Semi-final Allocations!

logo 2016 smallEurovision 2016 – This morning has seen the draw take place to decide which country will perform in which semi-final in the 2016 Contest. As Stockholm officially received the key to take on the contest, the logo ‘Come Together‘ and the artwork was revealed…a dandelion showing resistance and resilience. 

The draw then took place with the following results:

Semi-final 1 – 10th May

1st half

The Netherlands
San Marino

2nd half

Bosnia Herzegovina
Czech Republic

Sweden, Spain and France will vote in semi-final 1

Semi-final 2 – 12th May

1st half

FYR Macedonia

Australia, Latvia, Belarus, Ireland, Switzerland, FYR Macedonia, Lithuania, Israel, Poland, Serbia

2nd half


Germany, UK and Italy will vote in semi-final 2

sf allocation 2016


52 comments on “Semi-final Allocations!

  1. Ireland should get a few points from the UK in the semi-final.

  2. From Azerbaijan, Russia, Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina with 100% success and Armenia with one miss; Cyprus and San Marino with promising artists to Iceland, Hungary and Estonia holding some interesting NFs SF1 is bound to be competitive.

  3. I have tickets for the second semi and I’m happy with that line-up.

  4. Greece again in the first half of the first semi…
    With the things we know till now and the countries competing in the first semi,it looks it’s going to be the most competitive one.
    Second semi looks like the semi of the underdogs.

  5. Too early to say which semi will be stronger but I’d like to wish luck to all countries competing 😊

  6. Russia,Greece,Bosnia,Armenia,Azerbaijan all with great qualification records in semi 1.Plus,countries that have promising line ups in their NFS like Estonia,Finland,Iceland,Hungary,the Netherlands and possibly Austria.It’s going to be a bloodbath. :/

  7. Czech R. could once again struggle with a weak song in such a semi and the way I see it now Belgium is a qualifier already!

  8. A great allocation for FYROM with Serbia, Albania, Bulgaria and Slovenia in same semi.
    Poland,Ukraine,Belarus,Latvia, Lithuania,Georgia seem like a pretty strong block to me too. Taking into consideration that Ireland and UK vote in semi 2 I can see Poland and Lithuania through if their songs are at least ok…
    Judging from the Norwegian snippets I say Norway is doomed this year (no support in semi 2 either)…
    Azerbaijan and Armenia start with one less country voting for them and Cyprus-Greece start with 12 p already !

  9. Interesting allocation. Probably some of the most balanced ones I ve seen in a while. I honestly dont have much to say. Russia has it quite good once again, Azerbaijan may have a problem with only Russia, Moldova and the Czech Republic as more standard supporters.
    Semi 1 seems to be more predictable with more “standard” qualifiers while semi 2 seems more exciting.

    Should be an interesting year.

  10. Feance gets Estonia, Bosnia and Finland in the semi so Im happy but we also have Armenia so that’s a certain 12 from televote

  11. And again Armenia and Azerbaijan are in the same semi! It neutralizes televoting somehow!

  12. Grete Paia performing “Stories Untold” live:

  13. I have written the first three song reviews. In the next couple of months I will be going through them all: https://escsongreviews.wordpress.com/2016/01/25/songcheck-2016-albania-ireland-belgium/

  14. Get ready!Ruslana joins the jury panel for the Ukrainian NF. :P

  15. Hm. We haven’t been in Semi 2 for ages – or since 2011 – so how will it go.

  16. One more song from the German Final “Unser Lied fur Stockholm” :

  17. Italy volte sure for ROMANIA, Albania, po Land, Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Serbia, switzerland..And. .Ucraine!

  18. Could only five of the ten Unser Lied für Stockholm songs on Spotify, but I put them all in a playlist anyway: https://open.spotify.com/user/hyperren/playlist/5ixUA0VTENynFZP4elm2Rv

    Heard the JOCO song for the first time today, not bad.

  19. Poor Croatia will have a tough time in its semi especially that they on early. Hopefully Bosnia and Montenegro can help them out.

    Glad the UK can vote for Australia and Ireland. We’re actually forming something resembling a voting block, about 10 years too late admitted but still it’s a start.

  20. FIRST SEMI: Azerbaijan will receive 12 points from Moldova, Czech Republic and maybe from San Marino and 10 points from Russia. Montenegro will receive 12 or 10 points from Bosnia and Croatia, Bosnia will receive 12 or 10 points from Croatia and Montenegro, Croatia will receive 12 or 10 points from Montenegro and Bosnia , Greece will receive from Cyprus 12 or 10 points, Cyprus will receive from Greece 12 or 10 points, Armenia is going to receive 12 points from Russia and Russia is going to receive 12 points from Armenia , Finland is going to give 12 or 10 points to Estonia and Estonia is going to give 12 or 10 points to Finland . SECOND SEMI: 12 points from Albania to FYR Macedonia, Belarus 12 points to Ukraine and 10 points to Georgia, Ukraine 12 points to Georgia, Georgia 12 points to Ukraine, Denmark 12 points to Norway and vers, Latvia 12 points to Lithuania, Lithuania 12 points to Latvia and 10 points to Poland, Poland 12 points to Lithuania, FYR Macedonia 12 points to Albania and 10 points to Serbia :P Does anybody have doubt for this results ? :P

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