Georgia: Shortlisted Songs Released

Nika Kocharov & Young Georgian LolitasGeorgia – Tonight the Georgian Broadcaster GPB have presented the five songs that have been shortlisted for Nika Kocharov & Young Georgian Lolitaz to sing in May. If you liked the Britpop sound of the 90’s then you’ll like these. Read on to listen.

Snippets of the songs were premiered on the show “Communicator” where they were joined by singer Nika who was on hand to talk about each song. At the end of the shoe, the five songs were shown in full.

Voting is open from now and until February 15th where the public will be able to decide which out of the five they would like to see as the Georgian Song in 2016. An international expert jury will also have input into the song that is chosen. The winning song will be revealed on the 15th February on another “Communicator” episode.

The songs can be seen by clicking on the links below:

“Midnight Gold”

“Pain in my Heart”

“Right of Wrong”

“Sugar or Milk”


As always comment below and there’s a poll. Which song should Georgia pick for Nika Kocharov & Young Georgian Lolitaz to sing.

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125 comments on “Georgia: Shortlisted Songs Released

  1. We can vote for our favorite song in the Georgian final here: http://1tv.ge/ge/tvshows/view/589.html

  2. off topic ; According to getgreekmusic.gr Ithikon Akmaiotaton ft Salina will represent Greece in May !

  3. No final for Greece, I am afraid.

    • Negative development if you ask me. I find their stuff wannabe folkish, but it ends up more as being skyladiko. Their music reminds me very much of the one of that Zoidakis guy who I strongly dislike for the above reasons. Anyway, let’s wait for the song itself.

  4. It’s alwaya refreshing when we get artists who just do their own thing and don’t try to “eurovisionize” it all. Therefore, I welcome a band like this. Nice, edgy rock songs but I find it a bit hard to rank them for now actually, because they sound pretty much the same for me. “Weagree” (or is it “We agree” ?!) stands out though in its slow, melancholic pace.

    Good luck Georgia.

  5. My search for the Greek internally selected artists has yielded no definite results.But here are some clues:
    1.The band members of “Ithikon Akmeotaton”(something like “The Highest morale”)live in Ludwigshafen,Germany(that fits into Tsaknis way of thinking,imo and the way he has tried to politicize the whole thing).
    2.The band leader Kostas Karagiozidis keeps posting news on the fact they’re going to Stockholm claiming that he doesn’t know anything about it and then that nothing is confirmed but i figured out they want to do it.
    3.They’re in the studio recording a new song.

    • Did you read the part where Tsaknis said they want “to give Europe lessons in humantiy”? Lol

      Ι keep my fingers crossed, but I fear this is the first year we are not going to be in the final – and based on the videos I see above, we will keep Georgia good company, lol :) The only thing peoplelike Tsaknis seem capable of is grandstanding and self-righteous pontificating. Trying to exploit the refugees’ drama for a song contest while at the same time collecting fat paychecks from public tv in a bankrupt country is a new low in hypocricy.

      • Yes,i read that and it infuriated me but it’s no surprise.He follows his government’s rhetoric 100%.All these laughable and condending statements of how they’ll bring hope,they’ll change neoliberal(LOL)Europe or now with the refugee crisis of how they’re giving Europe lessons in humanity are their trademark.
        The way he has handled esc this year is messy and deplorable because he wants to use it as a part of a broader political agenda.I just hope that by accident the song may be good.

  6. Oh!Erna and Magnus who take part in the Icelandic preselection have just released the video and English(esc)version of their song.I love it! <3

    • That’s a pleasant and gentle little ditty that might surprise many people if they make it to Stockholm. Alas, I am pretty sure that the Icelandic televote will go for sth more in your face. :(

      • It’s one of my 3 big favorites.As long as they pick one of Greta’s songs i’d be fine.Her stage performance for Raddirnar will be really good from what i’ve seen so far and “Á ný” is hauntingly beautiful.

  7. The Common Linnets will perform during the German NF.

  8. Drama in Melodifestivalen!LOL!SVT is holding a press conference atm to discuss the similiraties between Anna Book’s entry and Felicia Dunaf’s song from the 2014 Moldovan final.

  9. Meanwhile back at Georgia. I normally like bands but this sort of lame indie britpop wannabes just bore me stupid. Is Georgia trying to get nil points this year? 5 mediocre songs by a band the majority of Europe will not vote for imho.

  10. Midnight Gold and Weagree are on the lead atm in the online voting.

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