Austria: The Songs Available!

Austria –  National broadcaster ORF has revealed the 10 songs that will participate in the national final, Wer Singt Für Österreich?, that will be held on the 12th February. 9 were internally chosen and 1 was selected by the Internet. Check them out today!

This year, Austria returns to the selection method that they have used when they returned in 2011 and that they used two years in a row: 10 songs in a national final. In 2013 it was then reduced to 5 songs, in 2014 Austria won the contest having chosen Conchita Wurst internally (after she came second in 2012) and last year, at home, Austria hosted a national final with 6 internally chosen artists with both two songs.

Nine songs were chosen internally and the last one, AzRaH’s The One, was chosen online with a Facebook voting.

You can listen to all songs participating in the national final on the official Wer Singt Für Österreich? site. This is the full line-up:

  • AzRaH – The One (Azra Halilovic)
  • Bella Wagner – Weapons Down (Bella Wagner, Masta Huda & Hovannes Djibian)
  • Elly – I’ll Be Around (Bounce) (Robert Pfluger, Eleonora Vardanian & Alexander Kahr)
  • Farina Miss & Céline Roscheck – Sky Is The Limit (Farina Miss &Peter Kreuzer)
  • Lia Weller – Runaway (Lukas Hillebrand)
  • LiZZA – Psycho (Anja Steinlechner Hubalek, Peter Wennerberg & Emil Vaker)
  • Orry Jackson – Pieces in a Puzzle (Anna Molander & Hubert Molander)
  • Sankil Jones – One More Sound (Sankil Jones, Philipp Van Het Veld & Christian Satter)
  • Vincent Bueno – All We Need Is that Love (Vincent Bueno & Philipp Van Het Veld)
  • Zoë – Loin d’ici (Zoë Straub & Christof Straub)

So which one is your favorite? What do you think Austria will pick? Which one would get the best result in Eurovision? Tell us everything!


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58 comments on “Austria: The Songs Available!

  1. Viincent Bueno – All We Need Is That Love: Silly teenage pop. Next one please. 3/12

  2. Zoë – Loin d’ici: It’s a very simple (too simple?) song but it brings a smile to my face, which is always a good thing. 7/12

  3. 1.Zoë – Loin d’ici- 9/12
    2.Elly – I’ll Be Around (Bounce) 8.5/12
    3.Sankil Jones – One More Sound-8/12
    4.Bella Wagner – Weapons Down 8/12(cringeworthy lyrics :( )
    5.Lia Weller – Runaway-7/12
    6.Farina Miss & Céline Roscheck – Sky Is The Limit-7/12
    7.LiZZA – Psycho-7/12
    8.Orry Jackson – Pieces in a Puzzle-5.5/12
    9.AzRaH – The One-4/12
    10.Vincent Bueno – All We Need Is that Love 3/12
    It’s an average bunch of songs but some of them-depending on the live performance of course-can carry Austria into the final,imo.

  4. Since I got some time I might as well go through this bunch of songs at least :-)

    • Azrah – The One : The chorus is catcht and the whole song not that bad but her accent ia really heavy and kind of ruins it.

    • Bella Wagner – Weapons Down : With the right staging (nothing too in your face peace stuff) this can go far. Haunting orchestration, interesting voice and it builds up nicely. One to watch here.

    • Celine Roscheck & Farina Miss – Sky is the limit : Another irrelevant violin lady..She is impressive though visually amd just by looking at them I kind of expected something more interesting. The song is very mediocre, repetitive and forgettable.

    • ELLY – I’ll be around (bounce) : I dont know what to think of this one. I like her a lot. Voice and attitude. I like the verses quite a bit and while the chorus is weaker it hangs in there. There is something missing I cant pin down right now though..

    • Lia – Runaway : Kind of dated but effective and she has a memorable voice imo. I wouldnt necessarily pick it for esc 2016 but I would listen to it again and its my 2nd favourite thus far.

    • Lizza – Psycho : Interesting intro. It has something epic going on and a rock – ish feel at the chorus. I like the change of pace between chorus and verses, it keeps me interested. Could be difficult to deliver live though – if she can it is a contender.

    • Orry Jackson – Pieces in a puzzle : Meh..Catchy chorua but his voice is so flat that I couldnt keep my focus on the song for more than 30 seconds in a row.

    • Sankil Jones – One more sound : It’s very weird but gosh I REALLY like it ! It stuck in my head in a good way. So very interesting. Props for being experimental without being ridiculous.

    • Vincent Bueno – All we need is that love : I would dance to it in a club. Again a case of good verses – bad chorus. And of course irrelevant rap part towards the end. Wont bother the top 5 of this final imo.

    • Zoe – Loin d’ici : Oh my girl..And when I thought she could not top “Quel filou”. This is simple, elegant, beautifully made and breezy. Everything reeks class here. Love it to bits.

      This should be between Zoe and Sankil imo with Bella Wagner and Lizza not far behind. ELLY would complete an ideal top 5 imo. All in all a not-so-bad year for Austria. They got songs to save them – they just have to choose them unlike last year when they chose the epitome of blandness. And they saw how blandness is treated in esc.

      Good luck !

  5. I agree with the majority here :Zoe, Bella, Elly, Lizza, Sankil and Lia have the best songs here but I’m thrilled with none (especialy the more “indie” ones).
    My vote goes for a 2nd year in a row to Zoe for not trying hard still providing the most likable one!

  6. We all love Zoe :))) Yaaaaaay :)

  7. Wow, this i an interesting NF.

    1.)Zoe-So this is the type of song I’ve wanted to represent France for a while now. I love it :).
    2.)Elly-Reminds me of Ella Eyre for some reason. This fits with my tastes perfectly
    3.)Lizza-I like the anthemic feel of it.
    4.)Sankil Jones- LOL this is so strangely good?
    5.)Celine Roscheck & Farina Miss-This is so simple but also a guilty pleasure lol
    6.)AzRah-I like it but then forget it about it as soon as the music stops
    7.)Lia-Another good song but doesn’t stand out much.
    8.)Bella Wagner-Weakest indie song of the bunch. Not a fan of the lyrics.
    9.)Vincent Bueno-Makes me feel like I’m trapped in a dance club and can’t leave.
    10.)Orry Jackson-Even as my least favorite song, it’s still ok.

  8. So so line up, nth special :(

    I hope Orry Jackson – “Pieces in a Puzzle” takes the title..

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