Russia: Song Reveal on 3rd March

Sergey LazarevRussia – It has been revealed that the song to be sung by Sergey Lazarev in Stockholm will be presented on March 3rd 2016.

17 comments on “Russia: Song Reveal on 3rd March

  1. Hope it’s as good as Take It off.

    Sergey even the name breaks the gay propaganda rule. sounds like So gay

    Russia I promise not too boo if you do

  2. I don’ t have a good feeling for Russia ! The rumours say that we”ll have “This is our night Vol. 2 ” . We ll see ! :)

  3. Well since it is Kontopoulos my expectations are extremely low. Of course that doesn’t exclude the possibility of a top 5 in May…

  4. I am watching Sanremo. :)

  5. If they stick a peace ballad to this guy, I’m giving up on Russia. I want Serebro-dance Soviet pop, it’s good!

  6. Having heard a couple of his songs, he is clearly not my type of artist, but I will of course wait for the song. If it is to be written by Kontopoulos, it can go either way – some of his songs are good whereas others are not, but that goes for most of the other prominent multi-song composers in ESC anyway.

  7. Will he sing “I’m sexy and I know it” kinda stuff? Judging the picture above I can’t think of anything else😁
    Good Luck Russia, please surprise me!!!

  8. San Remo 2016. After 50 minutes, we have the first act onstage now.
    01 Lorenzo Fragola – Infinite volte: An elegant traditional canzone with strong vocals. I miss sth making it special though. 9/12

  9. So here we go Italy ! (Sweet FdlC memories :p)
    1)Lorenzo Fragola – Infinite volte : I found it extremely bland and but thing with Italian songs is that they grow.
    FTM 5/10

  10. 02 Noemi – La borsa di una donna: Noemi is a strong singer and charismatic onstage. The song is singer-songwriter material with a distinct Italian sound. Towards the end it builds and builds …I am a bit underwhelmed (because I expected a lot here …) but it is still better than what we get to hear in most other national finals … 8/12

  11. I love the stage btw. This is how you do gloss and glitter in a stylish way. :)

  12. I made a san remo thread, sorry it was a bit late!

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