Hungary: Six More Through to Semi Finals

ADal 2016Hungary – Tonight saw the second heat of A Dal come to a close and six more out of ten contestants have qualified to the semi final rounds. Did the Kállay Saunders Band ft 2014 hit András Kállay-Saunders make it through? Read on to find out

The order the contestants performed in were as follows and you can watch the performances by clicking the song link. In brackets I have put the scores from the four jury members, the public E.g. (J-J-J-J-P (Total))

Passed “Driftin’” (8-7-7-7-5 (34))
Group’n’Swing “Szeretni fáj” (5-8-6-7-5 (31))
Anna Patai “Colors” (6-8-7-6-5 (32))
Maszkura és a Töcsökraj + Siska Finuccsi “Kinek sírjam” (5-8-6-9-4 (32))
C.E.T. “Free” (5-6-6-5-5 (27))
Gergő Oláh “Győz a jó” (7-10-8-8-6 (39))
Laci Gáspár “Love and Bass” (7-9-8-7-6 (37))
André Vásáry “Why” (9-9-8-7-6 (39))
Karmapolis & Böbe Szécsi “Hold On To” (8-8-6-8-6 (36))
Kállay Saunders Band “Who We Are” (8-9-9-7-8 (41))

The five qualifiers that qualified through the first round of voting (the ones that were selected by the jury and the public score combined) were as follows…

Gergő Oláh
Laci Gáspár
André Vásáry
Karmapolis & Böbe Szécsi
Kállay Saunders Band

The qualifying songs were all from the second part of the show leaving the first half in trouble however the public, using SMS texting and the A Dal App were able to save Passed from going home.

These will join Freddie, Benji, Mushu, Egy Másik Zenekar, ByTheWay and Reni Tolvai who qualified last week. Next week the 3rd heat will complete the semi final line up.

Since the countries return in 2012 Hungary have never failed to qualify for the grand final. In 2015 Hungary were represented by Boggie with her song “War is Nothing” which came 20th.

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40 comments on “Hungary: Six More Through to Semi Finals

  1. The videos of tonight’s performances: http://www.mediaklikk.hu/a-dal-videok/

    • I have watched Gergő Oláh’s performance now, which I had missed due to the bad quality of the webcast. Out of the 1st 2 semi-finals he is my favourite. 9/12
      Unfortunately, I don’t think that he would be the wisest choice result-wise. The juries in Northern and Western Europe would probably hate his song. :(

  2. Out of these 5 qualifiers I don’t particulary like any. My favourite would be “Hold On To”. My least favourite: “Why”

  3. Trying to catch up with the previous heat too…

  4. i found another two I sort of like from heat 1: Kötéltánc and Kéne közös kép.

  5. “Come Along” for me from heat 3.

    Overall, nth to go wow about.
    “Hold On To” FTW.

  6. Finland: Both the jury panel and the site’s visitors chose Cristal Snow and Sandhja as their favorite to win UMK 16!Irrelevant finnish voting again! :mad:

  7. So, another NF show I’ve managed to miss. This year is not looking good for me yet. Hopefully I’ll have the time tomorrow to go through some of the entries.

  8. Out of the 12 A Dal qualifiers so far :
    1.Oláh Gergő – Győz a jó = 8,5/10
    2.Freddie – Pioneer = 8+/10
    3.Egy Másik Zenekar – Kéne közös kép = 8/10
    4.Karmapolis & Szécsi Böbe – Hold on to = 7/10
    5.Gáspár Laci – Love and bass = 6,5/10
    6.Benji – Kötéltánc = 6,5/10

  9. Didn’t see the performances but based on songs of qualifiers I only really like Freddie and sort of like Karmapolis and Olah Gergo. My clear favorite is Petruska so I hope he does well next week!!

  10. I expected it, but I’m still kinda upset that Maszkura és a Tücsökraj and Siska Finuccsi didn’t qualify. The live was pretty good, and I loved that song.

  11. Also, is nobody going to mention that a Bobe sister finally made it through the heats?

  12. The Cypriot song titled “Alter Ego” will be presented on February 22.

  13. After having gone through the performances, it’s quite clear to me that Gergő Oláh has a very good song and he deserved to win this heat by far. Kállay Saunders was very overrated: his song is pretty much not there and lacks the narrative structure that gave his previous effort something to stand on. His vocals are weak, but that comes as no surprise. André’s ‘Why’ is a bit too much for my taste; as far as ballads go, Gergö’s 2015 song was much better.

  14. Χρόνια Πολλά, Oxi! :)

  15. […] One Qualifiers Freddie, Benji, Mushu, Egy Másik Zenekar, ByTheWay and Reni Tolvai Heat Two Qualifiers Gergő Oláh, Laci Gáspár, André Vásáry, Karmapolis & Böbe Szécsi and Kállay […]

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