Hungary: Six Qualify for the Semi Finals

ADal 2016Hungary – The first heat of A Dal has just come to a close and the first five acts through to the semi finals are now known. Ten acts competed and six have qualified. Five by a mix of jury and public votes and one entirely by the public 

The ten acts that performed were…
I have put the scores each received in the first jury + Public round in brackets (J-J-J-J-P (Total)):

Odett “Stardust” (6-7-8-8-5 (Total = 34))
Fatima Mohamed “Ott leszek” (6-6 7-7-5 (Total = 30))
ByTheWay “Free to Fly” (7-6-8-5-5 (Total = 31))
Mushu “Uncle Tom” (7-7-8-8-6 (Total = 36))
Jázmin Török “Power Of Love” (7-8-8-7-5 (Total = 35))
Benji “Kötéltánc” (8-7-9-9-6 (Total = 39))
Egy Másik Zenekar “Kéne közös kép” (7-4-10-9-6 (Total = 36))
Petra Veres-Kovács “Singing Peace” (6-5-7-7-7 (Total = 34))
Freddie “Pioneer” (9-9-9-7-8 Total = 42))
Reni Tolvai “Fire” (7-5-10-7-6 (Total = 35))

The five qualifying from the first round of tonights voting and going through to the semi finals were:
Egy Másik Zenekar
Reni Tolvai (The jury decided the tiebreak between Reni and Jázmin)

The remaining five then went to the second round to compete for the last space. The public got to vote again for their favourite of the those five and the winner was ByTheWay meaing that Odett, Fatima, Jázmin and Petra are disqualified and going home.

So the first six qualifyers are known and through to the semi finals. Next week will be the second heat where another ten acts will compete for the change to fly the Hungarian Flag in Stockholm. What do you think of the first qualifiers? Do you think any of them will do a good job in May?

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14 comments on “Hungary: Six Qualify for the Semi Finals

  1. I can’t videos on Youtube yet but will edit the article when they do

  2. ByTheWay?Booo!I believe Reni gathered 35 pts.

  3. Jasmine – “Alive”: Isn’t this just a more lightweighted version of Amber’s “Warrior” from last year. Plastic and soulless nevertheless. (3/12)

  4. Yes! Reni and Mushu!

    (and yes she got 35 points)

  5. Mushu were good I thought they’d do better.

    Freddie got my bf all excited, and he seems like a huge fave for the win now!

  6. ByTheWay??? They were probably the worst. LOL

    The jury votes made perfect sense to me. :)

  7. Did not see the performances yet. A bit surprised by Odett not moving on but I’m guessing her live wasn’t good? I had a feeling Freddie had a good chance of winning and it looks like it might just happen.

  8. Good choice, Hungary.

    P.S. – I would have sent Jázmin, but that’s just a small detail.

  9. Μy full ranking and scores for heat 1
    1.Freddie = 8/10
    1.Egy Másik Zenekar = 8/10
    3.Petra Veres = 7,5/10 (Ok lyrics are meh but everytthing else I loved !)
    4.Benji = 6/10
    5.By The Way = 6/10
    6.Tolvai Reni = 5,5/10
    7.Mushu = 5,5/10
    8.Mohamed Fatima = 5-/10
    9.Odett = 4/10
    10.Jázmin Török = 3,5/10

  10. Mushu were brilliant – the singer reminds me of Patrick from Twin Twin. I liked Reni as well. So far a much better selection than last year.

  11. A few words on each of the Hungarian performances:

    1. Odett
    I remember when Odett could sing. What happened to that Odett? I liked the overall idea of the performance, but it felt like it wasn’t polished.

    2. Fatima Mohamed
    I think she’s starting to get old. This year she had no energy, and it seemed like she was forgetting the choreography. This came off as a watered down version of Serbia 2011.

    3. ByTheWay
    Worst band name ever. And I quote from my convo with Nick about this one:
    “To be clear, I’d have a one night stand with the two that aren’t tubby but none of them are cute enough to make more than that out of with the clear insanity they have in believing that they could sing.”

    4. Mushu
    His vocals were pretty good, and they felt confident on stage. However, the overall stage performance felt amateurish, and I don’t know if it was nerves or what, but the vocals came off very cold. Like he was just going through the motions.

    5. Jázmin Török
    LOL. This looked and sounded dated and ridiculous.

    6. Benji
    Probably my favorite of the night. While the staging came off odd, it came off very well on screen, and it never screamed “too much” (though I think it sometimes whispered it). His vocals were great, and I never got bored, despite the song.

    7. Egy Másik Zenekar
    Light and airy, it reminded me of an optimistic version of HoneyBeast’s song from the 2014 nf. I think it came off very well live, and I enjoyed it immensely.

    8. Petra Veres-Kovács
    I love the melody in this, and while the staging was over the top, it came off as oddly earnest next to those cringeworthy lyrics. Overall, I’d say I enjoyed this more than I should.

    9. Freddie
    I want to verbally put his smug ass in his place. The vocals were touchy but overall okay, but I really don’t like the song.

    10. Reni Tolvai
    It will earn an instant place on my nf insanity playlist, as soon as it makes its way to Youtube. What a stupid stage presentation and just weak vocals.

  12. […] Heat One Qualifiers Freddie, Benji, Mushu, Egy Másik Zenekar, ByTheWay and Reni Tolvai Heat Two Qualifiers Gergő Oláh, Laci Gáspár, André Vásáry, Karmapolis & Böbe Szécsi and Kállay Saunders Band […]

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