Spain: Barei Singing for Spain in Stockholm

BareiSpain – Today, Spain have chosen their Eurovision 2016 entry. This means that as the first of the big 5 to choose, we now know the first finalist of 2016. Barei beat five other acts to win the right to sing in Stockholm with their song “Say Yay!”. Do you think Spain will do well with Barei at the wheel?

The winner was chosen by 40% public, 30% International Jury and 30% Studio Jury. Of the International Jury, music professionals chosen by the EBU Broadcasters from France, Italy, Sweden and the United Kingdom gave their scores. The studio jury consisted of Loreen (Sweden 2012), Edurne (Spain 2015) and Carlos Marín from Il Divo.

You can see the performances by clicking the song links below:

Maverick “Un mundo más feliz”
Barei “Say Yay!”
Xuso Jones “Victorious”
Salvador Beltran “Días de alegría”
Maria Isabel “La vida sólo es una”
Electric Nana “Now”

The show also had performances from Loreen, Edurne and a Medley of songs starring D’Nash, Mirela, Coral, Brequette and Jorge González before the results were finally given.

International Jury – Salvador Beltran
Studio Jury  – Barei
Tele-voting – Barei

The points in full…

Barei 114pts
Xuso Jones 94pts
Salvador Beltrán 72pts
María Isabel 68pts
Maveric 66pts
Electric Nana 66pts

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61 comments on “Spain: Barei Singing for Spain in Stockholm

  1. It’s an ok song, my favourite from the 6 chosen so far (but that’s not saying anything – the remaining 5 are really subpar). However the fact that the “chorus” solely consists of backing vocals severely limits it and is a serious anticlimax. There was no way Xuso Jones could have won this, he was downright creepy.

  2. It’s ok. I can’t think of any better way to describe this song. Nice vocals and okish composition that should have dared a bit more. Not so sure this will do well though. A (6/12) for now. Good luck!

  3. Avarage as hell! Goodluck Spain!

  4. It’s all right, nth that special, but I quite like it..I won’t vote it in ESC probably, and it needs perfect live singing to make a sense in Stockholm..we will see.
    For now it’s my number 2 after Albania, but considering Albania will translate into English and revamp, I don’t have high hopes.. :(

  5. oh dear…nothing special…seems Spain is not bothering anymore like the UK..although UK haven’t done our songs yet but im not hopeful!.

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