Poll: Who Should Represent Spain?

spainSpain – Five countries down, the next country (that we know at this point) to select / reveal their song is Spain. After an internal selection last year, TVE have decided to host it’s National Final on February 1st. Six singers have been shortlisted and won of them will travel to Stockholm in May

Three women and three men make up the six finalists and the songs can be heard below…

Electric Nana “Now”

Xuso Jones “Victorious”

Barei “Say Yay!”

María Isabel “La vida sólo es una”

Maverick “Un mundo más feliz”

Salvador Beltrán “Días de alegría”

In 2015, the internally selected Edurne, despite much hype failed to take Eurovision by storm coming 21st out of 27 in the Grand Final. Do you think any of the six songs could make it a win for Spain?

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28 comments on “Poll: Who Should Represent Spain?

  1. I’m stuck between the relevant Electric Nana and the more traditional Maverick and Salvador. I love all three and would be happy with any.

    I see Maria winning though because if Spain are like the Maltese, they’ll pick someone who was successful for them before.

  2. Except for Xuso Jones they are all ok imo. My vote went to Salvador Beltrán. :)

  3. Electric Nana stands out for me as its different. I really like it. They could do some cool staging with it. I presume Spain will pick Maria as Malta did Ira, both will fail and neither will understand why.

  4. I cant get excited per se about them…

    1/ Barei “Say Yay!”
    the one I liked best, it was a fine song and the artist has enough personality

    2/ María Isabel “La vida sólo es una”
    annoying as an esc entry, but my 2nd out of these 6 and an expected winner I reckon

    3/ Electric Nana “Now”
    disappointing considering everything we sorta expected from her

    4/ Salvador Beltrán “Días de alegría”
    I admit I hate those “latin” flavor songs, but at least I think it could do well in esc

    5/ Maverick “Un mundo más feliz”
    same as 4 (sad that out of 6 songs, they had to pick two similar ones…), except more in your face with it

    6/ Xuso Jones “Victorious”
    i dont “mind” per se it’s Swedish but then if it sounds exactly like a MF reject or a fake Cascada, then it really is pointless

  5. I’ll go for Barei at this point but she needs a very strong live performance to support her demanding song.

  6. María Isabel has a lot of views and I think she will be shaking in Sweden ! It is ver “Lalala Love”ish and I guess it is the wisest choice for Spain! 7/12
    Me I voted for my favorite here – “Días de alegría” . 7.5/12

  7. Well, I hope all these artists have amazing staging because all the songs are average at best. If Spain were having to qualify for the Final in Stockholm, I wouldn’t give them much of a chance on first listen to the songs…

  8. Mihai Traistariu’s esc entry “Paradisio” has leaked on youtube and he threatens to sue anyone posting it on fb etc.LOL!Anyway,you can listen to it on youtube.

  9. I am surprised how much I like Barei’s song since I didn’t care for the snippet. I’d be happy with Maria Isabel or Barei. Hoping one of them can beat Xuso Jones lol.

  10. I voted for Diana Navarro…

  11. I don’t really like any of them, but I guess Barei would have to be my favorite. I would assume that either María or Xuso will win, but I just checked the bookies and it says Barei’s the favorite to win (and she has quite a bit of a lead too), so maybe we’re in for a surprise.

  12. It breaks my heart to say this (those who know my ties with Spain can probably see what I mean), but after following their way of thinking when it comes to eurovision all these years, I’ve come to the conclusion that we will not get anything close to originality and quality by them… like ever in the future! Sorry but I’ve been very patient all these years. What a shame for a country with such musical heritage…

    oh… good luck.

  13. Of course, no need to say that Edurne’s song is a masterpiece compared to any of these.

  14. The 1st show in Riga is on atm.I read that it’s about how they ended up choosing their 20 semifinalists.

  15. Maria Isabel – “la vida solo es una” has to win this!! I want her in Stockholm, and choregraphy to that song can be EXTRAORDINARY! Like from the official video..:)

  16. Back in 2004 when Maria Isabel won the JESC i caught myself saying that one day she would bring the ESC to Spain ! The time has come (or not?) … Of course, i m with Maria Isabel .. I like the song much but i don’t know if it will be delivered properly on stage.. Don’t forget that the spanish presentation at the final night is usually (in a kind way…) less than expected! Anw, buena suerte! :) :)

  17. Not thrilled with any of the Spanish songs.
    No Spain 2017 I guess.

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