Norway: Songs Out!

logoNorway – NRK has today revealed the full songs of the finalists for this year’s Melodi Grand Prix. The final will take place live in Oslo on February 27th. 10 finalists will fight for the right to represent the country in the Eurovision 2016. Listen now!

The 10 finalists are:

  • Agnete – Icebreake (Agnete Johnsen, Gabriel Alares & Ian Curnow)
  • Elouiz – History (André Lindahl, Jeanette Olsson & Michael Jay)
  • Freddy Kalas – Feel Da Rush (Fredrik Auke, Simen Auke, Mikkel Christiansen, Trond Opsahl & Christoffer Huse)
  • Laila Samuels – Afterglow (Laila Samuelsen, The Beatgees & Jan Weigel)
  • Makeda – Stand Up (Danne Attlerud, Michael Clauss & Thomas Thörnholm)
  • Pegasus – Anyway (Tommy Nilsen & Ronny Nilsen)
  • Stage Dolls – Into the Fire (Torstein Flakne, Anne Judith Wik, Mark Spiro & Hallgeir Rustan)
  • Stine Hole Ulla – Traces (Stine Hole Ulla, Ingrid Skretting & Trude Kristin Klæboe)
  • Suite 16 – Anna Lee (David Bjoerk, Andreas Moe, David Eriksen & Alexander Austheim)
  • The Hungry Hearts featuring Lisa Dillan – Laika (Tonje Gjevjon)

You can listen to the songs here!

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108 comments on “Norway: Songs Out!

  1. Really the only one song make me feel a litle happy and make me dance is Suite16 with Anne Lee, the rest songs really horrible boring and average, really this is what europ like , i doubt it , but anyway , i dont think Norway go to do well this year , good luck

  2. have managed somehow to listen to all the songs for once and have to agree on above comments, am kind of liking Laika and Afterglow, I see Icebreake seems to be the favourite , I can understand why but it doesn’t really ring my bells (is that even right in English?!) somehow Laiika reminds me of a mix between “I lost my heart to a starship trooper” and that other crazy space song in German, which was famous in Spain too, this one, got it, below! :-)

    • “..and in no case there will be dancers, effects and flamboyant stage performances” …Greece? No way!

    • That’s what the ERT president said. :/
      He also said that there will be no show or dancers just the artist and the song.

      • Anna Vissi could try to fill the stage alone once again :) I loved how she did it in 2006 !

        • Yes.I don’t really mind the lack of show or gimmicks as long as the song is good.I just have some second thoughts about the ERT president ordering a song about the refugee and financial crisis.It could result in something calculated or messy but we have to wait for the song first.

          • Maybe they hired international team who earlier worked n Apricot Stone :)))) I’m sure the majority of people who listen to it have no clue how political is that song “about a fruit”!

            • lol!No.The artist and songrwriters are Greek and the song has a strong Balkan,Black sea sound and it’s up-tempo.

      • are you kidding me? some genuine Spanish firemen from Sevilla who went to help, got arrested by Greek authorities recently for “assisting refugee mafias”, they had to spend 2 nights in a Greek prison cell before it was clear they went there like many people from Spain here to help with the crisis, and they will send a song about it..as a journalist get angry about such things

        • I can’t really get into the specifics of this event i’m not aware of but i know that the current ERT president has made a career singing at the Communist party’s music festivals so i was kind of expecting he would try to politicize the whole thing but we have to keep an open mind atm.Maybe the song is good. *Fingers crossed.

          • I have volunteer friends still trapped in Greece unfortunately, and plenty of issues, ok never mind what matters is the song ..got it, good luck!

        • as if EVERY person is responsible. Don’t you think you generalise a bit?

          • if you like can send you email/Skype addresses of Spanish volunteers in Greece and you can write to them directly, with your comments, in English is fine..

            • You have misunderstood me. Why ERT shouldn’t be sending a song referring to the refugee crisis? They can’t be held liable because of the actions of the coast guard and police.

            • ok got your point, my issue was about a Greek song about helping refugees, when Greek government, in the last few weeks , really didn’t do Spanish help any favours by arresting innocent people only going there to help, another example, a dear friend of mine Ferran, he is a research scientist at in Catalan we call the “Institut de reçerca biomedica”, he researches cures for cancer, HIV etc, he is going as a volunteer to Lesbos in a couple of weeks , to help with refugee crisis, we have helped him as we can, but if anyone is interested here I can also give you his details if you want to help, probably not but I hope will help to understand our interest here, not just a random song but action 100%

            • If your friend needs any info about my island Lesbos feel free to give him my mail

      • Yes. Like Violeta from FdlC11!

  3. Off-Topic: Sirusho realeased new single “Don’t leave me alone” about new era of technogies that were made to make people closer but made people feel more alon….

    I think she should think about coming back to Eurovision again…..

  4. Eesti Laul:Cartoon with Immortality and a rather eccentic attire. :P

  5. Love ‘Afterglow’!!! This is something I’d add to my personal playlist. The song reminds me sort of a mix of Lana Del Rey but also sort of First Aid Kit for some reason?

    I am disappointed to hear she’s not the current front-runner. I can live with Agnette winning, but it’s kinda average in comparison. Just no Suite 16 please…. My wish for no Xuso Jones worked so maybe this will too.

  6. Since I will miss this final along the other 4 taking place tomorrow, I thought I would at least go through the songs :

    1. Agnete – “Icebreaker” : Starting with a bang. Very well produced and well made overall contemporary song. With the right live presentation I can see this going far in MGP and ESC actually – 8.5-/10

    2. Elouiz – “History” : Another very well produced song, a nice ballad. I can’t fault this on many things either. Probably the chorus could be a tad better but in general another one that could do very well in esc with what we got so far. It feels a tad more generic than “Icebreaker” though – 7.5/10

    3. Freddy Kalas – «Feel Da Rush» : The annual joke entry we get in MGP right ? This is kinda catchy though – 3.5/10

    4. Laila Samuels – «Afterglow» : It has something mystical and grandiose in a nordic symphonic rock way for sure. It could be a true gem but something is missing at certain points. Can’t pin it down right now. Maybe her voice ? Not sure. Definately a highlight of the season though – 8.5/10

    5. Makeda – «Stand Up» : I found this kind of naive tbh. It has a nice light mood but it’s very simplistic imo to a frustrating degree. She sounds like a good singer though – 4-/10

    • 6. Pegasus – «Anyway» : I liked the beginning a lot, it has a fragility I appreciate. Overall it is a song up my alley, sweet, simple and charming. Not on the level of “Icebreaker” or “Afterglow” but lovely never the less – 7+/10

      7. Stage Dolls – «Into the Fire» : A decent soft rock effort but nothing too exciting I am afraid. It falls rather flat at the chorus and the “oh oh oh”s do not flatter it – 5/10

      8. Stine Hole Ulla – «Traces» : It’s a sweet ballad, a bit on the disney side which is never a bad thing imo. Her voice may be a tad too screechy though at certain points. But overall I like it ! – 7+/10

      9. Suite 16 – «Anna Lee» : Spotify won’t load that for me and the only YT video I found is a low sound quality one of a live performance so I am kind of hesitant to judge based on that. It has a nice boyband vibe, fresh and careless and they can deliver actually which is plus. Not bad – 7/10

      10. The Hungry Hearts featuring. Lisa Dillan – «Laika» : I am honestly confused..What is this ? I was not prepared for something that weird tbh. I can’t even point a genre this belongs to, it’s so random, quirky and chaotic..I find myself enjoying everything going on here quite a bit though tbh. I can see this going totally wrong live though. I have no idea how to score something like that – wtf/10

      Overall this is a very decent bunch of songs ! “Icebreaker” and “Afterglow” would be my top choices but “History”, “Anyway” and “Traces” would also make good entries. I don’t know what to think about “Laika” tbh..It could win the contest or fail miserably. It would definately be…interesting if it won.

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