UK: Glam Rock Band Tigertailz Rejected!

united kingdom UKUK – A day before we find out the 6 shortlisted songs for the UK final, we’ve found out another entry that was rejected… glam rockers Tigertailz! Main man Jay Pepper has revealed all about their entry, ‘Pipped It Popped It‘. 

“So, to cut a very long story short we decided to submit a new Tigertailz song for Eurovision 2016. The BBC were making a big noise on how the submission process was open and the shortlisted songs would be chosen by the OGAE (UK Eurovision Fan Club). Obviously, this is down to the debacle the BBC have made of selecting the UK entries over the last 5+ years, with all of them finishing near the bottom of the contest.

“Was our song even listened to? Who knows, but clearly the BBC and UK Eurovision Fan Club didn’t think a song and image that celebrated David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust, Mott the Hoople, The Sweet and T. Rex was worthy of showing the British public and letting them decide. And this is in a month when British Glam Rock legends like David Bowie and Mott the Hoople’s Dale ‘Buffin’ Griffin have died. A perfect chance to celebrate that great British era of music with a UK Glam Rock entry at Eurovision. They obviously know better. Well, their track record over the last 5 years proves this, doesn’t it?

“And so the BBC will now run a programme on February 26th to showcase the 6 shortlisted acts and the public can vote on which one they want to represent the UK at this year’s Eurovision. I would like to wish all the artists the very best. Good luck and do us proud. I really mean that. We all love Eurovision and the UK should always be a major contributor.


“But on Friday, January 29th Tigertailz will release our ‘rejected’ Eurovision 2016 entry, ‘Pipped It Popped It’, and we will let the people give their views on whether they think it worthy of representing the UK at this year’s UK Eurovision Song Contest. I hope you all enjoy it and raise a glass to our British music legends that shaped the art of music and entertainment for generations to come.

“Finally, I would like to say that in the unlikely event that the entire UK population watches our ‘Pipped It Popped It’ song and demand it represents the UK in this year’s Eurovision, then the Director General at the BBC will need to Kiss my Glam Rock Welsh arse before I’ll let them use it! Thank you for listening.”

The video to ‘Pipped It Popped It‘ will be released February 1st.

Here’s some old skool Tigertailz to show Europe what it has missed out on!


13 comments on “UK: Glam Rock Band Tigertailz Rejected!

  1. This is genuinely one of the best and funniest things I’ve heard in weeks. I would have sold my granny to see Tigertailz at Eurovision, hahaha a real blast from my younger years! Good for them for bigging up Eurovision.

  2. For a moment I thought the title was talking about The Tiger… Lillies :D

  3. I am not a fan of glam rock but I enjoyed the song posted above nevertheless. It is better than all UK entries since 1999 imo. :) :(

  4. Aw, such a pity they’re out. They would have added a nice touch to the contest.

  5. Thanks for the great replies guys. We ticked every box for our entry. Great catchy song, awesome image, some funky moves :) But clearly the BBC and Euro people didn’t think so. Or more likely never even got to see or hear or entry as the BBC had already selected them. What a total farce it was.. Either way it’ll be out next week (Friday 29th) and you can all see what you think. It’s no sweat to us really. We’re a cool as 10 bears Rockin band. It’s the UK and Eurovision’s loss. Keep Safe…. Jay Pepper (Tigertailz)

  6. you go guys whatever! if you want a great song contact me too! otherwise good luck to you! have various songs for your liking :-)

  7. Here’s the song folks. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it! https://youtu.be/iW_Ps2wAV5g

    • Thank you for the link. I quite like it. Too bad it won’t be in the line-up. Keep up with the good job!

    • Jay, I love it and I’m in OGAE UK so please don’t think we’re all dull, sadly they didn’t pick me to be on the panel! We could have dressed like that for a full 2 weeks… what an opportunity missed! I’m not sure Eurovision is ready for the genius of Rob Wylde ;)

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