Belarus: Watch Now As Belarus Decide

BelarusBelarusBTRC are showing their National Final right now which can be viewed on the Eurovision Website’s WebTV. Ten singers are up with the chance to win the Belarussian ticket to the contest in May. Alexei Gross and the Group Napoli return to try again to make that Eurovision Final.

You can remind yourself of the songs that you will be seeing below. Alexej and Sasha have just performed but there is loads more to come

Alexej Gross“Flame”

Sasha Sakharik“Glory Night”

Valeria Sadovskaya“Not Alone”

Radiovolna“Don’t Get Crazy”

THE EM “Turn Around”

NAVI“Geta Zemlya” (This Land)

Aleksander Ivanov“How To Fly”

Anastasia Malashkevich“Pray For Love”

Kirill Ermakov“Running To The Sun”

NAPOLI“My Universe”

In our poll it was Aleksander Ivanov who won by a small landslide with “How To Fly”

Aleksander Ivanov 53.09%
Kirill Ermakov 20.99%
NAVI 8.64%
Alexej Gross 7.41%
Anastasia Malashkevich 6.17%
Valeria Sadovskaya 2.47%
Radiovolna 1.23%
Sasha Sakharik 0%

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69 comments on “Belarus: Watch Now As Belarus Decide

  1. Pray for love : This one gets a boost for being bombastic… 6-/10

  2. Kirill: Belarus trying to dress up as MF. Sorry, Swedes to stuff like this better, much better. 3/12

  3. And now the inevitable NAPOLI people …

  4. oh lord i cant stand napoli $:

  5. Running to the sun : There was some fine energy on stage and an ok song. 5,5/10

  6. Kirill Ermakov: Oh my!It sounds like an even weaker version of Moldova 15.It’s bad in every aspect and i hate his diction. 3/12

  7. Napoli: Awful and disjointed like every year. 1/12

    The EM or NAVI to Stockholm! I am off to Malta. :)

  8. Commercials in Malta … LOL

  9. NAPOLI: A much weaker version of Gravity which wasn’t a great song to begin with. 4.5/12

  10. 100% televote so will Belarus do the right thing and go with The EM. I think a jury input would make them more likely but I’m not sure with 100% public

  11. Oh no … we are forced to listen to Amber’s “Warrior” again … Time to fetch a Coke …

  12. NAPOLI are on the lead:

  13. What year was it when Alyona won by a huge margin and was then shot down becuause the votes weren’t valid? Are we having that moment again. Napoli have failed with better songs than this. Why does she have loads suddenly

  14. Hmm…What’s happening with IVAN’S votes?Suddenly he reached amost 11000 votes.

  15. Gunesh had an amazing Turkvizyon entry, but is singing a sub-par English song instead :(


    The 1st 4 on Malta

    Ira – average song, good performance 7/12
    Corazón – awful song & staging, great vocals 5/12
    Stefan Galea – awful song, he can’t sing 1/12
    Domenique – lame wannabe contemporary power ballad, solid vocals 4/12

    Oh my, what a season this has been so far! :(

  17. IVAN won! :(

  18. Dario: awful song, lyrics and presentation, he is painfully out of tune. 0/12

  19. Daniel Testa: Lame and dated dance number. Plus, I want to slap him. 3/12

  20. someone on Eurovision facebook wrote to me that Ivan’s producer “was Viktor Drobysh, the same who wrote Party for everybody for Russian Grannies from 2012”

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