Latvia: Songs Being Revealed, Listen Online

LatviaLatvia –  Tonight saw LTV reveal the songs for its Supernova selection process. A member of jury, Kaspars Roga says “that this season is going to be much more exciting, because there are no convincing leaders amongst the songs as it was last year.” Listen to the songs online now…

The 20 finalists of Supernova are:

Paula Dukure – ‘Look In The Mirror’ (P.Dukure/P.Dukure)
Elektro Folk – ‘Miracle Drums’ (A.Majors/D.Majore)
Rūta Dūduma – ‘Being A Friend’ (J.Ķirsis/J.Ķirsis, A.Zahovska, G.Krievkalna)
Ivo Grīsniņš-Grīslis – ‘We Are The Light’ (I.Viļums/I.Viļums)
Sabīne Berezina – ‘My Inspiration’ (S.Berezina/S.Berezina)
Edvards Grieze – ‘New Day’ (P.Fomkins/P.Fomkins)
Marta Grigal – ‘Choices’ (M.Grigale/M.Grigale)
Catalepsia – ‘Damnation’ (E.Francs, J.Kreilis/E.Francs)
Samanta Tīna – ‘We Live For Love’ (T.Kleins/K.Hauptmane)
Justs – ‘Heartbeat’ (A.Savadogo/A.Savadogo)
Madara Grēgere – ‘You And I’ (M.Grēgere/M.Grēgere)
Crow Mother – ‘Demons’ (J.Andžāns/J.Andžāns)
Samanta Tīna – ‘The Love Is Forever’ (S.Poļakova/V.Petrovs)
Markus Riva – ‘I Can’ (M.Ļaksa, E.Jass/M.Ļaksa, E.Jass)
MyRadiantU – ‘We Will Be Stars’ (J.Zābaks/J.Zābaks)
Mārtiņš Ruskis – ‘Still Holding Stars’ (M.Ruskis/A.Veide)
DVINES – ‘Set It On Fire’ (M.Makreckis, A.Drozdoviča/A.Drozdoviča, J.Drozdoviča)
Marta Ritova – ‘Not From This World’ (M.Cipe/M.Cipe)
Miks Dukurs – ‘Paradise’ (M.Dukurs, E.Rasmanis/M.Dukurs, E.Rasmanis)
Iluta Alsberga – ‘On Hold’ (J.Stībelis/I.Alsberga, J.Stībelis)

You can listen to the songs on Soundcloud now here.

The Supernova contest takes place over the following dates:

7th February at 21:25 (CET)  – Heat 1
14th February at 21:25 (CET)– Heat 2
21st February  – Semi-final
28th February  – Final

Latvia will take part in the 1st half of the 2nd semi-final in Stockholm on the 12th May. They last won the contest in 2002 with Marie N with ‘I wanna‘. After 6 years of failing to qualify they finished a respectable 6th last year with Aminata singing ‘Love Injected‘.


Source: ESC+Plus / Eurovision.tv

35 comments on “Latvia: Songs Being Revealed, Listen Online

  1. I am listening to the latvian hopefuls right now .. My first impression -Disappointment !

  2. Markus Riva song reminds me of UK 2011.It’s really underwhelming.

  3. Samanta Tina is a bit better but still nothing to go wow about.

  4. You can tell Catalepsia is a metal band only by reading their name.Their song is nice.

  5. As i wrote earlier,Elektrofolk are underwhelming.

  6. Good old Sam Tina…. Always the bridesmaid never the bride. Two songs again? Maybe LTV should just send her internally

    Needless to say this years standard of songs is the same as last year for me. Incredibly dull and boring. What happened Latvia?

    I do like Crow Mother though. At least they’re different

  7. Sabīne Berezina – ‘My Inspiration’: A rather generic pop song.

  8. Rūta Dūduma – “Being A Friend” : An extremely boring ballad!

  9. Hello, please, don’t copy from our site ;) ESC+Plus

  10. I don’t have the energy to listen to them now. Justs for the win unless I discover something better. I expect Markus or Samanta to win though.

  11. I am pretty surprised by the latvian hopefuls ! Absolutely NOTHING ! See you in 2017 !

  12. Crow Mother – ‘Demons’: This is so generic and underwhelming!

  13. Iluta Alsberga – “On Hold”: Annoying!

  14. Marta Ritova – ‘Not From This World’: Nothing good to say about this one either!

  15. Mārtiņš Ruskis – ‘Still Holding Stars’: The big ballad.It’s quite effective and at least it sounds like a normal song.

  16. It’s definitely better NF than usual for Latvia and better than other countries this year.

    I like Crow Mother, DVINES, Edvards, Marta Ritova, Miks Dukurs, MyRadiantU. My faovrite is easily Justs, I’ve already listened to the song several times and I love it.

    Why does Samanta Tina have 2 songs?? Both with ‘love’ in the title. Never was a fan of hers and I almost liked ‘The Love is Forever’ until she literally started shouting LOVE NEVER DIES. Anyways, I still prefer her over Markus.

    Anyways, I think the winner will be between Markus, Samanta and Justs. I already had a feeling Markus or Samanta will win because they’ve gotten so close before. Justs doesn’t have as big of a name as them but he has the best song and it helps that is getting promoted as Aminata’s song. GL Latvia, try and continue the trend set by Aminata last year.

  17. It’s clearly a weaker edition than that of last year;My favorite song:

    Justs – “’Heartbeat’
    Miks Dukurs – ‘Paradise’

    and then the average ones:
    Catalepsia – ‘Damnation’
    Miks Dukurs – ‘Paradise
    Mārtiņš Ruskis – ‘Still Holding Stars’
    MyRadiantU – ‘We Will Be Stars’
    ElektroFolk – ‘Miracle Drums’
    Ivo Grīsniņš-Grīslis – ‘We Are The Light’
    DVINES – ‘Set It On Fire’
    Samanta Tīna – ‘We Live for Love’

  18. Reading the comments here, I don’t feel tempted to check the Latvian hopefuls. :(

    • You should listen to Justs who’s going to Stockholm,imo if he can deliver live.I just hope it’s not going to be Samanta or even worse Markus Riva. :(

      • Thanks. I am pretty busy atm and will probably hear most songs when they are performed live for the first time. I haven’t even checked the Estonian hopefuls yet. :o

  19. Major disappointment. This is what happens when you invite someone from wiwibloggs to help choose the line-up.

  20. I would love to see Catalepsia in Stockholm! And maybe Justs as a second choice.

  21. A live unplugged version of Justs singing “Heartbeat”.It’s really nice!

  22. MyRadiantU – We Will Be Stars for the moment.

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