when we heard the studio version: lackluster staging, okayish vocals (probably better than expected), etc. It was generally easy to overlook.

  7. LiZZA:

    I like the song a lot more in studio. The live version of the song was fairly mediocre, with a return to the forest background that plagued ESC 2015 and a lack of charisma. I felt very awkward while she just stared into the camera with this weird serious semi-half smile.

  8. Orry Jackson:

    I’m sorry? There was a song playing. I didn’t notice.

  9. Elly V:
    I really liked the stage show on this one, even the dancing hotties. I also liked her charisma on stage. Where this one was weak though was in the vocals. She was flat pretty often, and I felt like many parts either lacked power or sounded like she put too much power behind it. Also, the chorus is much weaker than the verses.

  10. Lia Weller:
    Bridesmaid Aliona Gagarina… I mean, Lia’s MoR ballad was instantly forgotten, and the fact that it had to rely on a number of gimmicks from past entries speak for themselves, especially because they were all implemented poorly in conjunction with the song. This was hard to watch.

  11. Farina Miss and Céline Roscheck:
    Wow. Austria spent every penny on this act, didn’t they? I actually love the print on Farina’s bodysuit thing. And yeah. This existed.

  12. AzRaH:
    That dress. Oh god. From the little triangle cut out right above the ugly shiny belt to the bad fit and ill-conceived lack of a back, that dress is pure torture. The song is frantic. It feels like she never stops to take a breath (which makes her vocals somewhat impressive but tires me out as a lister), and I just don’t understand her movements on stage.

  13. Sankil Jones:
    I love his style. Every piece of clothing he was wearing is something I could see myself wearing. However, I hated the dancing. (A caveat here, this is entirely a personal taste thing. The dancing was in no way an objective impetus to the performance provided, from what I can tell.) His voice is odd, and I can’t tell if I like it or not. It is definitely one of the better entries tonight.

  14. Bella Wagner:
    Considering her ugly dress goes without saying, I’ll instead focus on the horrendous hairdo that she chose to have. I see no justifications for a long bang opposite a 3/4 side ponytail, especially when the hair looks like it has gone through so many treatments that a fossil has more life in it.

  15. ZOË:
    I kinda loved the walking background, while at the same time hating the background and overall aesthetics of the performance. The song is bland and surprisingly forgettable, especially with her voice. Actually, the whole aesthetic reminded me of an innocent version of a Fangoria music video. lol

    See this:

  16. Elly was so close :(. I’m happy for Zoe though!! A bit worried it’s going to get lost and forgotten in May though. And that was the most bizarre National Final set up… The weird sports center style commentary with the jury that announced scores immediately after the performance like it was figure skating? And the scores were so random and spread out haha. Anyways!!
    2.)Austria(but I see this growing on me even more)

  17. Iceland 2015 called… They want their fairy trash back

    I hate this song. It’s truly terrible. I think another nil points. Really do

    Like France 2015 this will be the one people expect to do well but doesn’t

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