Malta: National Final Tonight (With Poll)

MaltaMalta – Last night was the semi final of the Maltese Eurovision Selection which saw twenty songs cut down to fourteen finalists who will compete in the Final tonight. Ira Losco had two songs in the semi final but only one has made the cut. Which was it? Read on

You can hear the final ten songs below by clicking on the song title but who would you like to see win? The final can be viewed by using the official Eurovision WebTV page from 20:45CET (19:45GMT)

Ira Losco “Chameleon”
Corazón “Falling”
Dominic “Fire Burn”
Daniel Testa “Under The Sun”
Jessika “The Flame”
Jasmine “Alive”
Raquel “Flashing Lights”
Brooke “Golden”
Kimberley “Lighthouse”
Christabelle “Kingdom”
Franklin Calleja “Little Love”
Lawrence Gray “You’re Beautiful”
Maxine “Young Love”
Deborah C “All Around The World”

Malta failed to qualify for the first time since 2011 in 2015 when Amber represented them with her song “Warrior” so who could qualify for Malta after their Junior Eurovision Win?

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178 comments on “Malta: National Final Tonight (With Poll)

  1. So this was a glorified internal selection.

  2. sigh

    I even started rooting for Brooke when it seemed she was Ira’s only competitor. The Maltese seem to think Ira can win Eurovision. I think it’ll qualify but I can’t see it doing particularly great.

  3. Surprise, surprise … Ira has won. It is a big europop number like Hera Björk, Kati Wolf or Cascada. Will she fare better? I doubt that she will do much better although she is a better singer/performer than any of the other 3. I guess that the Maltese think that they might win this year. I fear that they are in for a big disappointment. Good luck!

    At least we’ve been saved from “Golden”.

  4. How can Malta not give a falcon as a trophy?

  5. I shoveled 2 feet of snow off the driveway and still got in by the last jurors points.

  6. Honestly, I would rank Tanja’s Amazing and even Solayoh higher than this.

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