Belarus: Ivan To Stockholm

BelarusBelarus – The Belarus National Final has just come to an end and it the public have decided that they wanted to see Ivan flying the Belorussian Flag in Stockholm. They will be performing his song “Help You Fly”

Ten acts performed in the national final and you can re-watch the performances by clicking on the song titles listed below:

Alexej Gross“Flame”
Sasha Sakharik“Glory Night”
Valeria Sadovskaya“Not Alone”
Radiovolna“Don’t Get Crazy”
THE EM “Turn Around”
NAVI“Geta Zemlya”
Aleksander Ivanov (Ivan)“Help You Fly”
Anastasia Malashkevich“Pray For Love”
Kirill Ermakov“Running To The Sun”
NAPOLI“My Universe”

The winner was chosen 100% by the public by phone or SMS and the results (without a jury input) was as follows:

belarus 2016 results

Ivan will follow Uzari & Maimuna who failed to qualify for the final in 2015 with their song “Time”

Do you think they will qualify on 2016 with Ivan’s song? Comments below

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55 comments on “Belarus: Ivan To Stockholm

  1. It seems that i collapsed right after the Belarusian final and i only woke up to listen to the results of the Maltese semi.Well,at least the host was cute.lol!

  2. Lawrence in and Danica out? Bring me a bucket, please!
    Franklin or Maxine FTW!

  3. “That s why i love you” is out . So, Ira Losco will represent Malta with “Chameleon”… Tomorrow the confirmation…

  4. The results don’t surprise me one bit. Raquel or Maxine to Stockholm please.

  5. Maxine please :)
    I can’t get the hype about Chamelon tbh…A 5/10 case for me !

  6. IVAN confirms he isn’t planning to change the winning entry:

  7. There’s a concept behind IVAN.The singer’s stage persona IVAN is a bright,modern knight who carries to the world goodness and light.IVAN is a synthesis of the image of the medieval noble knight Ivanhoe and the Slavic hero Ivan.Whatever!The song is average and his vocals and diction cringeworthy.

  8. Well looks like we won’t be booking a flight to Minsk any time soon.

    This is 3rd song ive heard after albania and ireland its the worst of the 3.

  9. How disappointing :/. My favorites got 3rd,4th and 6th lol. The winning song is average but catchy at least. Reminds me of Moldova last year. Long blonde hair, poor vocals but catchy uptempo song. I just hope Malta doesn’t disappoint. I only got a chance to watch Christabelle’s and Ira’s performances and thought they were both good but I would slightly prefer Christabelle. Ira Losco’s dress made her kinda look like she just stumbled on stage from her wedding lol.

  10. I did not even know the belarussian nf was last night but I was out anyway..The song is actually one of the better belarussian entries, it is well made. But his voice is kind of annoying to the point of ruining it I am afraid. Also it ends kind of abruptly..It leaves a lot to be desired but its progress somewhat.

    So far :

    1. Ireland
    2. Albania
    3. Belgium
    4. Belarus

  11. I really don’t know why you speak like that for Ivan??

    One of the best Bealrusian entries, who are usully the worst, vocals and English are one of the best among Belarussian entries.. i understand all English words he sings..
    Performance is already good, in Stockholm Arena with some effects can be really good one..

  12. The song starts well enough but it goes nowhere. The chorus is dull and pointless, his vocals are decent.

    1. Albania
    2. Belgium
    3. Ireland
    4. Belarus

  13. Oh my! What a… weak (*euphimism*) singer!
    I kinda like the melody though :o

  14. Having listened to the nf, I found that Radiovolna came off much better in the nf than in the auditions, and I didn’t find Navi’s vocals as insufferable either (I always liked that song). Meanwhile, Kirill came off as a dud, and the EM go onto my nf insanity playlist for that performance.

    And the winner exists.

    I think that about covers the nf.
    Tomorrow, I shall go through Malta and post some comments about it, after everybody has already moved on.

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