Malta: Ira Losco Chosen to Represent in Stockholm

Ira LoscoMalta – Following a semi final last night, tonight saw the grand final of the Maltese Selection and it has been decided that Ira will represent Malta with her song “Chameleon”. They beat eleven other acts to win the ticket to Stockholm this may

The twelve finalists each performed after Junior Eurovision Winner Destiny performed her winning song “Not My Soul”. As votes were being counted Destiny performed a covers of “Black Heart” by Stooshe,“At Last” by Etta James and “Respect” by Aretha Franklin. Last years representitive Amber also performed a medley of songs including her Eurovision Song “Warrior” with the Southville Dancers dance troupe

The final twelve acts were… (performances from the Semi Final)

Deborah C “All Around the World”
Franklin Calleja “Little Love”
Daniel Testa “Under The Sun”
Brooke “Golden”
Raquel “Flashing Lights”
Christabelle “Kingdom”
Corazón “Falling”
Dominic “Fire Burn”
Jessika “The Flame”
Jasmine “Alive”
Lawrence Gray “You’re Beautiful”
Maxine “Young Love”
Ira Losco “Chameleon”
Kimberley “Lighthouse”

The winner was decided by jury and public with the majority share being with the juries who had 5/6 of the vote compared to the public’s 1/6.

The six member jury consisted of the international selection of experts below:

Nick Clark-Lowes (United Kingdom) – Video editor/designer having worked in international shows with well-known artists
Vyara Ankova (Bulgaria) – General manager of the Bulgarian National Television
Sabrija Vulić (Montenegro) – Head of the Delegation for Montenegro at the Eurovision Song Contest
Luke Fisher (United Kingdom) – Journalist specializing in the Eurovision Song Contest
Quinton Scerri (Malta) – Television producer and presenter

It was a close race between Ira and runner up Brooke and the final results were:

Ira Losco 68pts
Brooke 58pts
Franklin Calleja 44pts
Christabelle 38pts
Maxine 36pts
Jasmine 26pts
Jessika 19pts
Corazon 15pts
Raquel 12pts
Kim 10pts
Deborah C 8pts
Lawrence Gray 7 pts
Dominic 5pts
Daniel Testa 2pts

Are you happy with Malta’s choice? Do you think Ira Losco will see Malta back in the Grand Final in May or even win? Comment below

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50 comments on “Malta: Ira Losco Chosen to Represent in Stockholm

  1. Congrats to the winner.

    She should change her name to Ira Safesco because that is what this whole package is. I guess them not qualifying really shook them last year.

  2. She reminded me 100% of Edurne last year. How well did she do last year again? Oh right… she did terrible.

    Malta chose badly. God i dislike this woman Grrr. Malta are at my bottom already

  3. I think it was best for everyone in the arena that Ira won. Or her fans could have started a revolution.

    Ira is a great singer. The song is, as I wrote before, a rather strange one because of its build-up. It’s rising and rising and you expect a smashing chorus but it never comes, and then you realise that the build-up WAS the chorus. But in one way, that’s a bit why I like it. It’s nothing really spectacular but I enjoy listening to it. Just don’t expect too much now, dear Malta. Good luck!

    For now:

    1. Albania (7/12)
    2. Malta (6/12)
    3. Ireland (5/12)
    4. Belgium (4/12)
    5. Belarus (3/12)

    All kinds of everything.

  4. c/p from the live thread:

    Surprise, surprise … Ira has won. It is a big europop number like Hera Björk, Kati Wolf or Cascada. Will she fare better? I doubt that she will do much better although she is a better singer/performer than any of the other 3. I guess that the Maltese think that they might win this year. I fear that they are in for a big disappointment. Good luck!

    At least we’ve been saved from “Golden”.


    It’s a pity because I adore Ira’s rockish album “Accident Prone” and her song “Me Love U Long Time”. Why did she choose such a generic song? She would have won this NF with almost everything … She could and should have taken a rist!

    For now, Malta is “up there” (LOL) on my list with Ireland and Albania. Nothing above 6/12 yet … oh my.

    • I loved “Me Luv U Long Time” too! It was the only song of Ira’s other than her Eurovision song (which I was not fond of, but I don’t really like many songs from that ESC era), so I was pretty excited when I found out she was trying to represent Malta again, but then she gives us this song :/

      • *It was the only song of Ira’s I knew

      • “but I don’t really like many songs from that ESC era”

        I agree. Out of the songs that participated 2000-2003, I only have LAT00, RUS01 and FRA03 in my playlist. Those were terrible times. I really hope that we are not heading back to the quality of those days …

        • LAT00 is one of my favorites from the early 2000s.

          • same but I slightly prefer Russia 2001 :$

            • I seem to have hit the right buttons. :)
              Any support for FRA03, which I love in studio version. The live was charming but underwhelming …

            • Both song and lives ae charming in the wrong way to me, and the song is genuine and cute enough to get to my top 5 in that year, but I still think Belgium and Estonia had stronger entries all together. In the early 00s, I prefer France 2002 because of the strong audio version and Sandrine’s amazing live. But Lat00 and Rus01 are the only songs from esc 97-2005 to be in my all time top 50 :o

            • I don’t have a top 50 but I think that UK98 and SLO97 would be in if I had one.

            • none of my winners from that era are particularly strong (Rus97, Uk98, Swe99, Lat00, Rus01, Fr02, Bel03, Tur04, Mont05) and so only the middle ones get a nod. And the ones I have runner ups are often almost as good and they’re all pretty much tied up in the top 100 but outside the top 50 were a lot of classic esc songs (the 60s and 90s mostly with the odd exceptions from 70s, even odder from the 80s) and a good bunch of new esc era 2006-nowadays are

            • RUS97 is awful! … but we’ve been down that road far too often. :)

  5. And I forgot to add: Congratulations Alex L. :)

  6. 1. Albania
    2. Malta
    3. Belgium
    4. Belarus
    5. Ireland

    It’s a weak/average year so far. Hopefully some of the internal selections can raise the quality. I’m already looking forward to Georgia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Cyprus.

  7. Hmm, it struck me now that she looks a lot like Princess Kate. Maybe that will give her some extra points in May?

  8. 1.)Malta

  9. What the hell is Christabelle doing top 5? the other 4 make sense, but I’d have had Kim there instead of Christabelle…

    Anyway I had my money on Franklin taking a surprise win, but Ira ended up with the expected victory. Well I didnt like her 2002 song but at least it was catchy as hell and for the time modern-ish. Now this one is super dated, it’s like a very under developped “Euphoria/Glorious” and those are two or three years old now. And worse of all, “Chameleon” has absolutely no memorable chorus or build up. It’s not even the right title, it should have been “Invincible” to make sense, you barely hear the “Chameleon” word in the chorus. Ira does sing perfectly well vocally and she’s still charismatic but she doesnt know how to perform this one yet (look at her awful look and move).

    I’m not even sure it would qualify to the esc final. After all, all the 90s and early 00s “heroes”: Dana International, Chiara, Charlotte Nilson, even Niamh, have all failed their returns to esc by a lot. Esc has changed way too much since then. And Ira will follow the same pattern I reckon.

    • I agree. On the other hand, in contrast to Dana International, Chiara, Charlotte Nilson, and Niamh, Ira has stayed in touch with the contemporary music scene, produced in London etc. I don’t understand why she thought that entering with such a song (or the other one) was a good idea. I guess that she hasn’t followed ESC lately and thinks that it is stiill the contest she knows from 2002 …

  10. Ira Losco says that her entry can be replace if she can find an even better one.How not professional: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvPHY2bYBik

    • Ok.I think esckaz has falsely interpreted her answer.She actually says that she may make changes to the winning entry and not change the song altogether,

    • Ok.Now i watched the press conference and the HoD says that they need to be bold,sit down with Ira and the songwriting team and discuss if there’s any better song they can take to Stockholm.Booo!

  11. I am just so glad Ira is back because IMO she was really robbed of that victory in 2002 because of the latvian gimmick. She has grown a lot as as an artist since then and imo ‘Chameleon’ is not the kind of song that could win a maltese nf if it wasnt sang by someone like Ira. It has a strange build up and a weird charm in it. I really need to get used to it to appreciate it more. I am not sure about its fate in Stockholm either tbh – it may just lack this instant factor that it would need but Ira may actually be able to pull through a qualification at the very least with her vocal charisma.

    Good luck Malta !

    My ranking so far :

    1. Ireland/Malta
    2. Malta/Ireland
    3. Albania
    4. Belgium
    5. Belarus

    • I think I have the same top 5 (well with Malta definitely 1st for me), but all 5 are 4/12 or below to me at this point :o

    • I liked Latvia more:

      1st FRA
      2nd MAK
      3rd UK
      4th FIN
      5th LAT (obvious winner)
      8th MLT

      • We kinda agree on the top 2 actually. Esc 2002 for me :

        1. France
        2. FYR Macedonia
        3. Estonia
        4. Malta
        5. Denmark

        I havent ranked all entries but Latvia might be my 11th or 12th this year mainly due to the so-so quality.

        • In such a terrible year, a dress and gender change is worth much more than in a strong year like 2012 imo.
          Good to know that we agree on the top 2. I can sleep tight now. G’night guitar. :)

          • Much better gimmicks have helped to boost a victory imo and almost at all cases there was a better song to support the victory imo. ‘I wanna’ is the epitome of early 2000s indifference as a song and that really frustrates me tbh.

            Good night togravus !

    • P.S. Brooke deservingly gave Ira a run for her money. She could easily win this one as well imo. Christabelle returned with a good song but not nearly as good as ‘Rush’ imo.

  12. Oh my… Terribly bland. A non qualifier imo

  13. Off Topic: Has anyone heard the French Rumour that France 2 have internally selected this? Came from Okiotimes so not sure how valid it is

  14. If they are lucky they might qualify. The song isn’t good.

  15. I am not really interested in this song as I am not a fan of glittering sleeping pills. Good lukc, Malta.

  16. Good luck, Ira and Malta!

    PS: After having listened to all 5 songs chosen so far I realise that I can hardly recall the tune of any of them. What’s wrong with me? :o

  17. WTF is this. What surprises me most is that there are still countries that think it is a good idea to send formulaic eurotrash. Kudos for leaving the cape on her head though. Because that dress screamed for a dramatic change just before the finale.

  18. 1.Ireland 8/10
    2.Belgium 7/10
    3.Albania 6/10
    4.Malta 5/10
    5.Belarus 4/10

  19. Booring choice!
    1. Ireland /Belgium
    2. Belarus
    3. Albania / Malta

  20. Oh dear! Disappointing from Malta. Nothing special in this offering at all. This may need something bigger than Ira’s vocal to make it really stand out, otherwise it could struggle to make the final imo.

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