Sweden: Anna Book Disqualified

swedenSweden – After deliberations today, SVT has just confirmed that Anna Book has been disqualified from Melodifestivalen as her song ‘Himmel För Två‘ was previously entered into the Moldovan national final in 2014. She was due to perform in Saturday’s first heat. 

Here’s Felicia Dunaf’s version presented in Moldova in 2014…

And here’s Anna’s version for this year in Swedish.

What on earth were the songwriters, Sven-Inge Sjöberg, Lennart Wastesson and Larry Forsberg thinking of?? It seems that they got Camilla Läckberg to write the lyrics in Swedish knowing the song had been used before in English.

SVT has reportedly offered Anna the chance to still perform as an act but not to be voted on but she has yet to respond to their offer and is said to be devastated.

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137 comments on “Sweden: Anna Book Disqualified

  1. There was a quite chaotic situation in Denmark in 1962 when a song was disqualified a few days before the final. The song was called “Jeg snakker med mig selv” (I’m talking to myself), and it was performed by Gitte Hænning (Germany 1973).

    The problem was that the song’s composer, Otto Francker (who also composed “Dansevise”), had also made the orchestration of some of the other competing songs, and so a lot of people thought he might possibly favour his own song by making bad orchestrations of the other ones. At first he refused to withdraw his song, meaning that the final was close to being cancelled. But a compromise was made: The song was still performed during the show, but it was out of competition.

  2. The first semi in Iceland
    Ingólfur Þórarinsson
    Erna Hrönn Ólafsdóttir&Hjörtur Traustason
    Sigríður Eyrún
    Karlotta Sigurðardóttir
    Greta Salome
    It’s a quite strong semi

  3. On Greece: The more I listen to the rumoured band’s stuff, the less I like them. I’m afraid that we will end up with sth like Greece 2010 :/

    Any news on Israel?

  4. The running order of the first semi in Ukraine:
    1. Аnastasia Prikhodko
    2. The HARDKISS
    3. Тonia Matvienko
    4. Vladislav Kurasov
    5. Lavika
    6. Jamala
    7. Aida Nikolaychuk
    8. Svetlana Tarabarova
    9. Brunettes Shoot Blondes

    It’s going to be a bloodbath. :/

    • The Hardkiss and Jamala are the strongest. A. Prikhodko has a fairly weak entry IMO, the only other challenger I can see is Tonya Matvienko- her song is ethereal and stands out in the semi.

      • I agree on the top-2 but i also really like Lavika and Svetlana(but she ruined her song anyway).Tonia is really nice too but only 3 will make it.On the other hand,the second semi is much weaker which is a shame.

  5. The Ukrainian semi-final tomorrow night is the first show of the season that really gets me excited. It feels as if the season has finally begun. :) Such a pity that I won’t be able to watch it. :(

  6. More songs that have been submitted for the Romanian preselction: http://www.eurovisionary.com/romania-2016-candidates-selectia-nationala/

  7. I just realized that the Ukranian SF is very early tomorrow. Probably I won’t be able to watch what seems to be the strongest NF of the season so far :(

    Btw, I’m watching a very interesting movie called: Hodejegerne, on tv right now. Can’t figure out wether it’s Norwegian or Danish :)

    Good night, everyone!

  8. And I just realized I will most likely be able to follow ukraine’s first semi yeah :-)

    P.S. Congrats to Oscar Zia for coming out ! Really curious about his song now.

  9. Lol click on a thread about Sweden, and just see dozens of posts bashing Greece for some reason???

    For me Greece is a member of my holy trinity along with Ukraine (Turkey has recently been booted out and we’re looking for a replacement, could be Armenia, could be Sweden could be Serbia, ) leaning towards Serbia though my Croatian friend would kill me if he knew.

    Don’t feel sorry for this girl being booted out of MF, she knew all along it was against the rules. Why not just get a different song?

  10. Back from the show!

    It’s always a great feeling to be in this arena, a huge enthusiastic audience and just a lovely mood. And a lot of choclate bars and doritos for free #greed.

    Now for the songs, the first semi turns out to be very lukewarm to me. No song is really awful, but no one is really good either. It’s actually not a huge difference between the one I have in 1st place and the one in last place. Now, here’s my thoughts for each of them.

    1. Samir & Viktor – “Bada nakna”: They had my number one hate song from last year, the brain damaging and stupid “Groupie”. So it could not possibly be worse this year. And… well, ok, it’s not. “Bada nakna” feels, unlike “Groupie”, at least like a song with a clear idea and it is actually put in a field where it works. It relies 100% on it’s simple hooky chorus that is still playing on my mind. The rest of the song reminds me a bit of Swedish band Gyllene Tider, easy going and nice to sing along too. Samir & Viktor are by no means any singers but I don’t think this little ditto needs that anyhow. And we get to see some bare skin (and I think also some nipple pearcing, yuck!). It’s simple and stupid fun and it serves its purpose way better than “Groupie”. But of course nothing groundbreaking or fresh. (4/12)

    2. Pernilla Andersson – “Mitt guld”: Pernilla was one of the few highlights in the miserable year of 2011 and I still listen to “Desperados” from time to time. Therefore, I’m sad to notice that she isn’t living up to that standard this time. “Mitt guld” is a soft, low paced “P4 ballad” (adult contemporary) that reminds quite much of Cajsa-Stina’s song from 2014. The contrast between this and Samir & Viktor couldn’t simply be bigger, in other words. The biggest problem though is that this lacks all of the things I liked with Cajsa-Stina; a developing, harmonic melody and first and foremost, a singing voice to bring all the ingredients in the song to life. Pernilla’s voice is too “standard” to help this one and everything turns out to be a bit stale. The lyrics are about her son (so it’s a Alex Hirsoux in reverse, lol) and while they are pretty, I find myself a bit cold to this whole presentation. But the opening of the song is good, plus a very warm and lovely staging of it. (6/12)

    3. Mimi Werner – “Ain’t no good”: No we’re up for some country, but not the one we’ve been used to from Melodifestivalen (Cookies ‘n’ Beans and such) but rather something more rocky and performance pleasing. It isn’t really Nashville 100% but rather Nashville 60% and Las Vegas 40%. But I liked what I saw. The performace was entertaining and they did what they should with this song on stage, a lot of fitting dance steps, boots and bull whips in the atmosphere :p. And I would also like to pay Mimi some tribute because she is really a lady who knows how to do something without going over-the-top. My biggest concern though is that the chorus might be a bit thin. I think something stronger and heavier would have served this Shania Twain cowboy party better. (7/12)

    4. Albin & Mattias – “Rik”: Albin wrote Behrang’s entry from last year and this is sort of following the same track. It reminds a lot of his hit song “Min soldat”, although it lacks the strong distinctive singing voice of Kristin Amparo here. And this is where the problems of this song appears. Mattias is a pretty weak replacement for her, especially since he and Albin sound very alike. So they get sort of mixed together and everything fades away into a decent contemporary rap / pop radio hit, that still lacks a lot to make itself heard. The chorus is way too weak, they don’t really do anything with the package on stage, and it’s just too anonymous for my ears. It’s the first song I don’t really feel anything for after it’s over, and boy is that a bad sign when it comes to MF / Eurovision! (4/12)

    6. Robin Bengtsson – “Constellation prize”: The first lol title of the year; just a very odd word pun. We get some heavy drums, but also a lot of harmonica here in this mid-tempo entry. The lyrics are quite ordinary and nothing to write home about, but I surprise myself when I realise that this was my favourite tonight. Simply because those little things the song is made up of works so well in my ears. It’s a chorus you learn immediately, but that harmonica lifts everything up some extra levels. I just love how it’s used here. Robin is perhaps not the most interesting artist but has a strong and confident singing voice, and with a very nice looking staging (a LED floor that caused a lot of technical problems and delays tonight) this ends up being my fav. But as I said, I have a few problems with this song being a bit too easy. I wanted them to dare and risk a bit more so I’ll save the potential higher scores for later. So for now, (7/12).

    7. Ace Wilder – “Don’t worry”: The girl who doesn’t wanna work is back. And once again, she’s showing up with a song written by the Debs, who also wrote “Heroes”. And that’s how you could sum up this song; a mix between “Busy doin’ nothin'” and “Heroes”. I actually admire Ace for coming back with a song that doesn’t feel like instant winning material. The song suffers because it doesn’t really have a hook or a streaming melody. And that’s quite risky, given that this is The Melody Festival, right? But it hits the right bars, has a lot of energy and, finally, a show that must have cost as much as all other shows together tonight. She is dancing is some pyramid with some clones of herself; and it looks good and a bit like those stage shows Ukraine usually turn up with (or maybe Romania 2014, those hologram looking Ace copies reminded me of that, spooky). So in the end, I actually think I slightly prefer this in front of “Busy doin’ nothin'”. (7/12)

    As for the hosts, Petra and Gina are of course both comfortable and they work fine together. They’re doing what they should and are not doing any real flaws, but nothing fantastic either. You can tell that the old script writer Edward af Sillén is back, because it’s much more show, musicals… well, Tony Awards more or less, that it has been the last years. Some musical numbers that are rather witty (though if you’re not a Swede, it won’t work at all for you). All in all, a satisfying opening.

    And finally, Anna Book’s big comeback! She will sing her song in the show, but out of competition. And you can tell she was well recieved in the hall. More cheers and applauses than anyone else recieved, and at the end, everyone was standing up applauding her. And when the fake finalists were about to be revealed, the audience started to scream “Anna Book!”. Lol… Well, I feel sorry for Anna that she had to be disqualified just two days before the show, when she has prepared this for such a long time. But truth to be told, if she had entered, she would have been my last. Because “Himmel för två” is a really poor second rate schlager relic from the 80’s. It’s not “Samba sambero” awful bad, just flat, pale and boring.

    That’s all from me for now, folks!

  11. For Ukraine NF, I am in love with Jamala’s song!! I also like ‘Helpless’ by the Hardkiss but I am hoping their performance makes it a little more memorable.

    Also, looks like we might hear Armenia’s song soon. Iveta’s facebook status yesterday: ‘A few days left / մի քանի օրից…
    ‪#‎Eurovision‬ ‪#‎Eurosong‬ ‪#‎IvetaMukuchyan‬ ‪#‎Armenia‬ ‪#‎ESC2016‬’

    Going to lower my expectations so I don’t get disappointed lol.

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