Sweden: First Semi-final Results

Melodifestivalen 2016Sweden – SVT started Melodifestivalen 2016 tonight with the first semifinal in Gothenburg. 100% televote decided 2 songs to go through to the final and 2 songs to the Andra Chansen second chance round. Check out now which acts made it through…

The show was hosted by Gina Dirawi and Petra Mede. Tonight’s draw was as follows:

  1. Samir & ViktorBada nakna
  2. Pernilla AnderssonMitt guld
  3. Mimi WernerAin’t No Good
  4. Albin & Mattias AndréassonRik
  5. Anna BookHimmel för två
  6. Robin BengtssonConstellation Price
  7. Ace WilderDon’t Worry

Anna Book’s song was disqualified two days ago. She got to perform her song but it wasn’t part of the votes. It was still a nice ad emotional moment. The interval acts feature references to Sweden in Eurovision and to 2002, year in which MF turned its format to the one we know today with four semi-finals. Which is why Last Ketchup came to perform their huge 2002 hit Asejere in an uncomfortable playback.

The two acts that went through to the final were:

  • Ace WilderDon’t Worry
  • Robin BengtssonConstellation Price

The two songs through to the Andra Chansen were:

  • Albin & Mattias AndréassonRik
  • Samir & ViktorBada nakna

The acts that were eliminated:

  • 5th Mimi WernerAin’t No Good
  • 6th Pernilla AnderssonMitt guld
  • DQ Anna BookHimmel för två

24 comments on “Sweden: First Semi-final Results

  1. “Don’t worry” was the best song, but Mimi was by far the best singer, lots of charisma, very fun and catchy song. Sad she got out. Too bad TWO male duetts wasnt too much for televote, I think neither is very interesting musically, though I have a soft spot for Mattias Andréasson since I liked his 2012 MF entry. Robin is nothing to go wild about but damn is he HOT!

  2. Ace was the best by miles in this weak semifinal I have to rethink my previous comment that the winner was not in this semi ! An ok song , with stunning staging! Go Ace ! 7+/10
    Ps: My prediction for the top 2 was right !

  3. Ace’s big stage production had weird over all shabbiness kind of don’t worry it will look good on telly attitude. Production values of the song however were easily the best of the evening, nothing shabby there. It sounds fantastic. It was my second favourite to final.
    We are going to hear lots of Bada nakna here up north next summer. I was so sure it would be the winner of this round. I just love those boys. They are just like my two huskies when they were puppies – fun, cute and eager to please yet a bit annoyingly all over the place.
    Everything else basic mello beige, nothing to shout about really.

  4. I really can’t even. Ace Wilders song is boring – if she’s favorite then again I have no hope of Sweden sending something I like.

  5. Results were pretty predictable (f.e Pernilla ending last) with the exception of the male duet going through AC at the expense of Miri. Ace Wilder seems to follow Man’s steps. A stolen song (Paul Johnson’s Get Get Down) from the house/dance pop genre and a full stage show. This has become pathetic already…
    My ranking and scores :
    Miri : 7/10
    Robin : 6+
    Ace : 6
    Samir & Viktor : 5-
    Pernilla : 5
    Albin & Mattias : 4
    An extremely disappointing heat in my books!

  6. I didn’t have Mimi first, but agree with you both that she was really good and definitely deserved to go through, at least to Andra, really sad she didnt get in but Mathias and Albin did

  7. Since I have no idea what else to do in terms of live, I’m just going to play catch up, starting with Melodifestivalen.

    Samir & Viktor: Silly singalong song. Nothing really worth talking about because it’s exactly what somebody would expect from this duo.

    Albin & Mattias Andréasson: Of the two male duets, this was clearly the better song. I really liked the background they used through a lot of the song, and the song was very listenable.

    Mimi Werner: Schlager disguised as country disco. The song is godawful, but Mimi carries it with all the grace you can muster dressed like a cartoon character.

    Pernilla Andersson: It’s a very easy song to listen to. It’s also a very good song to fall asleep to, as I just fell asleep for a two hour nap while listening to this song. It’s got an adult easy listening vibe, but even there, it’s a bit too relaxed and doesn’t have much going for it.

    Ace Wilder: Probably the best visually and as a song of the semi, but at the same time, I found it to be uninteresting and would be hard pressed to find the motivation to listen to it again.

    Robin Bengtsson: I can’t find it right now.

  8. After I had read that even Prinz Blog (the schlager and europop guys loving hot guys) had Pernilla’s song in first place, I checked Pernilla’s song. How could this one come last when we had an out of tune semi-pornographic act in this semi-final? :(
    Such a well-written gentle song. 8/12

  9. My two favs made it. I’m glad that Robin made it and that he actually defeated Samir & Viktor! He was my favourite at the rehearsal, and he is still, even though I fear that I will grow a bit tired of this after a while.

    Ace was good too, even if it’s not my thing 100%. But it’s cool plus a rather unusual song for MF so I’m cheering here too.

    I would have liked Mimi and Pernilla in AC, but was sure from the beginning that Pernilla would miss it. Mimi on the other hand is a bit sad, since I have a feeling it was pretty close between her and Albin & Mattias. But their song was probably more familiar to the audience, since it reminds of Albin’s hit “Min soldat” and therefore it can appeal more.

  10. Watched Ace’s performance and yeah it was quite impressive. The song has started growing on me as well but it will never be “Busy doing nothin” by any stretch. Still she deserved to go through. I would change the two AC qualifiers with the other 2 entries left out probably though. But I am happy with the finalists !

    P.S. Really wanted to get to the dress rehearsal for the 2nd semi in Malmo but even for the dress rehearsal the tickets are so expensive damn it :-(

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