Greece: Argo Selected for Stockholm

greeceGreece – It was announced today by ERT that the Greek representatives in Stockholm have been selected internally and will be Argo… who are mainly members of the band Europond (minus 1, as there were 7 of them).  

The six members of the band are Christina Lahana, Maria Venetikidou, Vladimiros Sophianidis, Kostas Topouzis, Alekos Papadopoulos and Ilias Kesidis. They fuse ethnic greek folk sounds with modern hip hop.

54 comments on “Greece: Argo Selected for Stockholm

  1. Can’t comment on the lyrics/meaning as don’t understand them, only am sure, especially live, I would not vote for it, like most of Europe I guess , hmmm!

  2. @paul

    I don’t think this is the song for May

  3. Paul, this is NOT the song obviously :p
    We only know the members of the group, not the song nor the composer/lyricist.
    I will wait for the song to be revealed before I judge anything.
    All I will say is that I will be extremely disappointed if the song is weak since we are talking about an internal selection by the president of ERT who is a musician and should know better…

    • I heard the band are mates of his.

      • This is not confirmed. Just speculation and probably anti-SYRIZA propaganda?

        • Υes, but the fact that they are sending something trashy on purpose is now confirmed beyond any reasonable doubt, and not at all “propaganda”.

          • Well there has always been a “trashy” approach from ERT (see the Greek NF of 2012 out of which Aphrodisiac was selected). I just don’t get why people moan this year… An internal selection has many faces you know and it has been happening every single year lately

    • Indeed, I had to reread the above, and naturally followed the hoo-ha about Greek song from previous mails, (as I am a fan of all that is Greek!), you are right then, wait for the final song via president of ERT and his choice, such things as I told you are very similar here, with TVE, president of TVE is member of PP party, and elected by PP with absolute majority, I’m a journalist and sometimes work for TVE Catalunya (Catalonia), and it is quite horrible conditions TVE journalists have to work, especially here in Catalonia

  4. As a Greek i hope i like the song but i have to admit that i totally disagree with this internal selection ! Hope for a new approach in 2017 ! :)

  5. Since they are Pontus-related, they could have been renamed to… “Jason and the Argonauts:P
    Anyway, good luck.

    PS: Argo was a nice movie :)

    • ayudame aqui dear friend!!

      • I was so thrilled when Sleepin Pillow were rumoured a few days a go. And then we get this. I hope I’m pleasantly surprised by the song at the end of the day. Highly unlikely methinks :(

        • Unlikely yes, but it’s Eurovision and one never knows! I never expected a 100% song in English for Spain and it happened (btw she is in rehearsals to give Europe an “explosion” of her song!?) keep me updated :-)

          • ;)

          • Btw, are the expectations high for Barei in Spain atm?

            • here in Spain, expectations are very high, especially as it is the first song for Spain 100% will be in English language and so to see how it will end up in ESC, as I understand Barei is working on improving her song, especially with backing singers, and said “she wants to rock the eurovision stage with her final performance”, besides her song is no 1 now in Spain and everybody is singing it, so I guess she will get Europe singing it too even before ESC

            • I’m sure you know how it breaks my heart not to get to listen to spanish language in ESC :(

            • I understand you perfectly, am sure maneja a mi barca would somehow how do well these days, but in the last decade and a half all winning songs were in English minus 2007, so I guess even TVE decided it was a good idea to change things, for you Greeks singing in English has been the norm for several years!!

            • Don’t remind me of this :P

  6. One year ago I wrote in the ET comments that the new ERT will probably try to troll Eurovision to show their contempt and let all their ideological hang-ups out in the open. I thought they would go for the Portugal 2011 approach. They did exactly that, only so much worse.

    This is a “group” of complete nobodies that has never appeared anywhere live or released a record. To describe the videos they post on YouTube as an amateurish travesty would be an offence to amateurs. Just check this out:

    • I agree that this horrible but we should just wait for the actual song.
      Maybe a different composer?

      • You know, I was willing to give them the benefit of a doubt untill the very last minute. Not anymore.

        Besides why would they choose a different songwriter? What credible person would agree to work with these trashy nobodies?

  7. Sounds like Greek Panetoz.

  8. So their new name is obviously a tribute to Ancient Greece … I just hope that they won’t overcharge their entry with meaningfulness …

  9. Good luck Greece :)
    Argo means “slang” in Turkish :)

  10. I see that one of the band member’s surname is Topouzis. My godfather shares the same surname :P
    And btw, I’m sure it means sth in Turkish. Mermaid? ;) :P

  11. Not so fond of the song posted above – I find it a bit enervating – but I will wait for the actual entry. In any case the band Oxi shared some days ago appeared to be much more me.

    • That band would have probably been the best thing Greece ever would had sent to ESC :(

      • You could make a petition to get then to ESC in 2017 :-)

      • Best thing ever? Sleepin Pillow would have been box-office poison for a live television programme. It would be an endless three minutes to go through. That being said, anything would be better than what they actually had in store. At least with SP we could have gone down pretending to try something “credible”

        • Who gives a shit about… box-office?!!!!!!

          • You do know that this is a programme where people vote at the end right?

            • I sure know. That’s why we get masterpieces like “Shake it”, “This is our night”, “Aphrodisiac”, “Opa” etc.

            • The answer is to try to provide quality enertainment that can please the audience without being facile and cheap. Not go all gloom and doom on everybody. Anyway, this conversation has no meaning. By the time the 2016 song is unveiled, Opa will sound like Mozart to your ears.

            • I don’t get this stereotype of “light” entertainment in esc. Going gloomy would be something I would definitely approve of !

            • I’m so glad you point this out.

              I think the problem with ET is it provides an echo chamber for a small minority who are not with the real world main stream. They forget that mainstream voters are very different to them.

              Just look at the Jamala thing and people thinking that could win the main event in May, not a chance.

              People like positive messages, not dark gloomy ones. Miserable ones can score highly, like Aminata and Norway, but never well enough to win.

            • Gloomy can be just as much a disguise for lack of talent as light and frivolous. Quality has nothing to do with either of these concepts.

            • Well, Max you are actually wrong about that. Jamala will be a major contender in May :) She definitely has something special there.

      • Replace “probably” with “definately” :P

  12. This is the official announcement by ERT on their site:

  13. uff, I prefer to leave here with my favourite Greek ESC , sung in Greek, can anyone identify the Greek island in that preview song? thanks, looks lovely, is it Mykonos? Lesbos?

  14. I just feel like this group has had a lot of attacks slammed at them for political and not so musical reasons tbh. I say let’s just wait for the song. Ok I am not fond of songs that take advantage of political situations but wasn’t Greece 13 on the same wavelength – criticizing the financial crisis then ?
    And I don’t get why getting amateurs on stage is bad either.

    That said, I am not so fond of the song above. Let’s wait and see.

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