Hungary: A Dal Starts Tonight

ADal 2016Hungary – Tonight sees the start of the Hungarian Selection Process they call A Dal. Tonight is the first of four quarter finals before we reach the Semi final and then the grand final were the Hungary Representative will be chosen. Tonight ten acts will perform

The jury will pick five songs that will qualify to the Semi Finals and tele-voting will select the 6th qualifier out of the five the jury did not select. The singers tonight are as follows (click the song title for the songs)

Benji “Kötéltánc”
ByTheWay “Free To Fly”
Egy Másik Zenekar “Kéne közös kép”
Fatima Mohamed “Ott leszek”
Freddie (Gábor Alfréd Fehérvári) “Pioneer”
Jázmin Török “Power Of Love”
Mushu “Uncle Tom”
Odett “Stardust”
Petra Veres-Kovács “Singing Peace”
Reni Tolvai “Fire”

The jury consist of Zséda, Pierrot, Károly Frenreisz and Miklós and the public are able to vote from the A Dal App, SMS and the A Dal Website. The show begins at 19:40CET (18:40GMT) and you can watch it by clicking the link here,

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76 comments on “Hungary: A Dal Starts Tonight

  1. 09. Freddie (Gábor Alfréd Fehérvári) “Pioneer” : The best ! To Stockholm now ! 8+/10

  2. 9. Freddie – 10/10 – I just can’t resist this. It’s exactly my type of music and Freddie is super hot too <3 . If this ends up winning Hungary will be assured a spot in my Top 5 come May. It wasn't as amazing as it was in its studio version, but that's to be expected.

  3. Freddie: Strong song, strong voice (with character) and all in all the most professional so far. The obvious choice methinks. 9/12

  4. Freddie (Gábor Alfréd Fehérvári) “Pioneer”: He’s handsome but i don’t like the way he moves on stage and he really loves himself,doesn’t he?lolHowever,this is the most memorable melody till now and he has a distinctive voice. 8/12

  5. Well,he’s the obvious leader!

  6. Reni: Awful and generic song, pretty much the definition of what I can’t stand. Only the hideous styling kept me awake. 2/12

  7. 10. Reni Tolvai “Fire” : catchy and she is on fireeeeee…. 7-/10 …

  8. I am off to Malta now. :)

  9. 10. Reni Tolvai – 6/10 – She seems like she can’t keep up with the song, and her vocals weren’t the best. There’s something about the song I like though. Also, the performance was weird with the dancers dressed in American football gear.

  10. Reni Tolvai “Fire”: Help someone!She’s on fire.lol!What a tasteless presentation and outfits,okish vocals. 5.5/12

  11. So Freddie, Benji, Mushu, Egy Másik Zenekar, and Reni Tolvai all are the jury qualifiers. The televoting qualifier will probably be Petra Veres-Kovács as she scored a 7 and all the other acts scored 5s from the public.

  12. and hungary went to a fun little cozy talkshow

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