Spain: Objetivo Eurovisión… Spain Choose Tonight

spainSpain – Tonight the Spanish Broadcaster RTVE will be hosting Objetivo Eurovisión, the National Final where six artists will be performing for the chance to fl the Spanish Flag in Stockholm in May. Among the shows contestants are Spain’s 2004 Junior Contest Winner Maria Isabel


The voting will consist of as follows… The public have 40% of the votes, the Spanish Jury 30% of the Vote and the International Jury will have the remaining 30% say. Among the Jury members are Edurne (Spain 2015), Loreen (Sweden 2012) and Carlos Marín, one member of the of the classical quartet Il Divo.

The six songs that are competing can be heard below:

Maverick “Un mundo más feliz”
Barei “Say Yay!”
Xuso Jones “Victorious”
Salvador Beltran “Días de alegría”
Maria Isabel “La vida sólo es una”
Electric Nana “Now”

Barei has had the most impact on the CHarts over in Spain these past weeks so has become the favourite to take the Spanish ticket but it is still all to play for since we have an international jury as well. In our poll last week, 43% of you said you wanted Barei to win.

You can watch the show tonight on the official Eurovision TV Website here. The show begins at 22:15CET (21:15GMT)


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186 comments on “Spain: Objetivo Eurovisión… Spain Choose Tonight

  1. Edurne, she is going to start presenting the first “Spain’s got talent” show soon, so she did well in her career!!

  2. Dime – 2/12
    Dile que la quiero – 4/12
    Chiki chiki – 5/12
    Algo pequeñito – 6/12
    Lady lady – 5/12
    Dancing in the Rain – 7/12
    Amanecer – 4/12

  3. swedish ambassador in Spain

  4. wow the ambassador herself!

  5. Why do they keep on showing Xuso Jones? :/

  6. What?Salvador Beltran? :o

  7. I LOOOOVE the international juries. Stop voting now! LOL

  8. Except for their top points the jury sucked big time.

  9. Hey. Barei in the lead :-)

  10. So, according to the first two jury members Salvador was the worst?!…yeah right.

  11. I can hardly believe it!!

  12. Xuso, Loreen?! seriously?

  13. So Barei to Stockholm! Good Luck! :)

  14. Barei won!

  15. gracias España!!

  16. Menos mal ;)

  17. My favourite won for once :-)

  18. Salvador came 3rd which is much better than I expected. Well done, international juries. :)
    So it is Barei. For now, Spain goes into 1st place on my list with 7/12 only …

  19. Good choice, my favorite song selected so far for ESC 2016.

  20. Another song I won’t be able to remember when it comes time for me to rank the songs this year. *sigh*

    What a mediocre year.

  21. wow first song ever for Spain in English and with a great stage show in Stockholm (not crappy TVE stage) she will rock! you go girl, we love you!!

  22. TVE continues with a tribute to eurovision if you’re interested

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