Poland: National Final on March 5th

polandPoland – Contrary to recent reports of an internal selection, Polish broadcaster TVP has just revealed there will be a national final. A new law there has resulted in the Head of Deelegation being sacked and the new TVP1 channel director Jan Pawlicki has today tweeted about a national final. 

“Let the viewers decide who will represent Poland in Eurovision! March 5th TVP will hold a qualifying concert,” Pawlicki tweeted.




31 comments on “Poland: National Final on March 5th

  1. Don’t even remember when was the last time Poland was in my top10 :(
    In 2014 they were #9 on my pre-con list and #11 on the post-con one.
    Good luck! Please avoid anything melodramatic ;)

  2. Of course the head of delegation was shacked…I am having huge ethical dillemas about considering Poland a legitimate participant this year with everything going on. Really huge. And tbh I would not be surprised if a song on the lines of Belarus 11 is chosen.

  3. Well, hopefully it’s a stronger NF than back in 2010 and 2011 :S. Popular artists seem more interested in the contest though so maybe it’ll work out. Seems likely that Cleo will try again.

    Also, random story but I was at Walgreens here in US the other day and out of nowhere ‘Hotel A’ from DMGP 2015 played. I didn’t believe it until I heard ‘at the corner of Apollo’ lol, Never heard an ESC song here before let alone from an NF.

  4. The running order in the Swiss NF is as follows:

    Vincent Gross – Half a smile
    Bella C – Another world
    Kaceo – Disque d’or
    Theo – Beacuse of you
    Rykka – The last of our kind
    Stanley Miller – Feel the love

    These are the cover songs that each of the artists will perform:

    Vincent Gross – Astronaout (Sido feat. Andreas Bourani)
    Bella C – Empire state of mind (Part II) (Alicia Keys)
    Kaceo – Video killed the radio star (The Buggles)
    Theo – Photograph (Ed Sheeran)
    Rykka – Love me like you do (Ellie Goulding)
    Stanley Miller – Hello (Adele)

    • Omg I had totally forgotten about my first favourite song of the year -“The last of our kind” ! Fingers crossed :-)

  5. The Estonian version of Grete Paia’s song is better than the English one:

  6. Off topic :
    For anyone interested in the Lithuanian preselection (so far) :

  7. The official video for Ég sé þig:

  8. A video that follows the mood of the song for Parmupillihullus:

  9. One more song from the German line-up.Woods of Birnam with Lift me up(from the underground) :

    • Fun song. Generally enjoying the German NF songs, and basically rooting against Alex Diehl and Ella Endlich.

    • It’s a pleasant song the would probably be overlooked and come bottom 5 in May.
      I agree with Ren on Alex Diehl and Ella Endlich btw.

  10. Glad Poland will be having an NF, am glad more and more countries (with the exception of Ireland) are opening their selections to the people!

  11. Running order of the Spanish final:
    3.Xuso Jones
    4.Salvador Beltran
    5.Maria Isabel
    6.Electric Nana

    30%-national jury(Loreen,Edurne and Carlos Marin)
    30%-international jury(5 countries).

  12. Georgians say this is the band for Sweden….The song is still in the making

  13. Albania announced they’re singing in Albanian…phew

  14. Azerbaijan will internally select its participant again and the song will of course be presented at the very last day of the submission period,on March 14.

  15. German NF: A 1 min snippet of “So lange Liebe in dir wohnt by Luxuslärm http://www.radio912.de/home/mediathek/audiobeitraege/art757,1196597

  16. Lindita Hamili from last years FiK was on American Idol a couple weeks ago. No mention of her experience in Albania, though.

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