Romania: Mihai Trăistariu’s ‘Paradisio’ Officially Released

romaniaRomania – After the drama of yesterday’s leaked video, Mihai Trăistariu has today officially released his much touted return to Eurovision with ‘Paradisio’. Mihai has invested £15,000 of his own money in the futuristic video and hopes it will win Romania’s Selectia Nationala in March. 

What do you think? Will it win Mihai the right to represent Romania in Stockholm and what are its chances there if it does?

Mihai Trăistariu finished 4th in 2006 with ‘Tornerò‘.

The timetable for Selectia Nationala is as follows:

18th January to 7th February:  Submission period open
8th-10th February: Preselection – tracks will be heard by jury
11th February : Announcement of the 12 songs that will enter the competition at a press conference.
4th March – Semi-final – live tv show – 12 acts, 4 to be chosen by the jury and 2 by the public
6th March – National final – live tv show of 6 acts – winner by 100% televote

29 comments on “Romania: Mihai Trăistariu’s ‘Paradisio’ Officially Released

  1. Sound like sth Romania might go for …
    As for the song: There is very little substance imo. It is a very basic electro number.
    Concerning the philosophical *cough* veneeer: LOL LMAO ROFL *breaks down with laughter*

    And of couse we get some ee ee ee ee ees …

  2. probably the weakest song I’ve ever heard of him and unless he has a live to die for I dont really see Romania going for this

  3. Tbh my expectations were low and they are confirmed now.I hope a better song will make it to Stockholm.

  4. I ADORE it, it’s so AMAZING, and non mainstream, it’s so unique..you can hear smth like this only in ESC!! <3 Mihai Traistariu go to Stockholm! :)

  5. You have to admit that Romania can make some pretty creative videos. Makes me think of “Playing with fire” where Ovi and Paula started an inter-galactic war just because he made her spill her coffee.

  6. I think it’s a weak song.

  7. This ain’t “Tornero” man!
    I am devastated :(

  8. Honestly it feels like he tried really hard to recreated Tornero and used it as a template just with different lyrics. And the overuse of that ‘e-e-e-e-e- trick he did once in Tornero makes it less special :/. I hope Romania has better options and a name big of enough to compete with Mihail.

  9. This is… laughably bad. Sounds like the tackiest Aqua song…

    Off-topic, I heard some guys calling for this for France. The country will be welcome in my yearly top 10 again if this goes (which they held 2009-2014, a break this year)

  10. Not good. Very basic and poor.

  11. Meh…I don’t get all these returns with weaker entries AT ALL !

  12. List of the Ukrainian semifinalists:
    Anastasiya Prkihodko
    Victoriya Petrik
    Aida Nikolaychuk
    Tonya Matvienko
    Arkadiy Voytyuk
    Vladislav Kurasov
    Svetlana Tarabarova
    The Hardkiss
    Brunettes shoot Blondes*
    Peaks Of Kings

  13. I generally like his music (though I’ve actually only heard like five or six songs of his), but this is a disappointment. Pity.

  14. £15,000 ?? A friend of mine /3D designer/ makes such stuff nearly in one working day for $ 1,000 !! If an ESC entrant who plans to invest £15,000 for a “futuristic” video reads this let him contact me!
    As for the song: 10 years passed and gone away! Mihai didn’t grow up after it! Maybe this song would be intresting in 2006 as Tornero was but today it sucks (for me)!


    Mihai really remindes me of Russian pop singer Shura.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZRpBgiMeNs

  15. It does nothing for me: the chorus is vaguely annoying, the orchestration is stale and the whole thing comes across as pretentious. Good luck!

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