Poll: Five Songs Selected… Which is the Best?

eurovision sweden 2016Eurovision 2016 – Last night Malta selected their Eurovision Song making the Maltese Selection the fifth song to revealed for Eurovision 2016. They join Albania, Belarus, Belgium and Ireland but so far, which country has selected the best song?

Albania were the first country to select their song in December and they chose Eneda Tarifa with her song “Përrallë”. After the she won Festival i Kenges she revealed she didn’t have plans to sing another song but that she would be singing the song in English. That would mean the title of her song will be changed to the English translation “Fairytale”

Ireland were the next to reveal their song by making a surprise internal selection after years of having the public decide. RTE revealed they were sending Westlife Star Nicky Byrne with his song “Sunlight” which was written by Nicky and Songwriter Wayne Hector who has written for the likes of Britney Spears and Jason Derulo. Nicky’s selection begs the question… who will be revealing the Irish votes in 2016?

Belgium brought us our third Eurovision Song when a National Selection decided that Laura Tesoro would represent them with “What’s The Pressure”. Laura came second in The Voice van Vlaanderen in 2014 and after the success of other The Voice alumni like Roberto Bellarosa (Eurovision 2013) and Loic Nottet ( Eurovision 2015) , maybe Laura will follow suit

Song number four comes courtesy of Belarus who selected their song “Help You Fly” to be sung by Ivan. They selected their song on Friday and Ivan was a runaway winner beating regulars Navi and Napoli. He revealed after that he has no plans on changing the song.

Finally our fifth song comes from the island of Malta who last night selected Ira Losco (Eurovision 2002 Runner-Up) who competed this year with two songs “That’s Why I Love You” and “Chameleon”, however it was the latter which made the final and then won it for her. After the show a press conference was held and she revealed that the song may be changed to another if a better one can be found. Of all songs chosen so far this is the one that may change.

With forty-two countries taking part in Eurovision 2016 we still have a long way to go so there is a change all the above will be in the bottom of your list but for now, which is your favourite?

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Top 5 Eurovision Songs so Far: #1 Netherlands #2 Czech Republic #3 Hungary #4 Serbia #5 Cyprus Worst 5 of Eurovision so far #39 Montenegro #40 Iceland #41 Germany #42 Spain #43 Estonia

52 comments on “Poll: Five Songs Selected… Which is the Best?

  1. I can’t get Belgium out of my head lately so…

  2. Belgium have the best. I can definitely see it ending in my Top 10 at the end. It’s fun and I like fun songs. If Tom had won he’d be my favourite of all 42 for damn sure

    Ireland is also good which makes a change as apart from Jedward I’ve never liked the Irish Songs

    Albania is forgettable but as I HATE Malta’s and Belarus’ Songs she’s my third

    I have a hard time deciding which is worse between Malta and Belarus so I decided based on the singer

    Can’t stand Ira Losco so she’s my bottom

    1 – Belgium
    2 – Ireland
    3 – Albania
    4 – Belarus
    5 – Malta

    • Almost the same here :
      2.Belgium (but I enjoy it most lately)
      5.Belarus (he is a worse singer than Ira)

  3. I don’t like any …

  4. I voted for Albania, but none of these 7 songs does much for me. If this is the level of ESC 16, we’re headed for disaster.

  5. Interesting :)
    1. Malta
    2. Belgium (I’m thinking about these 2 songs, they are near)
    Nice :)
    3. Albania
    Can stand
    4. Belarus
    5. Ireland

    Still no love for me :((

  6. Current ranking
    1. Ireland /Belgium
    2. Belarus
    3. Albania / Malta

    Voted for Ireland! Maybe because haven’t heard it live!

    So far nothing I’d love but I’m sure that the best songs will be released later!!

    • …and Armenia could also make ESC 16 a better edition.

      • Maybe! Both directly and indirrectly! Like in 2014 I trust Iveta and belive she will make a smart choice of her song! I also like Elly’s and Bella Wagner’s songs in Austrian national selections (they are both connected to Armenia) and wait for Anastasia Prekhodko’s song again composed by a local composer who used folk instrument!
        I’ve got hopes with Georgia this year! Also ESC main players haven’t released their enteries (Sweden, Azerbaijan-Sweden….).

        • I also hope that Estonia saves 2016. There is still a long way to go. Azerbaijan will probably send the best ‘made in Sweden’ song. We’ll see.

          • Yes there are still many options left.. I LOVE Maria Isabel’s entry from Spain!! I love many songs from Eesti Laul, but I think my faves don’t have a chance there.. We will see Latvia, Servia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia – KALIOPI!!!!, Croatia, Slovenia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Italy, United Kingdom, France, Israel, Romania, Bulgaria, Sweden… let’s wait a bit!! :D

        • Hahahhahhahahahha avat, it seems you lost all your love for Serbia in ESC after Bojana Stamenov last year! :D

          • No one can make me lose my love towards Serbia (even you years ago)! I was talking about main contenders with big apetit and put dots :) Only that Deen disco dancer makes me upset representing Bosnia!!

          • SOLE where are youuuu, I need something from you are you on Ogae Serbia Forum perhaps???

            • No, unfortunately I’m not, I’m here, but I can’t write properly, i was banned here and each comment I write now waits moderation..if I understood correctly they can’t unblock me completely.. :(

            • hmmm, I noticed couple of Marko’s there so I thought some of them is you :P nevermind :) I’m here very rare now, I have so much to do… however, I love meeting Serbian fans :)) some of them became my great friends :)

  7. Malta may change it’s song? Then what is the point of a national final?

  8. Im definitely certain Malta will change its song, and since I detest all other four, I think my vote will go to…

  9. I voted for Albania :/
    Nothing really good so far!

  10. Czech Republic and Poland take part this season?

  11. In other words we are voting for the least weak.

  12. If she gives the exact same performance, staging, etc. as in MESC, she won’t qualify for ESC final. Needs a lot of work, or a new song entirely.

    1. Albania (8.5/10)
    2. Malta (7.5/10)
    3. Belgium (7/10)
    4. Ireland (6/10)
    5. Belarus (3/10)

  13. 1. Albania (the only one I ‘like’)
    2. Malta
    3. Belgium
    4. Belarus
    5. Ireland

  14. Current ranking
    1. Ireland (only one I really like a lot)
    2. Belarus (so bad I sort of like it)
    3. Malta (ok)
    4. Albania (ok)
    5. Belgium (so irritating)

  15. I voted for Ireland but its basically tied with Malta for first place right now. I also kinda like Albania. Belgium is messy while Belarus is good enough for belarussian standards but poor compared to the rest. Thus far though all of these songs would find themselves below place 20 in my 2015 ranking I am afraid.

  16. The Bulgarian esc team tweeted a while ago that they have chosen their singer for Stockholm.

  17. 1. Malta
    2. Belgium
    3. Ireland
    5. Belarus (awful)

  18. All average at best imo, I prefer Belarus over the other four. I hope other countries will make better choices..

  19. Now this appeared on screens tonight.I wonder if it’s real or a prank:

  20. Finally listened/watched. Some thoughts and my rankings, from top to bottom.

    1. Belgium. Nice beat, decent staging, scalable for the big show. Her voice isn’t as strong as I’d like to be for the song, but it’s a decent live and can hopefully improve.

    2. Albania. Up in the rankings because it’s a bit different from the other four, down a bit because it’ll get translated and who knows what it’ll sound like in English. Good live, but hard to tell how it’ll translate on the stage without the orchestra with her.

    3. Ireland. Decent song, certainly catchy, but it’s hard to judge without a live performance. Could be helped by a really good staging, but if the live vocals are spotty, then… eh.

    4. Malta. Vocals are generally okay but I barely remember the song. Interested to see what they’ll do for the live show but Malta’s recent stagings haven’t been impressive.

    5. Belarus. Staging pretty much rips off bits of Heroes. The song is… fine, I guess, but I’m not sold on the vocals.

    So after last year’s ballad bonanza (post-Conchita and Common Linnets), looks like we’re back to an uptempo year (post-Heroes, Guy Sebastian, King of Fun, and Bojana).

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